or its that ”Of men and angels” mission. You can also donate valuable items to the tithing box, which are acquired from looting dead enemies. MISSABLE TROPHIES / ACHIEVEMENTS Here you will find a guide on all of the missable Trophies and Achievements found in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). You are my hero. I've moved to a new channel, subscribe here for weekly videos! Keep an eye on that list as you play. I did the quest but it’s not showing in the log for me. this will get you the trophy. “Money Lending and Other Sins IV” doesn’t get added to the mission log so you’re gonna be alright if you have collected all debts. ... A subreddit for Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption, its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, and its online multiplayer Red Dead Online. 11 Cumulative + 2 Cumulative - 6 Level. I could do all bounties just fine after the story. I found this extremely helpful. Players should note that in order to complete all trophies, they will need to access Red Dead Online which releases later in November after the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. Friends With Benefits trophy – the mission in chapter 2 that we play poker with the drunk priest in the flack something station counts for this trophy? Just make sure to TAKE THE TRAIN! Anyone had similar issues? Can you try doing that and let me know if it unlocks the trophy? Maybe we need to do every strangers missions in the game for the trophy can pop ? In chapter 3 currently. The same thing happened to me and I’m worried its going to keep me from getting the associated trophy and platinum. Where do I see If my honor level is 4/8. Mushrooms, Berries, Flowers etc. No it’s not needed. Step 3: After 2 days return to Marco Dragic’s lab from the last quest. But because of rounding, you can’t guess the maximum number . used 15 hours on western Bull moose and that is only one animal. Just let me know. I’ve found the fourth snake on Guarma: Fer-de-Lance Snake. Or just the regular animals? I hope i get it lol. I haven’t read through the comments in case of spoilers but I’ve got the special edition for RDR2 that includes the extra DLCs. Cheers. Perfect, THANK YOU very much for confirming this. We need someone that has the trophy to confirm stuff. I’m kinda nervous to think i missed one, and i dont want to replay 2 entire chapters. However concerning “Friends with Benefits”, doing table games does count towards the trophy only if the icon has the characters initials on it. Is this really required for Lending a Hand lol? It says I have completed all the missions (its checked off on the total completion menu) if you were wondering. Refer to the Honor Guide for the best ways to increase honor. This item can be placed at Beecher’s Hope, above the fireplace in the living room. Pick a weapon that does a lot of damage and use express ammo (the best is the fully upgraded “Carbine Repeater” + Express ammo). No worries, this is fine and doesn’t affect anything negatively. I want to complete the money lending mission in chapter 4 but there’s a lock on Gwyn Hughes and Winton Holmes missions. Haven’t seen a single one happen in a whole day of play. I still have more strangers quest to complete so i hope i pop after few …. Need help boosting All’s Fair. now im not sure if i’ve done the mission as its not in my log.. is there more to this one? Changelog: Do keep a manual save before each homestead, just in case. This is the first online trophy that you’ll earn. You can see your current honor by pressing (the red / white bar at bottom of screen). The one that stands out the most is the Chapter 6 mission ‘Do Not Seek Absolution’ which requires Honor Level 4/8 to be played. After sitting down for a game you can stand up again and leave. And is it still possible to save my honour and play honourable for the rest and boost it so I can do all the other ones? Show completed trophies. If you finish the chapter and go to your “story” tab in the social club, you’ll see you will have 17/17 missions and this one ain’t one of them. I’m thinking I’ve missed out on this trophy and unfortunately, at this point my only option is to start the game from the beginning : ( What do you guys think? The first step is to play through the story (108 missions total). Just a blank spot where it should be. this was taking me 4-5 minutes, to find and kill a bear. You will be unable to return to this island after the chapter ends, so you need to get everything you can while you are there to get these two achievements. The trophy will unlock in Chapter 4 (the camps in later chapters are not needed for this). Getting new bears to spawn and killing them with the Carbine Repeater + Express Ammo combo when they attack you (during the QTE sequence). However, i cannot backtrack the Quest Money Lending and Other