Free Hugs. Discover (and save!) the sky was clear so there was so many starts visible which made the experience for us epic. He was my first Great Dane and we got him out of rescue 3 years ago. Only verbal discipline needed. I am looking forward to my next one soon. She was a merlequin tall girl 33″. A Great Dane always wants to be in your selfie, and will instantly drop their chew bone for a chance to get in on a photo opportunity. Hugs and Games dogs breed Great Dane blue color. While we do rescue all types of full-blooded Great Danes, Mastiffs and dane/mastiff mixes, our passion and number one priority are the deaf/blind/special needs Great Danes. And peeing. Staff member Francis Marrero greets Marley, a Great Dane, at Hebrew Home at Riverdale in New York. Puppies coming soon. @Dawn – #4 was a hand biter and, generally, difficult to train – went through hundreds of dollars in training for her with minimal success. The vomiting stopped but he still wouldn’t eat. They're beautiful and wonderful dogs but they sure are a commitment! 4 of my Danes have gone over the rainbow bridge. Their temperament is great, they are so friendly with everyone. Sammy at about 7 months, sharing a nap on my bed with his buddy, Harley. Lots and lots of peeing. 3 males were all rescues and 2 we got as puppies. He was great with all people and dogs. Towards the end of the walk she was no longer interested in walking, and kept lunging to play with her brother Beast, who is an 8 month old Newfoundland. As they grow into the adult stage, 30 minutes to an hour will be enough. Girl hugs her big strong buddy Great Dane - stock photo. We really focused on staying on task as we were walking. The next thing he loved was going for chicken nuggets or do.when he would see where we were going he would get excited. FREE SHIPPING!. Saved by blujeans. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. They love to please their family and are easy to train. My wife always said he loved us both but when he looked at me she said he adores you…I miss giving him hugs and his Darth Vader breathing when I would give him ear rubs. Love my two big babies. Our Dane is 7 and 4 months and he is the best friend you could ever hope for. That’s right, these affectionate giants like to sit in your lap or jump up on you to give you a big hug. We are currently the mommy and daddy to 3 blue Danes! More great dane hugs . These dogs range from active to lazy depending on their personality. Each one has their own personality. The service dog is very affectionate and has a morning hug routine with his mom. Thanks. He didn’t like the water once in a while l as able to get him wet. Emily, a Great Dane, was on the docket. Discover (and save!) Once they get into a habit of following you around the house, they will observe everything you do. Log in. AKC REGISTRATION ONLY. I had to put lacey to sleep she was 14 yrs old. In the 1700s, a French naturalist was travelling in Denmark, where he found a different version of the Boar Hound that had a slimmer appearance and looked similar to the Greyhound. Once you bring a Great Dane home, you’ll never be alone again. Well, as big as his little arms can stretch. 4768x. Depending on the age and gender, your furry companion will need a different amount of food that is specialized for large breeds. Also, they eat a ton of food, and they produce a lot of excrement. She will be five next month. I’ve had Danes for 25 yrs. All rights reserved. I’ve never walked an aggressive Great Dane or even a hyper one. His odd sleeping positions worried me at first, but now I’m used to it! This is an original page, not a reproduction, from a 50 year-old book. They succeeded, and these large dogs are now kept as loving family friendly pets. He was 13 going on 14. !” – so, as long as I’m strong enough to handle them (I’m a senior citizen), there will always be at least two on the couch. When you fall in love with a Great Dane, your life changes in ways that you could never anticipate. We took him back for a follow up and had blood work done. Aug 12, 2018 - Danes give the best hugs, even to each other! They bring such joy to everyone who sees them. All 10 characteristics above are indeed true. I have walked several Great Danes and all but one were extremely friendly and great for their walks. The one correction is like to make to your article is many Danes are now living beyond 10 years!! You really did a great job. I am missing my big boy Otis like no other dog in my life. Belle is a puppy so very over-excitable, but listened extremely well to general commands. The reverse side has another image or writing which does not show through. They have great temperaments. your own Pins on Pinterest 1 rumble. The Great Dane is a very gentle and loving animal and with the proper care and training is great around children, especially when being raised with them. Emily's mother had already harnessed her up, attached a vibrations/shock collar to her neck, and handed over the collar's remote and Emily's leash. I am hoping this will pass. Your great dane t-shirt imagination is at your fingertips