Once I was done I took the big/scrap aluminum pieces to the scrap yard and got about $90. ln order to attach the hardware to the cover l needed to in-set some 3/4" blocking on each side. Showers, toilets, battery banks and solar requirements, water storage, sleeping and eating arrangements to name a few. If l want to l can set it in the cargo bay and plug it into the outlet and with the inverter l can back feed power to the interior electrical outlets. Some points around the wheel wells need the framing belt sanded about an 1/8th of an inch in spots to bring the foam wall flush with the wood. I pre-drilled the holes into the wood to keep the 2x3's from splitting out. See more ideas about camper shells, camper, truck bed camper. l had several beam pockets that needed to be cut down a little deaper. on Introduction, this is the craziest, hardest, most time consuming way to build an insulated lightweight trailer.. Since I am not familiar with RV construction techniques I'm glad I chose this approach, I learned a great deal from this process. I wonder if building a framed wall would have been better and filling in between with foam insulation. Put Styrofoam in between the spaces of the framing fixtures. To build the new wheel wells I used the old wheel wells to give me an idea of how much clearance I should have on the top and sides. A hot knife is the best tool for that job. I wiped the entire frame down with a wet rag to prep for the primer. The basic foamie tools are a couple of good fine tooth saws, a long and short rasp (shaping tool) that works for both foam and wood, a good utility knife, a dry wall square, and a 4' metal strait edge. Did you use plywood on the inner walls? Before gluing the front and back beams in place l used a 6' level to make sure my roof line was on the right plane. The wheels took about 2 weeks with all the dry time. l took the expandable side attachments and hooked them in place on the side of the unit and then using a knife l cut them both off at the second seem. You don't want any raised wood grain showing through the canvas. Sorry but this was crazy. Most commercial built camper use 1/2" OSB , l went with a the 5/8" plywood. The frame is in great shape and I think I can part it out to make some of my initial investment back. l determined that I can do the entire job with two 4 x 8 sheets of 1 1/2" foam board. l rounded the edge over just a bit to begin with. l assembled the walls and roof beams and duct taped it all together. l tacked the plywood down with 1 1/4" 16 ga. gun nails on the outside edges of the wood cross beams and a few in the center. I want it to be light weight, well insulated against the heat and cold, and I want to pack as much function and comfort into it as possible. I learned this technique from going to camper shows and looking under the beds and in the cargo areas. We put 1 coat of pre stain on and 1 coat of red mahogany stain on. By working the expanding glue this way it save alot of time later and it makes a stronger wal frame connection. l ran them accross the top 4' x 6' for two, and 2' x 6' for the last one. l also did the same around the wheel wells as well as all 4 corners. My wife helped me to glue and stand walls. I'm thinking of using a 3/4" vinyl 1/4 round (as used in drywall on arches) on the edges to create a clean line.https://www.homedepot.com/p/Phillips-10-ft-Vinyl-Bullnose-Corner-Bead-BN3VYLUPC10/306632729. We install everything we sell and offer a wide range of quality accessories to build your work truck to suit. l filled the seams/joints on the roof with gorilla wood glue. My wife want's to be able to use the inside for storage so I'll make a false bottom and a front divider to cover the electrical and a removable top for each. A quick dry fit, and l'm pleased. l purchased 3 pieces. We primed the plywood roof using an exterior primer. The sides are an extremely tight fit and as you can see by the photos the expandable material makes a nice flap. That would have been a disaster.We primed all the wood - top, bottom, and sides, and painted them the same way with 2 coats of exterior black porch paint.I ran the wire for the trailer lights through the trailer frame. I like your trailer, but have one comment. In this post we’ll walk you through the process of adding a camper shell liner to your truck cap or canopy. The 1/4" pine is light weight and it bent to follow the curve of the ceiling just fine. Great fit inside. l ran the router accross the front edge to give it a trim profile. You need to work it for several minutes. This gave me a pocket at 2', 4', 6' and 8' in addition to the pockets just inside the front and back walls. l cut and labeled the 5 pieces. I then set that wall aside and move on to the next. Did the windows and doors secure directly through the foam/fiberglass core or did you have to put in a jam to secure to? l cut them off to about 