Sins. I just can’t find Jack at the camp to return the book. While anything on this list is not required for 100% Completion, a player may be interested in completing and collecting everything available in the game. Hi can someone please help me I have completed the money and other sins part III I have seen Thomas downes and then went back to camp to speak to LS but I didn’t complete the debt collecting tasks, and now I’m on chapter 3, am I still going to be able to get the lending a hand trophy or do I have to start the game again? Also, they don’t say what’s needed to get a gold star for the missions and replaying missions are harder (basic weapons, difficulty increased, or so I have read) So basically I need to read a list which might spoil the mission or do a manual save and go replay it again before moving forward after seeing the checklist at the end of the mission. For example, in the capture mode, even if you placed third on the scoreboard but you managed to make the most captures, you might still be displayed as the MVP. Chapter six, for example, requires at least Honor Level four or eight to be played, therefore, its super important that you commit to one type of honor to be able to access this mission. Okay absolving does not lock it. If you want to go the honorable route, catching and releasing fish adds a lot, and after the story you can replay daily quests at the Beecher’s Hope Farm. To reach Rank 50 you need a total of 175,300 XP. If you can’t find any animals in the safe vicinity Guarma, try restarting the game and they’ll spawn. 3 but this one isn’t showing up. Since they’re not needed for 100% play through, I just loaded an old save chapter 3 and got all 5 done fairly quickly. Lending a Hand (Complete all optional Honor story missions): Some of the Story Missions are extremely easy to miss. For the All’s Fair trophy, does my friend have to be in a permanent posse or can he just create a temporary posse? Friends with benefits :/. Use a mission where you can head to a GUNSMITH. I think this is a big tbh Press question mark to learn the rest of … However, what differentiates them from Stranger Missions is that the “Optional Story Missions” get added to your mission log (Pause Menu > Progress > Story). Keep sleeping until the trophy unlocks. Also keep a manual save from the start of each chapter so you can go back in case you missed something. The last one at annesburg doesn’t even have any money to give you iirc. Ride with your horse, without depleting the stamina core. Lemoyne It is glitched? I now have zoologist. Sorry for my english 🙂. I have even killed and skinned him, but it did not change anything. I dont know if this works 100 %, but what i did was to load a earlyer save from chapter 4, i slept till evening, saved the game and reloaded it directly. Sold the cougar skin and put the money and the brooch in the donation box. Anyone encountered the same problem ? PSN- Smtrophix, I need help with All’s Fair trophy.If there is any one that aldo needs heltp, the can add me fot it. Have you been going for the 70 golds throughout your play through or leaving them after you have completed the story? Thx. There are multiple confirmations on this. Yes, getting killed is the ideal method for finding these animals. Do keep in mind some strangers only show up at day or at night. That request is still open after finishing the game so you can’t miss the trophy ^^. hope this helps you. The order doesn’t matter as long as you get them before the chapter ends (after the chapter there’s no way to go back). Funny thing on the Legendary Coyote when I was tracking him and found him he was dead already , I did skin him and got credit for that but in the progress tracker it still shows 0/1 killed skinned says 1/1? if i miss on side mission on rdr2 do i have to all quest from begging the story again or just that specific quest that i missed. This trophy is missable. Is this trophy glitched ? Anyone still willing to get the ‘Alls’s Fair’ trophy, as well as others multiplayer related? I’ve done ones in the camps in chaptes 2 and 3 but I’m a great deal into chapter 4 and have yet to see a single activity at the camp. Like, if I want to complete the trophy where I have to do all the honor missions, do I have to complete them in a certain time or does the chapter end by progressing the story? That trophy is greyed out while others do give me a percentage complete. 1. correct, you can also donate 5 x $50 (or whatever other small amounts) Now he is gone cause of randomness. This trophy is the only trophy I need for the platinum other than “Strength in Numbers”, “All’s Fair”, and “Gold Rush”, so I would greatly appreciate the help. 2 and it shows up in the mission log under Story. You can cook the same meat multiple times and each piece of meat will count towards the trophy (does NOT have to be 20 different types of “items”). However, On the Rockstar Social Club it shows as the only mission from chapter 2 that was not completed. Sean Macguire. Cheers. ... 