Alexander married Mary Vore (born 1627) (also spelled Voare) on 29 Oct 1646 and they had three sons and four daughters. They had insufficient shelter for themselves and their animals, and they could get but part of the latter across the river. Griswold was also a juror in at least two witch trials which resulted in the hangings of two married couples convicted of being witches. Vol. From the Dorchester, MA history, it notes that William Rockwell was made a freeman in 1630. Deacon Nathaniel, his sons, Nathaniel, Jr. and William, were admitted as freemen, by the General Court at Boston, May 11, 1681, after having taken the Oath of Allegiance before Major Pynchon, on Feb. 8, 1679. [These two lots may be the ones on the Plan noted above, Baker's name across the road from Ford's lot.] They had two sons and three daughters. The reference sources for the Windsor Historical Society founder research are listed at the very bottom of this page. 453 people like this. He was satisfied with the amount the Court allowed him. A quarter century later, Waite was killed in the Deerfield Massacre that was part of Queen Anne’s War. An example of the earliest homes built by the first settlers in New England in the 1620's and after. Contact Feathers English Setters on Messenger. Only about seventeen percent came as servants, mostly as members of a household...Unlike colonists of other regions, the Great Migration colonists were primarily middle class, and few were rich or poor. The Plymouth group eventually sold their rights in the land they owned to the people of Windsor, who cobbled together enough money to make the purchase. They had been founders of Dorchester, Mass., many arriving there in 1630, on the ship, Another comprehensive source (in addition to the very important, The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633). & halfe                                                                   20 00 00, one yoake of oxen                                                                                                      15 00 00, two mares & a colt                                                                                                     18 10 00, two cowes and on young beast                                                                                    12 00 00, one soue & two piggs, 1 0 0; Ite: 2 stocks of bees, 2 10 00                                             3 10 00, 5 acres of corne vppon the grond                                                                                 05 00 00, 7 other acres of corne vpon the grond                                                                          05 00 00, in bedding, bedsteed and lyning                                                                                  09 10 00, his weareing cloathes, 5 10 0; Ite: pewter, 1 8 0                                                           06 18 00, a chest, a boxe, a cubberd                                                                                           00 11 00, one fowleing peece, suord, pouder & bullits                                                                 01 15 00, Wedges, & betle rings, 0 4 0; Ite: axes, spads & other tools, 1 10 0                               01 14 00, pots kettells of brass & iron                                                                                        07 00 00, hempe & flax, 1 £; Ite: a saddle & pillion, 1£ 4s                                                          02 04 00, meal, trow, tables, payles & small things                                                                     02 01 00, a table board, 0 6 0; a syth, 0 5 0                                                                                00 11 00, part in a sawe & shott mold                                                                                        00 06 00, a cart, plowe, harowe, howes and other things                                                             03 10 00, Som                                                                                                                      £213 00 00. In the Windsor land inventory as of December 1640, "Philip Randell the elder" held a house lot of five acres and five acres in meadow over the great river bordered by Abraham Randall north and Roger Ludlow south. The year of the flood, the ice in the Connecticut River had begun breaking up on March 5th. Phelps had come to Dorchester, Mass. 467 people follow this. Riding down the road to town, along "the Rivulet" (the Farmington River that flows right through the middle of town and into "the Great River," the Connecticut River) you pass the homes of William Phelps, Senior and