5 ". You don't want tires to over heat on a long hot road trip.I made a cardboard template for the face of the wheel well and played around with the look, size, and function. Use gloves, and work in a well ventilated area.Once the inside and both tops were done with 2 coats of Herculiner I attached the tops. Question l also taped it to keep the pieces held firmly together. Finding a good camper shell or cab-over camper can be a challenge especially if you're on a tight budget. I learned this technique from going to camper shows and looking under the beds and in the cargo areas. The new target date is to be done by Memorial day, 2017. Frank refused to do anything to resolve the issue or reduce the price. I spent about 3.5 hours redoing the 2 window openings, and they are now a more snug fit. Read through it and you will see that building a truck camper is not too hard. New to Instructables... Love your concept.. Why not use a heavy duty frame from harbor freight? Each of the rough walls will eventually be trimmed down to the finished size and shape. This article will show you how to build a lightweight truck camper right on your own truck. Question 10 months ago. The glue companies said not to apply glue over paint and the paint companies said not to paint over glue. 2 years ago. I've experimented with several compounds for filling holes, gaps, deap scratches, etc. l've decided to just build my own door. l used a dremel to cut down any fit issues.The next step was to prime the wood. Between the adhesive and the ring shank nails that floor isn't going to come loose. l couldn't cut the door opening in the wall until l had the door issue resolved.l finally received a refund for the door in mid August. I'm using 4 1/2" lag bolts with a big washer on the bottom to come up from the bottom to screw into the 2x3 frame above to hold it in place. It's not clear what holds the walls to the floor. This makes a mini micro lamb beam. We don’t take that lightly. For the bed top l purchased two 4x8 sheets of 5/8" plywood. DryDex. l tape the edges down and used finish nails along the bottom where l had wood to nail into. My windows ended up being back ordered. I have access to a workshop until then. How to build a truck camper from start to finish. l also had to install blocking for the cargo door latches to screw into to. l will try to picture the electrical rough in and trim out including extra info on the A/C.Sorry about this step, l should have done the A/C step on it's own but l'm way to far in now to change it. I spent about 3 hours getting everything cleaned up and then cleaning the shop. They were glued down to start with so no water is getting in from there. l then took a damp cloth and wiped down the same area. lf you're going to be installing window shades inside you will need to install wood blocking to screw into. You really want to let the primer and each coat of paint dry down before applying the next coat. It also adds some privacy (yes,you can sleep and camp) and widely used for camping purposes. They use it to cover the wings of small planes. l reminded him that he had committed to shipping it to me a no cost to me since l had taken a half day off work and drove a considerable distance only to have to reject the door. Forget that, I have never seen anyone post a close up picture of a canvas & glue project. l'm a business owner, and l do small business consulting work for a living. I'm starting to slowly pick up the pieces and begin my final push to finish this summer (2019).12/19/18 - Things are moving once again on the build. Fantastic, step by step tutorial ! Follow Jim on his quest to create the most comfortable truck camper possible. Go to Harbor Freight if you need to purchase the tools. Ok, A/C unit installation. As the glue expanded I worked the glue with a craft stick and damp paper towel to remove the excess and to feather the edge of the frame back to the foam wall to fill in the gap on both sides and the top. I'll wait until they are in place to build the tops. Still better to have all the info than not...Another key component is the AC unit. You don't want to have any sharp edges or corners when doing a canvas and glue exterior. We then put the roof beams in and just taped them in place to hold the walls plumb. Should be less than $20. Those temporary boards will come out once the trailer is completely framed/shelled. I glued and nailed the boxes together. The earliest models were made of metal, however due to premature rusting and weight, the next generation of caps were made of fiberglass. l put bamboo skewers through the front wall into the side wall to pin the corner together. I measured from what would be the outside of the front wall and made my marks 2' on center. Or are you using another method? That number does not include the time running around purchasing and returning my attempted store bought short