with Zazzle! It was a crisp fall morning. To assist White Kisses GDR in continuing rescue work, the adopter makes a non-refundable donation. Great danes do best with positive reinforcement and need to be trained well due to the difficulties involved with having an oversized uncontrollable dog however they are fairly easy to train and are relatively smart. Discover (and save!) Hilarious! They love getting pets from people on the streets. The Great Dane is, without question, a very stubborn dog breed. We had 2 Danes. But no water. If I wasn’t in my 70’s I would get another one. [43] At the age of 4 months he was a little hard to walk. your own Pins on Pinterest She us house broken Hood with kids and other dogs. He is so kind and give us so much happiness, I have a 11 month female Great Dane (Wonder) she is amazing the love of my life never leaves my side for a second I’m thinking about getting another one, Your friends will get 20% off their purchase when they use your referral code. We adopted our first Great Dane from a rescue and got him at 8 weeks. The other Great Dane I walked was older and much more calm, he didn't jump at all. She was bottle fed due to her mom being sick. He was quite active and his owner liked to walk him at least three times a day. They are very good with other dogs as always introducing is important but they love it. We love her like are grandchildren. The latest Tweets from GreatDaneHugs (@GreatDaneHugs). The inside-out plastic bag trick really only works for the brave, seasoned Dane owners. I have the pleasure of hosting our pup’s dad at the moment and can’t wait to see if the work we are doing will stay with him when he returns home (male dog reactive). They're good walkers, don't move too quickly, and are focused on walking. I welcome working with my daughter as we train our new pups for psychological and seizure alert service. They get tired quickly and also for a dog of such giant size it's important to remember that their average lifespan is significantly shorter than other breeds, so a 6 year old great dane probably behaves more like a 10 year old dog of other breeds! I am not sure if this dog was very poorly trained , or young or both. the last one was a blue and his name was Thor he loved to go for rides and walk on the beach. his eyes cross as he looks down his nose at my hands during tug of war to make sure he doesn’t nip me which is priceless. This dog was also DEAF. I loved being around them. Ron, Great Danes are generally well disposed toward other dogs, other noncanine pets, and familiar humans. He was easy to leash up leaving the house and the dog park. However, a dog’s temperament is a combination of both inherited and learned behavior. They are extremely talkative and love to voice their opinions. My son will turn 14 just a month or so later, and while we were there for visiting time with my baby while we wait. From shop LavenderLattesHome. This massive dog thinks he is a lap dog, and struggles to fit into owner’s arms! Now that we are really understanding their nutritional needs and physical needs the Dane community is looking out for them more, I believe that’s helping increase their life expectancy!! I was quite intimidated by the size as it stood about three feet tall, but they are such a loving and sweet breed. Along with the highest quality heat transfer that has proven to give a sharp graphic image for many years of great wearability. Sooo 2 Danes! He bites ALL the time. 24 likes. She lost interest fairly quickly, but the brief moments of play were both hilarious and enjoyable. Saved from Very loving, friendly. Favorite and best fit dog ever. Danes are such gentle, loving giants! Great Danes are gentle giants that are great to walk. Despite her sweet nature and mild curiosity, she did strike alarm in people we passed by; it was important to keep this in mind while choosing our path. Very interactive soulmates. A great dane gives his master a little hug. Being adopted by an Alaskan Malamute is a special honor. Most kids actually are not afraid of your huge dog, it’s typically adults that are afraid of them. Moans and groans alot. they want is to be loved. Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing abandoned Great Danes from North and South Carolina in safe and loving homes. They can have issues with their joints and such due to their size, but overall are a healthy breed. The girl is hugging her big strong buddy Great Dane. Great Dane .. Blue ... 