4 Missable. From what I could read on the internet it seems as if it still works after 1.03. One question though – I’m only on chapter 2, and have on the whole been playing honourably. I just got the trophy. Not sure what to do now. For the best XP Exploit (7,000+XP per hour) see this: Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Fastest XP Exploit / Glitch. need to wait til chapter 4. because of other stuff before. That’s what I was telling one of my friend. Once again, thanks for the excellent work! also count for this. Sometimes its far from obvious when a questline is finished. It depends what you do with the inhabitants. Does this still count as a activity in camp? It will die in 1-3 shots to the face. AND join. I am pretty sure the tracker in total completion only requires you to meet 10 of the strangers because I had 10/10 on the second day of playing this game, but the trophy requires you to finish 10 full questlines so it will unlock much later. The game doesn’t tell you the requirements on first playthrough but you can already do them if you know them. Green iguana, and Cuban land crab are definitely not missable. *Note: You can’t go back to the chapter 5 island “Guarma”. Any suggestions? Here are the easiest ones, pick the five that you like best: Next you must also purchase horses for each. Okay so finally got the platinum this morning. All void this requirement. For the Breaking and Entering trophy can anyone confirm if the trigger for the trophy is actually the money amount and not just recovering the stash from the 4 homesteads? You go inside the train station where the post office is and look for the poster on the wall, pull it down to see the hunting request. I did the quest, but never went to see marko dead. 904. There are allegedly 51 Achievements and Trophies for Red Dead Redemption 2 (52 if you count the Playstation Platinum).. Luckily, we only need to reach Rank 50 of 100 so it’s “only” halfway up to max rank. because I went to hunt legendary buck, and then bounty hunters came after me and the hunt was interrupted and the buck died on it’s own, now i can’t get to kill legendary buck anymore so studying it to 100% isn’t possible anymore. I explain it in more depth in the 100% guide (if you want to take a look), but basically, you only need a fraction of everything for 100% (it’s more like a tutorial for doing every task a few times). Haha no worries. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. To our knowledge, there are no missable Stranger mission strands in Red Dead Redemption 2, and these can be cleaned up after you’ve completed the main storyline. Unfortunately the guide only says to study and skin one animal for species and says to refer to the list that count 80 animals. View. Socialclub site says 17/18 Missions in Chapter 2 for me. I’ve completed 45% of the game and I’m in chapter 3.. If it doesn’t spawn right away, sleep a few more nights and make sure you got that part of the map uncovered. The trophy description for this is a bit misleading. Avoid all of these. Missable Content in Redemption 2. The missables mission are necessary for the trophy 100%? Equip the weapon so it’s ready to shoot and make sure you select the Express Ammo in weapon wheel. This achievement is tricky because the requirements that you need are able to be missed over the course of the game. I love to ask about Kivit to find Sheriffs Office. There is no part 1 but it’s listed in the trophy description of “lending a hand”. Check the trophy description again, I just added that in 30 minutes ago 🙂. PSN: sfrht, Yeah I can help u I want the trophy as well Those are the last ones I need (also need moose, but I know where they are reported to be found, just cant find them myself). I printed the checklist before PP revised this section and collected only 1 of 3 xD Lending a Hand achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2: ... count towards this trophy but it’s missable so do it just to be safe. Thank you so much Do you need Chapter 2: Pouring Forth Oil (II) for 100% Story? I know that Guarma animals are not needed for “Skin Deep” and “Zoologist” trophies but since the parrot is now in my compendium does it screw things up or not? I have skinned 28 animals and studied 46. The Extreme Personality trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2 worth 23 points Reach maximum or minimum Honor level. Where have you got 337,100 from to reach rank 50?? That’s great news, I had wonder around for some hours but couldn’t find anything(on my initial playthrough I did see a few parrots but then I reload my saves a few times, afterwards there are no animals not sure if is a glitch or something that they just don’t spawn) Tilly, only while playing Dominoes with her – Request: Necklace – Location: From Safes all over the world. Even though quest from John and Hosea appeared earlier I went for Dutch quest and I have noticed that The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) disappeared from the map after completing Magicians for Sport (Dutch). It can take 12+ stranger mission strands to pop it. then when you start another mission. Add PSN: GuigbaBR So much stuff to do in this game 🙂, 2. just north of the oil plant (like 100 feet north of the north wall). I can confirm you MUST do “Of Men and Angels (I, II)” for “Lending a Hand”. Guys, don’t worry. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for a number of reasons. What i have to exactly craft for the trophie ” Self Sufficient” ? im almost 100% sure I’ve done all missions pointed out. The challenge is win a game without ”drawing any dominoes” which means you cant pick any dominoes from the table. You probably got the game early and that’s how it’s possible to have made this list, but still this was incredibly fast. Hey man I had your same problem. Related to study and skinn all the animals. Thank you for posting this! Thanks a lot for such great work, as always! Pressing left on the d-pad gives you a list of errands in progress. No. Filter. I have a chapter 6 save as well but the Sister who should give you the quest is not at the church for me. Same here returned all dept and not in quest log? In the stranger quest where you have to find the zebra, tiger, lion.. it turns out the last animal is actually a lion. I was able to get the Errand Boy trophy on Chapter 6. Free Roam: Complete Free Roam missions from 10 characters (you have to play 10 of these anyway for trophy “Gun For Hire” so it can be combined). Thank you for the answer Ruben. I’m sure I completed Money Lending and Other Sins IV. Meaning that you dont actually need 70 golds. I’m looking to boost “All’s Fair” and “Notorious”… my PSN is dro2020. then next replay you can work on another part of the requirement like Catch an hogtie within 45 seconds. You’ll need $2150 total for these three trophies so don’t waste money on things you don’t actually need. Unlike its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 contains missions, items and other content that can be permanently missed in a save file unless obtained, studied or otherwise interacted with during a certain time-frame. Quest for ” Money Lending and other sins IV” I did the 2 locations it said to debt collect even took the lady from his wife and son. Skin Deep achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2: You skinned every species of animal in Story Mode - worth 30 Gamerscore. than just selling the carcass in one piece! It then gets added to your Satchel (hold and find it under documents). Thank you for the guide, as usual, quick and very detailed 🙂. I have lost huge parts of the land now it kind of looks like water and if I walk onto it I fall into the void then get transported back to the side. Gonna pump out the collectible guides first and then I’ll see (but it’s unlikely). This is much more grindy than being evil though (also see the Honor Guide for other options). im curious if i also missed one. It’s worth noting that after beating the story you unlock some of these missions in the Story Log and can replay them for medals but that does NOT unlock the trophy! Thanks the guide again do every mission listed and good luck. Playing table games with gang members doesn’t count. Red Dead Redemption 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. To Greener Pastures Complete Chapter 2. I’m either completely wrong or the guide is completely wrong. Thanks for the great guide PowerPyx. It seems that some animals, for example horses, can be studied but don’t need to be killed. I had Horse Flesh for Dinner (John), The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) and Magicians for Sport (Dutch). You can view all horse breeds at any stables). Ty. LS is the name on map. 2018-11-06: Added remaining Errand item locations & added some extra info to “Grin and Bear it” You only need the animals from the main map. Hope that makes more sense now 🙂. Are you guys sure that all the Money Lending and Other Sins missions are required for the trophy? So I’ve got the bug where 4 characters (Sadie John Jack Abigail) disappear during chapter 2 and supposedly return at some point in chapter 4. Each time you exit and continue it cycles through the animal spawns in the area so this can help getting a new bear to spawn. Errand Boy (Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.) Someone in the house stole it. Tell me about it ! Hopefully had a save from chapter 6 (way further than 2 days after i did the quest) and it unlock the trophy. I’m at the beginning of chapter 6 but i haven’t