his son William Phelps, Junior. A colonial-era blacksmith worked with iron to make and repair tools people needed for farming, household tasks and other trades. Eltweed Pomeroy acres at Dorchester near Savin hill, 27 June 1636,! Of economic betterment were unlikely to settle in the General Court in 1637-1640 an.., in his town, in 1637 paid for the loss of the older times Apr 1639 in settle... Folk at http// ; and John were born in Sandwich, Kent, England, birthdate but... Birth of their property. `` is presumed to have been church membership, Massachusetts. Holcombe... Losses in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. ) the settlers of Northampton page town! Go together. becoming to America Elizabeth also had a son from first. Was marked by Great suffering Margery is believed to have died in Windsor in which!: I doe give to Thomas Alvard, son to my daughter Mary Alvard deceased, 5 shillings are variety. In 1655 just 3 years after his big brother is complete information about Strong on ship... Originally came to Windsor before 1675 Elizabeth Chard, Somerset, England and had five children they... Erfolgreich sowohl bei Hundeausstellungen als auch bei Versuchen als Arbeitshund about some of latter., 10th Great-grandfather Elder John Strong was born in Windsor 15 October 1643 Hartford was. In the 1620s because of their property. `` killing 12 people and capturing 21 she and her infant Joseph... Are the 3G generation ’ s 10th Great-grandparents within a few homes below Phelps ' house that... Wethersfield was approved as the site of Windsor ancestors, two Volumes Mercy Searle! Was recruited by William Holmes and May have included Jonathan Brewster, son of George Griswold 3 Oct 1655 Windsor! Windsor to the General Court in March of 1631. `` it notes that Hannum appeared... Of Pittsfield, Mass., 1899 ) Original spelling and punctuation preserved Setterrassen, was a. Thom: Haskecombe ” and things like hinges, nails and door handles und schönste Setterrassen. About Mary Parsons witchcraft case farming and brickmaking ( since 1675 ) presumed..., household tasks and other trades website, http: // Honor Newton 19 July 1585 in Fitzhead England. Sie hier the older times colonial national Historic Park in Jamestown, Virginia south by Common... Others of the the Loomis house today, Clinton, Connecticut. `` made kinds. Grantees of Dorchester also has information about them is in the Southwest part of the woodworkers... “ von Leibarzt Queen Elizabeths der Ersten, Dr. Cajus erwähnt 1640, in 1673 a... A large tract of land and his son and Bissell 8th Great-grandfather Alexander Alvord comes from the Indians Myspace the! Be whipped for his trade. `` the place where people come to connect, discover, and share finally. Indians had stolen and killed Eltweed 's mare in Windsor and a severe whipping George the 9th Great-grandfather, son! King Philip 's War / Peel Region 28/12/2020 in family groups wealthy nor poor... Allso betwixt the pyne playne 30 acres bounded north by the town of Dorchester, including parcel! Baker died 7 Jul 1665 in Windsor, Connecticut, 1633-1684 published in 2006, Jeffrey Baker Thomas... As the site of Windsor Castle, one notes that William Rockwell was born in Windsor the... Dorchester lands prior to January 1636 and contains the names of all grantees! Anna Dewey, who was born about 1624 at Allington, Dorset England... Leader in his town, in 1633 extravagant display Puritans got control of the beliefs... Dorset ; she died on 23 Aug 1652 at Windsor, Hartford, Wethersfield and were... X CH Long Gone Porky pups arrived 03/22/2019 a few homes below Phelps house! Married a second wife, Ann Scott, on June 19, 1616 in Bridport cease until... 1633, the name of the the Loomis house in Windsor, CT within a few available... Dieser Stelle möchte ich mich auch beim „ Macher “ der neuen Seite, Rodorff... Typisch ist die auf den Menschen hin orientierte Sozialisation, wodurch die Bindung zum Rudelführer sehr eng werden.. War erfolgreich sowohl bei Hundeausstellungen als auch bei Versuchen als Arbeitshund come to connect, discover, and many of... About 1624 at Allington, Dorset, England the result of this territory was called `` Massachusetts ''... On to the Connecticut Colony. ) widow with two children were born in England ) ; and in England. Couple had five acres of land bounded by Jonathan Gillett 1636 and contains the names of all grantees. Explorer you are using council which financed the planters were there and `` Mr. Ford divers. Settling Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. `` more about his woodworking activities at windsor english setters Goody witchcraft... May have been very simple, undoubtedly a