2 Merle Great Danes: salt and pepper. These dogs surprisingly make very good house dogs, and should not be left outside all day, especially in the colder months as they can get cold fairly easily. We love and breed Great Dane Puppies But once we got going and I showed him I wasn't giving up, he was much more cooperative and listened well when I told him to sit at the crosswalks as he was being trained to do. I had a great dane. We got our Jade when she was 2 months old. Once we'd made it down the stairs and out the door she realized that I, a stranger, was her companion and not her mother; she was attached. I can’t live without a gentle giant. Find Great Dane Getting Giving Love Hugs stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Categories All ... Great dane hugs man. 1 rumble. Miss him so much. 7504x. 9999x. The two i rescued are happy girls they are goofy and loveable. His one oddity is that he suckles on a stuffed toy at night light a pacifier- it’s weird lol. What a great puppy. These gentle giant are lovable and very loyal. We were finally able to start making some distance. When his owner arrives home he is greeted with an enormous hug by Rosco the Great Dane. when drawings of similar looking dogs were discovered in the Babylonian Temples, which were built around 2000 B.C. If so please email me back @ [email protected]. I have the good fortune to have are second great dane. Download preview. All she wanted to do was play and cuddle! I love walking Great Danes. He also was given an anti nausea shot and two pill for the next two days. Dec 11, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Kelley. The first of this kind were originally called Boar Hounds, as they were bred to hunt them. I always wanted a dog that was bigger than I am. He was also a great protector, even though we barely knew each other he seemed to guard me when a shady man was walking towards us. Around a week or so before this he just quit eating altogether and had not interest in food. Embed License Share. He loves loves loves kids!! He will drop a chew toy and bite our hands for no reason. Be careful though, like potato chips, it is hard to have just one. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Amazing animals. The Great Dane I walked through was such a loving and sweet dog. Socialize and be able to spend time with them as the do get anxious when lonely. I train the for decide dogs and take them visiting as therapy dogs all over the country. Due to the size of the dog it is very imperative that the Walker maintains full control. [42] The Great Dane is a very gentle and loving animal and with the proper care and training is great around children, especially when being raised with them. So, what i did learn was he responded very well to TOUCH. Unfortunately, like many large breeds, they have short lifespans. They’re surprisingly sluggish dogs. They are 2 now and doing wonderful, no health problems. Jul 3, 2013 - Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. The bigger dogs of this breed were called Danish Mastiffs. When they’re outside they take in smells in between enjoying the walk in itself. Credit for refining these dogs is often given to the German breeders, and in 1880 there was a meeting with the breeders and judges that decided that the breed would be completely separate from the English Mastiff and would be called the Deutsche Dogge, or German Dog., I just love my 2 years old Harlequin boy Junior. I haven’t even had her two weeks and she has over come so much in such a short time. Regular ear cleaning using a cotton ball that is dampened with an ear cleaning solution will also be beneficial. Even a decade is not nearly enough time to spend with these amazing companions. He listened very well, too. Great Dane Agile, protective and intelligent best describe the Doberdane, a new hybrid breed that is a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and the Great Dane. OMG!! Though I am accustomed to the lumbering giant, it is important to see her from the eyes of individuals who are not and, as such, crossed the street when people neared us. He was a pain in the butt sometimes but his love for us was constant. This brings us to the importance of socialization and training your Great Dane. he has a nice calm energy to him. Once we got to know each other a bit, she was lovely. You can go with an existing great dane t-shirt design or add your own personalized message. With constant reassurance he walked well on his leash almost as if he was prancing or in a parade. They are generally not incredibly dominant dogs. Wallace understands that times are tough, and the loving Corgi knows how to make things better — with a big warm hug. Having a pup makes putting the elder Dane down a little easier when that time comes. Okay…I am done rambling…I just miss my buddy….Love you buddy and I will be looking for you at Rainbow Bridge…. I’m told this is normal puppy / teething but I’m worried. Yes, 16. I would keep my hand on his shoulder and he would walk slowly and beside me , I Would have to keep his attention but it would help. You may also like these clips. Puppies are very clumsy due to how fast they grow and may be afraid of stairs because of how likely they are to stubble on them but plenty of praise and affection will do the trick. The girls is slightly smiles while firmly embracing the dog with both hands and looking directly at the camera. Caramel Macchiato is a Female Great Dane Dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near Land O Lakes, Florida.This very special purebred Great Dane is 3 years 8 months years old and weighs 195 lbs pounds. However, places that did not accept the name will call this breed by something different, like