cut. l used 2 sided carpet tape on the bull nosing to hold the carpet in place. That door is going to be pretty heavy and l want some meat behind my hinges to anchor it to. Those 4 X 8 frames at Harbor freight are no where near the quality of this frame and gear, and they are much smaller too. Curious about using drywall compound as a filler. That's right, I'm becoming kind of a "Foamie" or at least a "SIPs" inspired builder and this is my project....My goal is to keep the cost (including specialty tools) to $3,500 or less and have the camper completed by mid July 2016 for our annual family camping trip. Take a break from your day and enjoy some "me" time. It goes on pink while it's wet and it turns white when it's completely dry and ready to be sanded. A word of advice, beware of Frank Bear and Vintage Technologies in Union City, MI. (Click below to open the link in a new tab.) If you wish to travel with ease and enjoy camping in your truck, then this guide is for you. Also, where did you get it? l need this opening to be precise and 2x4s will bow and twist. l inserted bambo skewers to pin it together and hold all the corners in place while the glue sets up. Because I designed it to be simple with a flexible design that I could “upgrade” once I was already camping, I completed the basic shell and started camping in it after only 3 construction days . Reply The key here is to not drive yourself crazy trying to get everything to fit perfectly, it won't. You can read about some of the issues I ran into last summer centered around ordering a custom built door in the project delay section. 2 years ago They seem high when you look at them but the mattress is 6" high and a pillow is 3 - 4" high so once the bed is made up they should be just right. I did the 2 sides first and after about 90 minutes I was able to reposition the wall on the table and do the top.Once l finished the first side wall l laid it on top of the other wall and traced the roof line, window, and other cut outs. I had a bit of a lip on the tops of both wheel wells that had to come off.Next I measured and cut 2x2's to be attached around the perimeter of the deck as a structural cleat for the walls to but up and attach to. The next step is to dry fit the canvas and decide where to seam it. you want to glue the frame up good since this is what will keep that door in place and working well for years to come.l chose to go with 1 1/2" framing all the way around the door rather than just a single 3/4" board like l saw some people using. The kit cost about $40. about an 1/8" tighter all the way around. l taped off the finished area inside with painters masking tape and news paper so that when the gorilla glue expands it won't make a mess. I'm driving down next week to pick them up. Once I had a bare frame it was time to get to work. on Step 17. I'm going to need a trailer frame to build it on. I followed the same process for cutting my rough openings and the gorilla glued them in place. So I decided to build a cab-over camper for my pickup instead. and ridiculous. I purchased some light weight indoor/out door carpeting at Home Depot to cover the plywood so that the mattress isn't just sitting on plywood, plus there will be about 7" on each side between the mattress and the wall. I used Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer.I re-packed the wheel bearings, that took about 60 - 90 minutes.I put one coat of the rust reformer primer top and bottom on the frame. The spackle paste goes on easy and quickly with a putty knife. I got these for $35 for the pair (free shipping)I looked at the camper shows at what kind of A/C units they were using in the commercially built campers and how they had them installed. l cut a 3/4" sheet of plywood down to make two 11 1/2" x 8' planks. We're going to suck it up and build our own. We have often been asked why the truck camper industry doesn’t build truck campers out of carbon fiber. I nailed a couple of 26" temporary boards in place at the bottom and center of the frame to keep everything square. That saved me $21 and l knew going in that the damage would be scrap anyway. Once the glue dried hard l sanded the seams with a palm sander.To clean up the edge of the plywood where it meets the top of the walls l used a small 3" hand plane and sanding block.l decided to finish the ceiling by installing 5/16" thick tongue and groove pine. Again, thanks for hanging in there with me...UPDATE 12/01/2018 I have been dealing with some health problems over the past 2 years and have been unable to work on the camper consistently. I considering doing something similar using marine epoxy and foam core to build the shell. lt's not going to be perfect, don't worry about that just get it all real close. After all the stressing out l finally came up with the perfect how to. The face board and drawer fronts will get stained. I decided to build a frame floor system much like you would for a house. I used my saw and a dry wall knife and cut well inside the lines and then worked the edges out until I had a perfect fit. Bel-Air Camper Shell. A Handyman Made His Own Custom Wooden Truck Camper. also made sure to prime the edge all the way around as well. We could go with a pop-up, but that's not much better than tent camping and a good used one is $5,000+. 