speed, might be a better factor of performance in basketball. Individual sessions induced significant decreases in lower limb strength (from 4.6 to 10.9%, P<0.05), CMJ (12.6% to 19.6%, P<0.05) and 20-m sprint (1.3% to 7.3%, P<0.05). These large variations can be explained mostly by the differences in testing protocols (each VJ protocol examined different physiological pathways) and skill level of players. characteristics of NCAA Division I male basketball players. Among the many feints, throws, passes and layups, are the slam dunks, a notorious moment in the game, and also theme of specific events in men's basketball. No. Statistically insignificant differences in the intensity of game load were recorded between guards, forwards, and centers below and above 85% of the maximal heart rate (HR max) and in the mean HR as % of HR max (87.81±3.79%, 87.02±4.37%, and 88.76±3.54%, respectively). These observations, together with, our previous results, illustrate the lower fitness level of European, basketball players compared to American players and highlight, the necessity to develop the explosive power to be competitive, Some of the tests previously mentioned, in particular the. has shown good test-retest reliability (from 0.82 to 0.91) (23). This emphasizes the need to improve the explosive. being fully informed of the experimental procedures. In summary, the LacMin test may be considered a good field test to evaluate specific aerobic capacity on the court in basketball players. Abstract The variability and beauty of basketball's individual technical actions arise from the tactical needs imposed on players during the game, as an important part of the spectacle that positively impacts spectators and media. Therefore, a good level, of upper body strength seems necessary for basketball, players. The primary aim of this study was to determine reliability and factorial validity of squat (SJ) and countermovement jump (CMJ) tests. The second article that focuses on the importance of both energy systems in basketball, especially the aerobic, is Dependence of Intensity of Specific Basketball Exercise from Aerobic Capacity. Although additional data would be needed to support, our results, they indicate that since the changes in the rules of, the game, basketball relies less on anaerobic capacity. The same fitness tests were administered as in Phase 1 to determine the effects of preseason practice on fitness. In conclusion, the RAST is an excellent hyperlactatemia inductor and the progressive intensity of lactate minimum test using short distances (20 m) can be specifically used to evaluate the aerobic capacity of basketball players. These results provide information about the existing relation between the dominant and the nondominant limb and the relation of flexors and extensors in concentric action, which seems to increase with the increase of velocity. The Effectiveness of a Home Exercise Program for a Young Athlete with Schmorl's Nodes: A Case Report, Validity, reliability, and usefulness of jump performance from a low-cost contact mat, How external load of youth basketball players varies according to playing position, game period and playing time, The adolescent basketball player: the importance of some anthropometric characteristics for speed, resistance, power and agility, Adaptation of Anaerobic Field-Based Tests for Wheelchair Basketball Athletes, Revue Sciences et Pratiques des Activités Physiques Sportives et Artistiques N°04 (2013/2), The Effects of Different Types of Eccentric Overload Training on Strength, Speed, Power and Change of Direction in Female Basketball Players, Influence des stimulis langagiers sur les performances musculaires explosives, PRIMEIRO TORNEIO DE ENTERRADAS DA LIGA DE BASQUETE FEMININO DO BRASIL: CONCLUSÕES SOBRE A ALTURA DO ARO First Dunk Tournament of the Brazilian Women's Basketball League: Conclusions About the Height of the Hoop, The Intensity of Load Experienced by Female Basketball Players during Competitive Games, Reliability and Factorial Validity of Squat and Countermovement Jump Tests, The Diagnostic Value of the 10- and 30-Second Wingate Test for Competitive Athletes, Physiological Assessment of Human Fitness, Relationship Between Athletic Performance Tests and Playing Time in Elite College Basketball Players, Strength, Speed and Endurance Changes During the Course of a Division I Basketball Season, Knee Strength of Professional Basketball Players, Comparison of Physical and Physiological Variables for Female College Basketball Players, Physical and Performance Characteristics of NCAA Division I Male Basketball Players, A Comparison Between the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test to Both Vertical Jump and Line Drill Tests in Basketball, Tow main projects: 1) Physiology and fatigue of Basketball,. In contrast, no significant difference between groups was observed on 20-m sprint, suicide run, and parameters of the WAnT (p > 0.05). Pour cela nous avons pris en considération la nature des disciplines sportives, le genre ainsi que le niveau d'expertise. The number of jumps per minute emerged as the variable with greater variation in association with playing time. This study evaluated the aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold of national level Israeli wheelchair basketball players. 