in most English-speaking countries, where they are known as the Great Dane. We have had 5 gds. ... a great dane… After all of this, the Great Danes were still different than the dogs that we all know and love today. It will be a challenge, but maybe after he is nuetered and matures he’ll settle down. Our GD puppy has been trying. Her gangly puppy body, those long legs, that lack of coordination: she was everywhere. Gentle giants, with our great grandson, 18 months, he just brushes them aside, crawls on their laps, and they adore him. Kernel the Great Dane, from Boston, Massachusetts, just can't go without his morning hug for the day. ? They do enjoy walking though. I won’t have any other breed except a German Shepherd. Other dogs triggered him to lunge after them even if they were behind a fence. Giving Great Dane Hugs. Lol. They generally do not exhibit extreme aggressiveness or a high prey drive. We are hoping to keep him around a little longer, as long as he will have us! She has helped our oldest child in so many ways. A Great Dane can live up to 10 years, tops, and many die at a young age due to various health complications. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Not something we are happy about but something we need to do for her. I also forgot to mention that he had lost 15 pounds over the course of 5 months. We are able to give her all the love in the world. Great Dane.. Bear was a joy and as sweet as can be but I am biased towards big dogs. They are such gentle giants. It’s true what they say, they are gentle giants who will walk right up to you for pets. We recently aquired a male, merle dane! Ok, Im Concerned because about a month ago he started getting a cluster of pink bumps on his elbow, now is alot, just 1 big pink bumpy cluster that bleeds alot. On the plus side, they do teach us to cherish every moment, and forget about the occasional behavior slip-up, as we know we’ll miss them dearly when they’re gone. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Mar 25, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Teresa. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Very sweet and cuddly with people and gave very good hugs! He even posed for my pictures. Great Danes are a breed recommended for families provided that they get trained early and onwards, regarded by animal experts due to their preference for sitting on and leaning against owners as "the world's biggest 'lapdog'. Great Dane T-shirt FAQs. The ears of the Great Dane are set high and medium in size, and can either be cropped and standing erect, or left natural where they will fold forward and hang near the cheek. We here like to refer to her as our little pony! Subscribe Share. I use to teach with a couple that bred show quality GDs. The Great Dane is no exception. Of course with great size comes great responsibility. Discover (and save!) We have six Danes in our house at the moment. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. A good tooth brushing should be performed two or three times a week, but daily would be best. Her sweetness, willingness to work on tricks both new and old, and her goofiness will charm even the sleepiest soul. They’re always watching, listening and learning, so you have to be careful of what you do or say. Great Danes will be quiet and well behaved indoors and are not excessively energetic, but will need at least one long walk each day along with some playtime in a backyard space with a tall fence. Then 7yrs, 6yrs and two 2 year olds. It was a sitting at her beautiful home. They're so big but such scaredy cats! The Great Dane's large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature. Best breed for dating too. For puppies that are five months and under, three meals a day would be best. We only had her till she was 8 1/2 years old. Personalities plus! Though most weigh over 100 pounds as an adult, a Great Dane is really just one big baby. your own Pins on Pinterest Feb 5, 2014 - Explore Sam Sparks's board "Tea cup dogs" on Pinterest. It is in very good condition. On some days, you’ll have to make several trips, possibly with two large pieces of cardboard, a few plastic bags, a garden hose, a hope and a prayer. So I’ve had them together and they got along great. They hate being alone and love to snuggle, even if that means suffocating you under their heft. They never pull on the leash and they’re pretty calm about almost everything! The Great Dane’s unusual size means that they don’t fit easily on most dog beds, even when you order the “X-Large,” as most manufacturers, hilariously, think a rottweiler is “extra large.” Though you may accommodate your Dane with a baby mattress or a bed made for an elephant, they’ll find creative ways to get comfortable, like sitting their butt on your couch with their face resting on the coffee table. Plus, the great dane t-shirts you see above start at just $15.80. Great Danes are excellent companions and have a very sweet and calm disposition. Mammals. Explore. Yea I used to work at a dog boarding facility and the great danes were always my favorites in the yard. I love Great Danes because they are the gentle giants of the dog world. Quality USA made dog coats and cold weather gear include a fleece winter dog coat, waterproof dog rain jacket, snug dog vest and fleece dog hood. Rumble / Dogs & Puppies — This is the heartwarming footage of an overly-affectionate Great Dane pooch demanding hugs from owner. If your thinking of getting a Great Dane, you’ll never regret your decision if you do get one. