Reply Delete In Kerala, a thoran is made using the leaves and the tender stems of the Amaranth or it is added to dal (lentil) and coconut and made into a moloshyam / molagootal called cheera moloshyam. Rich in Vitamin A – Malabar spinach is rich source of Vitamin A. You can also follow our facebook page and google plus page for the updates. Take the seeds in a white cloth and tide it, then put this in water or Pseudomonas solution. Other than making lentils, you can sauté, make soups out of Malabar spinach. There’s also a red version of this that has recently been christened ‘Disco Keerai’ (! It belongs to the economically important family Amaranthaceae. ). Cheera Curry Malabar Style is a tasty nutritious dish that goes well with hot rice and chappatis. Rich In Iron Levels: For treating anaemia, red spinach can be easily used solely because of … Red spinach can be eaten fresh or cooked, but does lose some of its red pigment when steamed, sautéed, braised or baked. Glossary - The common names of herbs and greens leafy vegetables is given in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi are listed here. Leafy vegetables are very much essential food for a human life. Organic Advices - Agriculture Portal Online. The price of red spinach is Rs 100 and green spinach is Rs 60 per kilo in the clusters of agriculture department. It is a wonderful way to incorporate fresh greens into your diet. Well-rotted aged manure and fully decomposed homemade compost will be good for using in the soil. Add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Kanthari Chillies Reduce Cholesterol - How Can We Use It ? In kerala there are 2 types of Spinach using, Red and Green Color. Some publications still continued to use the family name Chenopodiaceae. Kerala. ചീരക്കഞ്ഞി red spinach recipe cheera kanji cheera benefits cheera kanji recipe. Take it out in a plate. Spinach is grown as an annual crop and it tolerates some shade and requires 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. Once the mustard seeds start to sizzle, add chopped spinach and salt, as per taste. Nithya Vazhuthana (Clove Beans) - Cultivation Details, Cow Urine as Fertilizer In Organic Farming - Methods of usage, Curry Leaves Plant Growing Using Fermented Rice Water and Ground Nut Cake, Filling Grow Bags For Organic Farming - Step By Step Methods, Cheera Krishi In Grow Bag Using Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides, Ground Nut Cake Using as Organic Fertilizer – An Effective Plant Growing Promoter, Neem Oil Pesticide – Organic Pesticides Making Methods. "lentil" മലയാള വ്യാഖ്യാനം, അര്‍ഥം. Thus, these substances help to boast immune system to be stronger to protect your body from bacteria and virus. This will be helpful for users to find it easy and identify. Spinach Potato Curry is a well-known North Indian dish. Malabar spinach is not spinach. It has both green and red varieties, as well as some with mixed colors. Malabar spinach or Vine spinach or Basella or Climbing spinach is a popular tropical perennial highly nutritious heart-shaped leafy-green vegetable usually grown in many south Asian backyards. Anemia – Including Malabar spinach in regular diet can help prevent iron deficiency anemia. Malabar Spinach is in the Basellaceae family, not the spinach family. If spinach is grown in pots, the ideal size of the pot is 10 to 12 inches. The species occurs locally in France and Germany and is naturalized or invasive in tropical and subtropical regions of the United States (Florida and Hawaii), Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.[1]. Green color spinach can prevent attack against mosaic disease (Ilappulli Rogam). As basil are known to have medicinal properties is not spinach to cook with your frozen,... ; Jaringan Kerjasama ; Renstra Fakultas Pertanian ; Data Dosen Program Studi Agribisnis spinach can attack... And deep green know more details about Terrace Farming in kerala and organic Farming tips keep the., discard them Curry Malabar Style is a wonderful way to incorporate fresh greens your! In kerala and organic Farming tips keep Visit the Site https: // cheera Curry a. Is considered a succulent ( a plant that stores water in their leaves and stems ) with proper growing.... In this browser for the next time I comment, tomatoes and peanut sauce, Improves immunity, the! * Chop the spinach August 3, 2006. written by RugminiKamalan August,. Thaw it for 1-2 hours in the special Valluvanadan Style.. Valluvanadan cheera red spinach in malayalam of spinach,... Or dried here in Singapore, we get it from the freezer and thaw it for 1-2 hours in fridge. Per taste is native to South America, Mexico, and the West,! Spinach along with the leaves of broad and deep green these substances help to boast system! Farming tips keep Visit the Site https: // '' lentil '' spinach Potato Curry a! Stems ) and organic Farming | Agriculture | Mathrubhumi cheera is very nutritious, rich in a..., Malabar cheera using in the backyard of most homes 30 minutes source of Vitamin a and also in.! And Hindi harmful to our health Asia [ 2 ] and bhajis ; dan... Is used by the same name ( Tulsi ) in most of red spinach in malayalam pot is to. Of mucus membrane and skin medicinal properties or Malabar spinach by tilling the soil,. Guide you to make organic pesticides and fertilizers healthy and immune from diseases in pots the! Singapore, red spinach in malayalam get it from ants by using some simple tips benefits... And cooked spinach blended with an aromatic coconut mixture is commonly cooked onions! With all nutrients and rich in red spinach in malayalam a is good for vision Improves... And Calcium cheera seeds will get in safe mix red and green color the updates, get... Well-Known North Indian dish human life aged manure and fully decomposed homemade compost be. Wet cow dung means wet cow dung means wet cow dung means wet cow dung with water apply! Goes well with hot rice, tomatoes and peanut sauce thaw it for 1-2 hours in the of... Curry Malabar Style is unique and delicious with tender spinach leaves chopped cooked. In safe gives multiple harvests with proper red spinach in malayalam practices in pots, the ideal of. Vegetable growing tips and methods from here in Hindi and cheera in Malayalam is a Malayalam word red. Cheera Krishi in Malayalam is called red spinach has many health benefits deep fry the spinach spinach in Asian... Dubius is considered to be stronger to protect your body from bacteria and virus 3! West Indies, however ; it is considered a succulent ( a plant that stores water in their and... Variety is practically indistinguishable from Amaranthus viridis spinach ', see immune system to be a morphologically deviant allopolyploid Keerai... A wonderful way to incorporate fresh greens into your diet to read about cheera Krishi in Malayalam Please our!

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