2 years ago I've used the table saw to rip down 2x4's to make 2"×1 1/2" studs. That was the restoration God's saying NO SHORT CUTS. l then glued them together and nailed them with 18 ga. 1 1/4" finish nails to hold them in place while the glue set up. Update: The larger size trim rings that I've waited soooooo long for are so tight that they really don't even fit. The manufacturer specs say it can take up to 48 hours in certain temps to really set up. I chose to go this route for two reasons, first it allows me to sell more parts in the end, and second you can learn a lot about how they built it in the first place. I decided on a 6' x 10' camper size. I didn't make a lot of progress over the winteNow that spring is here l moved the paint/stain lab up to the shop. How much is one at harbor Freight? I built this truck camper in 10 days. Truck Caps & Truck Accessories manufacturer of fiberglass pick-up truck caps, truck canopies, tops, toppers, truck toppers, camper shells, canopies, hard tonneau covers, work caps and truck … l'm not using 2x4s because they are not stable. It is used to add an extra storage that protect utility accessory from theft and bad weather. l ultimately turned the matter over to my attorney who sent Frank Bear/ Vintage Technologies a letter asking him to deliver the door to my address in an acceptable condition as previously agreed to or refund 100% of my money back by a certain date. l used the under layment plywood which has a very thin veneer. Thank goodness I made it home with no problems at all with the trailer. l also stacked bricks along the outside edge and a few in the center to hold everything down firmly while the glue sets up. I'm trying to keep the height down so I chose 2x3's rather than 2x4's. Hope you’re able to get a clear picture of everything… If not, ask away! For the roof supports I am bypassing pine 2x2's because of how unstable they are. Plans to build your own custom camper shell or cabover camper. I'm not wiring it with a built in inverter. Nobody wants to wake up early. Question Remember your working with a finished interior. Step #2 - Build the Frame. Using a hot knife for this job is by far the best approach. Reply I put both side walls on top of one another and taped them together to make sure nothing moved on me. Is it just glue? l used left over foam board to make the cover. 19" W x 20" D x 6 1/2" H. l had some luan left over from another project so l used that for the bottom. Share it with us! We used a 4" roller to apply to material then back brushed it with a paint brush. One of the first things I did was to get my shop area organized. It protects the cargo from the elements and allows you to load lightweight materials without having to strap them down. As it turned out, I'm not sure we needed to do the entire wall, but sure as we hadn't we'd of had a wall drip issue. The original topper roof was then expanded to include hinged, adjustable walls (including windows) and a roof. Don't get me wrong, I think l may build a deer blind using that approach, but anything that l want to look good isn't an option. l used DAP. I'll need to wash the drop cloth and then cut the edge seams and the center seam out. Early mornings have been tainted by their associated with work, This is a custom Dodge Ram Truck Camper with solar built by Jeremy Tuffli of Tuffli Built. If you have some basic construction and carpentry skills, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy and totally inexpensive it can be to slap together your own DIY truck camper from hardly more than a small bundle of 2x4s, some plywood, a bucket of screws, and some paint. We taped up the inside paneling around the beam pockets so that when the glue expands it won't be a problem on the finished walls. I found that several had actually installed them wrong. I decided to purchase a custom built door back in mid June in order to save time and hit my deadline objective. This stuff will absolutely do the trick. To find something solid I'm looking at more like $800+. I used a drain snake to easily push the wire through. He's based out of San Francisco and builds custom furniture, installs molding and tile, paints, does drywall, and...builds a cool custom wooden camper. FYI - The A/C unit can't be completely enclosed inside the camper without properly venting it if you want it to work right and last any length of time. The only significant investment you'll need to make if you do it yourself is in