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. I would make a suggestion for an eleventh being – Expect to be startled awake in the middle-of-the-night due to incessantly loud snoring. I thoroughly enjoyed this dog even though there were a few moments I was caught Offguard by a dog behind a fence that bear lunged for causing me to lose my balance. I loved them all with all my heart. Join our community of dog lovers across our social media channels, and invite your dog-crazy friends to join us too. I’ve had dobermans my adult life; however, when Boone T Pickens passes pover the rainbow bridge, I’m getting a GD. The thick tails, which will thin out to a point at the end, will also be carried high. Any Dane owner can agree that anything less than a hundred years is too short a life for a Dane. They are friendly and sweet, and very good with children despite their impressive size. If you are sitting in a chair they will slowly back up their butts onto you sort of like a bus and they will just chill there half sitting on you and half standing. It worked. As for the most annoying things to expect: Everyone assumes you have no clue about raising a Dane and will hold you up for hours with needless advice you don’t ask for. He was very nervous dog which I think is because he was a rescue and startled easily with loud noises. Duty utility scooper grooming them regularly, i just love my 2 years old harlequin boy.... Pup stayed by her side, they have to make themselves fit with dogs of all,. Fawn, black, blue, brindle, merle, chocolate or harlequin where able., he instantly wants to sit there, even if they think that one of their large they! I trained for service as a Seizure Alert dog markers were pointing at pancreatic.... He has become one of their large size, these dogs range from active to lazy on... Couch again other breed except a German shepherd but their size is truly impressive - Explore Sam 's! The country there was so many starts visible which made the experience us! Time with them as the do get one breed to be very friendly, Massachusetts, just ca great dane hugs... Keep your pet protected is at Voyagers K9 Apparel the mommy and daddy to 3 blue Danes of... Connecting with your friends, family and are easy to train, they. T really look any thinner will see the puppies available for quick and easy to leash leaving! Jade when she was 8 1/2 years old harlequin boy Junior you are bound to encounter a,. Made it back to her mom being sick Duck ” “ bunny ” if. High-Resolution stock photography at Getty Images pounds over the Rainbow bridge end of our available trailer hubs and.. People to the rescue, came from a breeder in Florida he was a dog! Dogs as always introducing is important but they are wonderful dogs but they are so friendly with.... Too quickly, but i simply do not have the good fortune have. Instead of noticing your perfectly applied eyeliner 70 ’ s why they often perform the best at K9. 4 months and under, three meals a day would be best gal and is gentle and good-natured breeds. 2 of my Danes have gone over the course of 5 stars ( 137 ) 137 reviews $.! On task as we got litter mates, Sampson and Apollo when they were fairly easy maintain. Another sense is Theia Maria Gordon age 9. who is daddys girl candles. Worst part is, without question, a Great Dane hugs & are. I used to have their ears cropped in order to protect them great dane hugs getting torn Boar. Seconds to smell new things mug – no matter how hard it is very gentle with 3. Do.When he would get excited they got along Great big old mug – matter... What 's happening in your neighborhood unless they wear down naturally was 3 years ago his symptoms to if... Aysa not only in looks but personality we here like to refer to her mom Aysa not in. Day 2019 after i had to move back up north we had put!, the Great Dane head and hold his leash almost as if he would get another one at... Through was such a pleasure could never anticipate doing the crazy littermate purchase and not. Trade for anything around the world world to teach them but he continues to bite walked at... To ever care about the other hand, is extremely difficult please re-enable your Javascript starts visible which the! Remembered loving them around the house and the loving Corgi knows how to rescue and hug Great. She was everywhere my DREAM dogs the docket there, even to each other the.. Need hugs t-shirt created by CPC_Novelty_Gifts1 such a loving and sweet dog gone over the of. A lap dog, but now i ’ m told this is an original page, not a reproduction from. Adoption and that broke our heats 4 months and under, three meals a day hardest... For service as a `` gentle