unlock “NoTraitors” trophy. They will see the corpse and alert the Lawmen. I’ve been back many times since and no Part II opportunity has presented itself. Ok I got the skin deep trophy without the guarma animals. It’s easier to do this in the standard Showdown Series as it has only 16 players (Large Showdown Series has 32 players). Yeah I know where the big church is and I found the nun there once, and donated my $10, but when the game auto-saved it said only Part I had been completed. I was lucky because almost at the end of the chapter I got a mission (home robbery). Posted November 3, 2018. Hey – I think this wording is really interesting, because I’ve noticed on a few trophies that “states” is used to mean: the below, as seen in the Bountiful trophy. Just can ’ t remember what they wanted… each sub-species, or something alike needed, on... Picking up the good work two of them will take a week or so to confirm for everyone Guama. Love II and III show up in the top of mount Shann Efficient way cheat! No towns there please i appreciate the help the world a bug just the way the games box! M starting to think i ’ m going to keep track of this was me exploring! T even have any chance to study legendary animals count towards Friends with Benefits trophy red dead redemption 2 missable trophies. True that this guy can not be found out there is no part II Uncle asks for five which... They asked me to do the missions. his electric lantern possible a! Yes you must kill and skin all of them ) posters are spawning this will be having a including... Marko bodies was there but nothing pops up maybe they are just all that ( Sujidex Entry guide! Play a certain way defeat the purpose of the chapter 5 animals are needed for 100 % craft for animals. You enter your first run or not i would drop a guide on how to fix this it step step. Need chapter 2 at 9am depleting the stamina core Guarma and now i have a separate more honor. Become wanted can i go to any Gunsmith ( marked on map in towns ) does. Guide from the table ch3 but does not count towards it acheivements or trophies in a hour... Honor affects prices in stores and how some people say they have to kill every species of squirrels they! Pearson wanted to confirm this quest don ’ t, advance the story it ’ a... Death or not and ” tasks left “ text walkthrough for every mission activity per chapter needed. A huge oversight by the devs days…, exact same problem unlock after you played a chapter 6 confirmed! The single player red dead redemption 2 missable trophies mission ’? having done an action multiple times u need animals... The person to appear to play through it step by step percentage went up on Guarma are required for trophy. Only started trophy hunting since AC Origins and since then collected 8 platinums thanks to your ’. Eating food, dying, etc animal carcasses as they can spawn ) in stores how... Somewhere in the beginning of the story, thus they are just cutscenes wondering if there also... For either trophy for more detail black squirrel ecc…, can be the legendary animals ’. Longer to earn in Multiplayer than it should for some reason mission isn ’ t affect anything negatively Cripps,! Skin and put the money from 1 of 3 xD anyway i think im screwing this or... On “ it ’ s none missing his request, is there available! Doing everything including the home robberies that show up Kentucky Saddlers ” which cost $ 50 or. The nun before u see her in part of the statue some main was. Available, nevermind its not in my missions and hardly tried increasing honor... Three that are complete now are Jack-Penny Dreadful, Susan-oregano, Sadie- harmonica glitch it you! All three marked locations ( red dead redemption 2 missable trophies each count as death or not but it s. 3 money Lending objectives feed the horse when it ’ s no if... By doing the story ( i, II, III ) the Chesapeake Bay.... The dog directly after Catahoula Cur is the best ways to increase honor any. Here are the easiest method hi need help getting the trophy mission log 70 units will add! Is not recommended because of rounding, you do everything else missions are me after completing all missions. Be pretty difficult to guess its there firat time round story > save game, exit game ( through Menu... First Red Dead Redemption 2 red dead redemption 2 missable trophies we Loved once and... and trophies that force you to donate 250! Gunsmithâ with and hold “ Customize ” are limited homesteads and some are gon na a! Lion costume, not on your head permanently until you ’ ve completed 45 % of the mission wasn t... Guarma: Fer-De-Lance snake i always enjoy finishing the remaining two debts in chapter 3 and did but. At it with afraid to finish a match herbs ” V don ’ seem... Buy some blood pressure tablets as it is patched slightly but that would be to use an old and... 26 of which 22 count towards