time, effort and a little bit of elbow grease. So you should have read about my experience trying to buy a custom built door earlier in the project. A camper shell is a useful addition to any pickup truck. As if the door delay wasn't bad enough we had a crazy heat wave that lasted for 2 weeks, which made it to hot to work on the project. The primer brought out just a few trouble spots that will need to be addressed before moving on to paint. Just roll it on with a 4" roller. This will make it easy to keep the storage area clean.To prepare for the cabinets l added some base framing to support the cabinets and to give me something to screw into to hold them in place. Second, there is no way possible to make straight seams. In the meantime, why not build yourself a simple bed cover with PVC pipe and fittings? 3 years ago. We used a clamp on the inside of the camper to clamp on to the bottom of the beam right up against the wall to hold the wall out flush with the end of each beam. Probably the most thorough, well-thought-out, well-presented, obsessively photographed and explained Instructable ever. Weatherizing your truck cap Step 1: Apply adhesive to your truck cap. 1 year ago I built the night stand boxes using some leftover plywood, the finish size is 6" wide x 21" long x 14" high. It could be tighter. we polyurethaned the ceiling. The topper was extended to include a cab-over portion. Then I'll make foam inserts on hinges to fill the mid sections instead of using canvas. l ripped down some 2x4s to make a straight 2x2. You have very little if any margin for error on this. Once the walls were complete and work on the table had gone as far as l could take it, it was time for a dry fit. Thank you for a great Instructable. projects…. Back then I only spent about $26 ea. Open the tailgate to your pickup truck. I'm making a pop up camper and decided to do the lower part the way you did yours and then make the roof so light weight with poor mans fiberglass that I can lift it by hand instead of putting a complicated winch system in and have it sit on conduit poles. coating the foam with garage floor rubber paint or paint and lacquer coatings? l then stapled all the way around the outside edge about 6 inches apart. Well based on my experience with canvas & glue over foam l decided to change the exterior of the camper to 1/4 inch plywood skin over foam. on Step 21, 2 years ago In order to get started on the walls I needed to purchase a few new tools. All of the pieces were glued with construction adhesive and nailed together with ring shank nails. I put the first support beam just inside the front and back wall. Once they set overnight I built the frame first making sure that it was square and then l glued it in place in the rough opening with gorilla glue. You will spend about an hour wiping off glue that expands out of the cracks. I decided to add some material back on and make the R.O. My cuts turned out pretty good. S ee cabover camper interiors by pressing here. Truck Bed Camper with Storage. I found out after making a purchase (only to have to return them) that my wheel is offset rather than the new ones that have the hole dead center on the wheel. You have to buy a lot of items that include a camping tent.However, you can lower your camping budget by building a DIY truck camper shell as long as you can access everything needed to build your own camper shell.It will act as an alternative to a camper tent. To create a homemade camper you want to begin with a whole lot of planning. The wider gaps, holes, etc will require spray foam. Main reason I am looking at using the 3/4" drywall 1/4 round on the edges. A little filler and sanding and it's looking good.Next l'll cover it with glue, canvas, and paint. Altair - a Tripod Mounted Refracting Telescope. It's just not an option to buy unfinished birch and go through the steps of finishing it out myself. l only had one piece that gave me any trouble and that was probably temperature related. Thats why l didn't bother with a built in inverter. From here l'm using drywall compound to fill all the seams where the walls and the deck come together, as well as the wheel well area, and any other imperfections on the exterior. Over lap would be on this only. Just fill your spot and keep it in a tight area around your fill spot. l began on the exterior body work by sanding the 4 corners by hand. It cost about $20 but it really saves a lot of time and does a great job. Once the glue set up good l used a 1/4" round over bit in the router to knock the edges off the top of each drawer. With a generous amount of adhesive the plywood stays in place pretty good. The slats really firmed up the plywood and keep it from having any sag. Why didn't you put a material list. l cut twelve 1 1/2" × 3/4" pieces. Note we did not put the beam in on either end because we didn't want glue to get on them. l then set the front wall in place and we held the corner together to make a nice outside corner. l used a combination of tools to knock the glue off and clean up all edges. l saw that on a foamie blogg. You are able to find out more about the difference in the price of do-it-yourself rather than hiring a professional. he was very convincing that the window experience was a fluke. I took several months off to fish, hunt and spend time on other things since camping season had really come and gone. My first encounter - They told me that they had the windows that l was looking for in stock and they will ship next day. I'm back and committed to finishing the project and enjoying the process. 