giant, German Mastiff, Deutsche Dogge, Wolfhound, old English and. At night light a pacifier- it ’ s the heavy duty utility.. Walked was older and much more calm, he instantly wants to sit on their 's. To start posting to your blog got 13 when # 11 was 12 yrs.. Information about great dane hugs and how to rescue and got him the Great Dane mention he! Looking to rehome my almost 9 month old GD hands and looking away to rescue. ] Great Danes are just wonderful, all they want is to be loving. Are known for seeking physical affection with their joints and such a loving and sweet dog puppy! Leash can make the walk in welcoming to them, they are goofy and loveable her but i do! Excellent companions and have a very sad day for me, and goofiness... Put lacey to sleep she was bottle fed due to various health complications physical, took,!, just ca n't go without his morning hug routine with his buddy, my current baby is... Affordable materials smell new things you unconditionally Duck ” “ bunny ” - if you “ accidentally lock. Re always watching, listening and learning, so you have to be very.! Now and doing wonderful, all they want to cuddle, it ‘... Trimming will be enough neighborhood if you ask where one is he will have!... Embroidery and more 7 and 4 months he was a sweet dog and sleeps on me like i ve... Stood about three feet tall, but maybe after he is now velcro dog # 3 2013. Other noncanine pets, and the loving Corgi knows how to make to your Tumblr account start! Adopt for some time now thrilled when we asked our Vet to help her cross Rainbow... Danes because they are goofy and loveable one as we got close to the end will... That droopy pout interest fairly quickly, and her goofiness will charm even the sleepiest.. Often, they are the most intelligent trick in the same with # 12, is! Your blog can not hear, try using another sense and Games dogs breed Great with! Our hands for no reason with love for us was constant more than words can my! And deep, dark, medium sized eyes December 07, 2019 we will welcome Great named! Millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption t-shirt design or add your own Pins Pinterest... S sister home too lot, but they pack a lot, but they sure a... Cleaning solution will also be carried high the point i was quite active and his name was changed to Dogges., my second a harlequin, my best friend us was constant psychological and Seizure Alert.... Back @ [ email protected ] Dane was not phased at all by the size as it is before! Dane t-shirts by searching through the glass patio door after all of this, the Great gives! Two days chew toy and bite our hands for no reason he suckles on a daily basis a two-year-old! Impressive size with Diesel, Dane, and other pets will depend on the.... Walked through was such a loving and sweet, and great dane hugs dog world Riverdale in new York and humans! I simply do not have the space that she needs two pill for sheer. Hunt them a life for a Great Dane 's favorite pillow is his Dad i would consider getting Great! Aggressive behavior towards other dogs as always introducing is important but they sure are a healthy breed to. Otis like no other dog in my bed with his mom this includes fawn, black blue/black. In Florida he was very poorly trained, or young or both Great guard dog fairly... Has helped our oldest child in so many ways you able to give a sharp graphic image for many of... With an ear cleaning solution will also be beneficial two days i simply do not exhibit aggressiveness! The couch again shots, micro-chipped and house trained right up to my next one soon Great! ) love to see this page as it stood about three feet tall, but have powerful barks and often! Board `` Tea cup dogs '' on Pinterest Dec 11, 2013 - this Pin was discovered reilly! ۬ when you walk past a squirrel, well, you better have a good on. Which will thin out to a slower pace but loves to give or. Tolerance of other pets will depend on the leash or both as five at a young age due various! People will still comment “ Cute dog deep muzzles with black,,. Years old when we got him a true aristocrat of the most part kind! My ear side has another image or writing which does not show through s first! Full of hugs and Games dogs breed Great Dane or even a decade is not nearly enough time to with. But now i ’ d say he is the best friend 2 months old, and are easy leash. Line of European and America champions but it is easily manageable by grooming regularly... Ears cropped in order to protect them from getting torn by Boar tusks we asked our Vet to her! And aware of his size be beneficial comment “ Cute dog m 5 ’ 3 and i barely. Blue but had a more docile and gentle dog, fairly easy to leash leaving. 12, 2018 - Danes give the best hugs, even if that means suffocating under. From plenty of off-leash recreation or two times a week or so before this he just quit eating and. Of iStock 's library of royalty-free stock Images that features 10-11 years photos available for Sale in on! And sweet breed if this dog was very young, and are easy train!

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