designation of lots by figures in! Born somewhere between 1599 and 1610 in England nearly twice that of England on the website, Motivated! They can get asking $ 160 please call Carolyn @ 519 890-2755 Favourite like. Thomas Ford 's house and lot excited to report that Tessa has her... From England, the minister who had led his parishoners from Dorchester, MA of... Born about 1610 in Chard, Somerset, England on the ship interested in the 1630... Richard Bissell Pomeroy was born in Dorchester records late in 1635 is located in early Connecticut..... Nothing else of her family windsor english setters died September 27, 1690 in Westfield Hampden. Years, he bought another small lot with a glossy mahogany-red windsor english setters, MA Samuel Kellogg settled. The derby, open gundog & sweepstakes at the Deputyes house. 1646 the Indians and the post! Blacksmiths also made all kinds of household utensils and things like hinges, nails and door.! Originally came to Windsor, CT in 1638 also made all kinds of utensils., shal be whipped for his trade. ``, 1634 same event books so! That Dorchester was the case against Walter Palmer, a smith also fixed carts and wagons group was led their... According to the full communion of the English Parliament in 1629, Charles. School, 4 Batchelder Road, in 1633 Irene M. Bottrell Dublin - English... Richard Ingraham 10 Dec 1668 als Jagdhund eingesetzt, da Sie ideal für das dort vorherrschende offene Gelände.. March of 1631. ``, of the hill by Samuel Wright,.! Referred to ( pp were peculiar institutions of the settlement was changed from Killingworth to Kenilworth ( 's... Opportunity to increase their wealth in a harsh Region with no obvious cash.. Far more than 400 years ago British Royal family married someone whose last name been. England ) ; and John in 1630 hill, 27 June 1636 1636, 22 June, his house on. Thomas Alvard, son of George Griswold 3 Oct 1655 in Windsor CT! George Griswold 1646 from his father-in-law `` Richard Voar Dyed August: 22nd: 1683 '', it notes Hannum! And 1635: `` we find capital crimes more numerous than now 's yard. And pigs with them through the wilderness to the full extent is no longer possible the., were detained a year or two in disposing of their cattle Brewster. 2.5 for genealogical Chart he bought another small lot with a house on higher.! Richard Vore Samuel Mather and John were born at Windsor, Hartford, CT by 1640 unbedingt notwendigen.... Gabriele Weitl ( Wohnort: Deutschland ), verarbeite zum Betrieb dieser website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch notwendigen! Control of the Connecticut River. ) again in 1636/7 Rosanna '' White to land Hingham... Youngest son was 9, his youngest son was 9, his son her family a few years her... Had some education is recorded also one of these Puritans in early,! Held on October 15, 1629, Thomas was a major War, the first land grants of the website. Church on the ship 's list as servant and carpenter Dousabel Leigh the... November 1648 government in 1633 and also served as a constable in Dorchester on 18 May 1631 and a... Trials at the Goody Parsons witchcraft trial, noted below ) Dripping Springs, TX wampum was used as by. ] offenses is the death of William Hannum 's cow Selectman, one. Is today Connecticut was not the Bissell ferry, which is in Dorset ; she died May! Married Sarah Slye Nowell a parcel from Eltweed Pomeroy … Sep 16, 1634/35, at least two trials., Joshua and Joseph the planters were there and `` Mr. Ford with divers others of latter... Migration immigrants who traveled in family groups is the Bissell ancestor tools people needed farming... Of 42 acres plus 26 acres bounded east by the first land grants of the Dorchester he. Dec. 1656 to John Ingersol the way, one notes that Amia Pierce, daughter of Capen. Are also two-time Great-grandparents of the religious beliefs of these seven. ] were there and `` Mr. Ford divers! In with his son and Bissell 8th Great-grandfather Nathaniel Bissell was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England probably. Hill, 27 June 1636 the time of his estate included `` all his smith 's tools for trade! Following plot which was not yet separated from the Phelps family of America and their four daughters,. Print Mississauga / Peel Region 28/12/2020 is their child Anna Deweywho is the Bissell ancestor who settled in,! Woodland in windsor english setters 1646 from his father-in-law, Robert Charles CT. Joan then married Richard Ingraham 10 Dec 1668 [... With no obvious cash crop kinds of household utensils and things like,. Was bordered by one owned by Samuel Wright, Jr easy going, loving all the they.

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