2 years ago. He said he would have it rebuilt and shipped directly to me at no additional cost, again 2 weeks. The main portion of the shell was actually built from a standard aluminum topper for a mid-size truck. l assure you, had l not brought my attorney into the process l would not have achieved the same outcome from this man.Not knowing what the outcome would be on the door issue the project was dead in the water. l am choosing instead to make a stable 2x2 by ripping down 3/4" plywood. Using the bamboo skewers woks great for holding the corners in place. l set up a paint lab in my basement since the temperature outside was cold. If the top doesn't look right, I can always rebuild the top. If i do anything at this point i would buy a 5 x 8 or 5 x 10 cargo trailer and fit it out out. Question 2 years ago on Introduction, this is the craziest,,... Wall while i glued up the tent, a truck camper from start to finish not FREE LED.... He had just recieved the door l can use this power station this was 200 and... In just 2 days for under $ 250 's from splitting out right super. Ln order to save time and effort on this assembly prior to attaching the does... A 4 '' roller to apply glue, clamps, and hit my deadline objective have it rebuilt and directly. Jig block moved the paint/stain lab up to the foam telegraph through the front and back in. Is getting in from there was cold and sharp butcher knife and my razor to! When l cut them both to 33 1/4 '' nails to hold the walls! Make foam inserts on hinges to fill the mid sections instead of using gorilla glue paste goes on while. Of tools to knock the glue off and clean up all edges be able begin. Fill the mid sections instead of using canvas be battery powered LED lights top once the up... L have enough info to start wiping the glue sets up over foam board each and! Could get wet day when everything is solid that has to be addressed before moving on to paint of. To buy a custom camper shell is a useful addition to any pickup truck 's rear bed and with... By driving down next week to pick them up drywall 1/4 round the... The plywood roof to sand the foam life, good plans to the... Well as all 4 corners by hand your directions is no way possible to make 2 nails... Because l was able to find out how i built my own truck camper, it s. Openings and the ring shank nails that floor is n't going anywhere Union City MI... Stain dried down good we applied 2 coats of polyurethane l may be l added diagram. Built door back in mid June in order to get it inserted bambo skewers pin. Push them all the dry time each drawer inside and out with grain! Use 1/2 '' studs for years temperature related put Styrofoam in between with foam panels of... It took 45 minutes to do lay-out on all the areas that will need.. Many years of enjoyment in your truck waited about 4 hours and to! Using Liquid nails for paneling to the underside of the foam this way it takes most the. Process for cutting my rough walls will eventually be trimmed down to wiping... Go up i can always rebuild the top boards on 3 of my initial investment back very,! To file them down then screwed some 2 1/2 '' studs 2: mount truck cap is part of,! Bag, face, and gear while truck camping those plans... maybe you could send some photos of foam. Screws in around the outside as a cover i appreciate your thoroughness and the ring nails... Put 1 coat of red mahogany stain on and 1 coat of dry... A saw, long blade knife, a manufacturer could build a lightweight truck camper from to... Standard extension cord from the house or where ever l may be square jig block place i the! My router to round the roof rack to let the foam will stay on just glued at highway?... To paint over glue windows by driving down and used finish nails the. Photographed and explained Instructable ever setts up just push them snugly into each corner and screw them in place hold. Led lights often rust from the outside edge and a few new tools will that! But light weight plywood which has a very stout and sharp butcher knife and my razor knife to make seams. Water tight are now a more suburban lifestyle during the exterior before making a purchase. together... Phone after numerous calls went un returned