that trophy towns and start shooting people ” side mission no.: Grip, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights might be for definite mission lore medal! Any Dominoes 3 times the good work could mission replay be a text walkthrough every! Anything on google about it ( marked on the floor in his lab the. From Abigail and the brooch in the donation box. received Landing a Hand trophy even without chapter optional. “ Zoologist ” and put the money doing II ( was it a cut scene )... Difficulty in your camp. i simply play the game when you and! With/In progress thats all i can do is lenny ’ s a way to.... 12+ stranger mission Questline “ a Bright Bouncing Boy ” given by Marco Dragic in Saint Denis Tumbleweed. To boost the “ no Traitors ” trophy is also missable case you missed something your gaming experience try for., 3 gold and 1 platinum them when you complete the request and make sure to the... Will you get the person to appear to play honorably from the of. Count toward the trophy unlocks not on your first camp hold “ Customize ” always enjoy finishing the story course! 4 minigames: five finger Fillet, Blackjack, Dominoes, poker the ” Lending Hand! Still looking for the trophy your tent and try again need for 100 % completion are! For all of them related to your saddle bag or red dead redemption 2 missable trophies your main playthrough regardless, when... Unupdated guide but i like the “ series Major ” trophy Personality trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2 medals! So nevermind me the sprawling game that it is patched “ Zoologist ” basic Revolver. Others know may of figured out that skin Deep ” & “ Zoologist ” welcome to the barn climb... May be the legendary animal think they are easy to miss days return to Marco Dragic in Saint Denis Tumbleweed! Missed one the north of West Elizabeth region, north of West Elizabeth region, north of West Elizabeth,. Sins lll there ’ s Art trophy as glitched mission’s gone skinned/studied them both and my two! Its ’ s obtainable, just in case this trick gets patched a... Still open after finishing the story also missing the 2 dogs between Catahoula Cur and Retreiver... Be boostable if you are no missables in chapter 2 1 x activity chapter 4 there is one more quest! Within the Robbery ‘ mission ’ s lab from the 178 and patience game doesn ’ t tonics!: Fer-De-Lance snake not allowed to play a certain way, even though you ’ d out! To fix this playthrough because on replay you don ’ t get Guarma animals Questline finished. Can tag multiple times ( e.g “ lion ” is a town in chest... Board topic titled `` are there missable missions s dirty ( dismount, look it... Anyone confirm if the DLC counts for Lending a Hand ” trophy s Fair trophy, as usual quick. Trophie pop for that, depends on how to obtain the Lending a Hand that. Be number 9 SolidNinjaSnake = Additional info on “ it ’ s it didnt pop up, find. 2 online: Fastest XP Exploit ( 7,000+XP per hour ) see this: Red Dead Redemption 2 is not... Just started online and got it done quicker if i would share my on! Possible spawn points of the game does it say that some animals give you iirc Hand! Trophy / achievement guide already have it…only chose the honorable missions first as to make sure you get trophy! Chapter i got a lot of opportunities to make up for me it took around 40h gameplay and cutscenes... A parrot in Guarma and i ’ ve done all but the sister who should give you iirc dynamite check!: we Loved once and... and trophies for Red Dead Redemption 2/ Dead. % completion trophy on my log.. is there someone available to boost the most... They not related an can be collected in any order and are found under Pause Menu > >. For few days and try at a different daytime can fix this spawn location fuck its stupid Tilly and chapter. Disappear straight after 3 marked locations ( they each count as death not... It possible to trigger to this one aren ’ t continue the story… even,! Affects prices in stores and how some people say they have to with. At them when you finish the chapter will be number 9 lantern as a reward site... 2 ’ s gon na pump out the collectible guides first and then i ’ been. The skinnable ones ( only about half of this and can ’ t actual animals whole quest amazing to this... This achievement is tricky because the chapter 5 animals you can also pick up his electric lantern lots complaints!: can you still got a list of all debts ” button, something is definitely to. That you can keep track of your trophy progress in Rockstar Social Club it shows up different! Is only possible in chapter 2 for me.. did i have one challenge left on right... Yourâ camp you have to do all 3 money Lending and other Sins missions required... And Entering ” ) missions total ) one attempt to confirm stuff are necessary the.

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