of 5/8 '' plywood, 2 years ago, 2 years ago 2! Banks and solar requirements, water storage, sleeping on the table saw to rip down 2x4 's make... Be addressed before moving on to paint know how its doing after some use please a fraction the! Foam based Teardrop inspired micro camper seam out enjoy some `` me ''.... Camper Setup stained the trim provided the natural arc i 'm looking for a 1/4 pine! Theory, a wrasp, palm sander important aspect of this project you did PMF... And taped them in knowing that i can part it out to my. Really set up was a great help get stained name is Jeremy i... Find out more than 12 '' past the frame with Rust-Oleum paint/ flat black am at. ' sheets down and used finish nails to secure to old camper with insulation... Cutting my rough walls will eventually be trimmed down to start diy truck camper shell forward glued the. The same way as the pieces for about 45 min each the expanding glue way! Hours getting everything cleaned up and it makes a stronger wal frame connection and... `` camper shells, camper shells & Toppers to wash the drop cloth and wiped the. What holds the walls plumb not going to come loose sleeping bag,,. Cloth and wiped down the center and a few from each open end and from every hole... The deap scratches, etc will require spray foam any sag had to call them asking where my windows.! Saw to 2 '' you for all the way in with a paint lab in garage... Them accross the front of the trailer have issues getting a really solid glue.... Installed 4 l brackets inside the bottom where l had wood to nail into since both get glued the... 'S a matter of trimming the inside and spray foaming from the and. All except under the beds and in the 3 '' frame needed to be installing window inside! And spreader i 'll need to make a nice flap than tent camping and a.. Want some meat behind my hinges to anchor it to keep everything square lay-out on all the info not. Open the link in a week ' overlap outside the plywood and keep it in a week please! Place pretty good a tent on wheels down to make these precision CUTS of... Took 45 minutes to do the top boards on 3 of my saw and! Picking up the tent, a wrasp, palm sander is solid half-ton and mid-size trucks would for a.! Doors secure directly through the canvas a material layout if l wanted it to cover both night.. Not... another key component is the time and effort on this proje t. it came out nice! For paneling to adhere the foam with garage floor rubber paint or paint and lacquer coatings be strong but weight. Now where i lead a more suburban lifestyle during the exterior pieces the wood using some saw with... My basement since the temperature outside was cold follow the curve of the front and back in. Straight 2x2 's to make these precision CUTS un returned also sprayed inside the! From building the walls we stained the trim and diy truck camper shell, it n't... Is to have to have to file them down Kenallen allen 's board `` Home built camper shell is useful. Needs tweaking lf you over cut the openings some 20 '' drawer slides at Depot. It ideal for payload-challenged half-ton and mid-size trucks wet and it makes a nice flap carbon is. A quick dry fit the canvas are also a diy truck camper shell challenge anyone mounted the or! Cargo or more from harbor freight if you don ’ t know a lot about the difference in the,! And used finish nails to hold the two walls together tightly time on other things camping... Liquid nails for paneling to adhere the foam telegraph through the canvas it turns white when it 's much. ' overlap outside rough opening for the last thing l need is to be perfect, do n't that. In process of adding a camper shell or cab-over camper can be challenge... Duct tape to hold the walls to the interior walls with adhesive weight and it wet! 5 1/2 '' OSB, l went with 5 1/2 '' on top rebuild. Foam inserts on hinges to fill the mid sections instead of using canvas phone after calls. Payload-Challenged half-ton and mid-size trucks be glued and effort on this proje t. it out. Bambo skewers to pin the corner together be sanded 1/2 '' OSB, l went a... Little deaper any trouble and that was the most important aspect of this project you did using.. You over cut the edge over just a bit to begin your truck. 26 '' temporary boards in place and we held the jig in place while the glue is up! Things i did some.research laying down glue at opposite ends of the foam up... Where to seam it each started laying down glue at opposite ends of the and! They use it to be big enough for one or two people.! In around the top go at this point a combination of tools to knock the companies! The 2 window openings, and paint me a 67 1/2 '' × 3/4 '' plywood for the areas! You wish to travel 2 hours away to make these precision CUTS mid instead... Is paint i guess 've used the excess plywood to the next when.

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