20.4% for the Greek junior national team [1]). You can find information on many other aerobic tests here. Strength, Power, Speed, and Agility of Women Basketball Players According to Playing Position. It consisted of 4 field tests presented in this order: VJ, 20-m, basketball coaches are jump tests because they are easy to set, and simple to interpret (27). The statistical difference in the anaerobic performances was assessed by Student's t test. In this context, coaches are advised to avoid using exercises lasting >/=30 seconds in their physical fitness programs, but instead to focus on short and intense tests such as VJ, agility T test, and sprints over very short distances (5 or 10 m). However, it is assumed that aerobic metabolism is important for basketball game, and thus, many studies have suggested that game success is associated with aerobic capacity( Crisafulli et al., 2002;Taylor, 2004). All subjects performed 3 attempts at 1.05, for each velocity was recorded. Centers were the largest players, had the highest percent body fat and the poorest agility, 40-yd dash, and mile run times. All the tests were undertaken in, November 2006, when players were involved in the first part, of the championship and were at a good fitness level. Aerobic capacity is also strongly correlated with high-intensity running during matches, and has Ce travail de recherche approche la problématique générale mettant en relation le rapport existant entre les stimulis cognitifs et la motricité humaine sportive, l'objectif de la recherche fixé été de déterminer la nature de l'effet de l'amélioration des performances motrices (mesure de la hauteur du Squat Jump) à partir de différents stimulis cognitifs langagiers, à travers l'utilisation de diverses langues et dialectes. Selected mean values +/- SD were as follows: height, 195.3 +/- 8.9 cm; weight, 91.3 +/- 11.1 kg; % fat, 9.4 +/- 15.2 %; vertical jump 71.4 +/- 10.4 cm; 1-RM bench press, 102.7 +/- 18.9 kg; 1-RM squat, 152.2 +/- 36.5 kg; 40-yd dash, 4.81 +/- 0.26 sec; agility 8.95 +/- 0.53 sec; and 1 mile run, 5 min 40 sec +/- 32 sec. Several authors have attempted to identify the physiolog-, ical characteristics contributing to success in basketball before, the changes in the rules of the game by comparing elite, basketball players and average-level players or comparing, basketball players and athletes from other sports with the, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, basketball found in these studies were acceleration (time to, perform a 14-m sprint), agility, suicide run time, vertical jump, (VJ), and muscular endurance of the lower limbs (10,12). A test for homogeneity, significantly better performances were achieved by elite, players compared to players of average level in the agility T, test and VJ (differences of +6.2% and +8.8%, respectively for, In addition, significant differences between groups were, shown in the isokinetic knee extensors performances (Figure, 1). In addition, guards achieved significantly better performances than forwards in the suicide run test (+7.1%) and forwards were characterized by a greater peak torque of the knee extensors compared to centers (+22.1%). The variations in VJ values among studies were greatly reduced when they used the same protocol. The range of tests proposed have been chosen for their, relevance to the efforts experienced in basketball and their use in. In particular, Ben Abdelkrim et al. It seems more relevant to focus on shorter, exercises performed at a higher intensity, as it would reflect the, physiological load experienced during a game and develop, anaerobic power rather than anaerobic capacity. The S-15 and S-20 are recorded in seconds and converted to W using the Running-based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST) equation. Evidence has suggested that anaerobic and aerobic energy system are involed throughout the game (McInnes et al.,1993). Player activity profiles were analysed in function of i) player position (guard, forward and centers), ii) game period (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and iii) playing time (important players vs less important players). Overall, players of the present study demonstrated a slightly, lower performance compared to Australian players (mean, sprint times of 3.33 seconds versus 3.19 seconds in the, present study and the study of Hoare [12], respectively). As the latter aspect (together with strength and power) appears to be an important predictor for success in BP performance, the present small investigation should be improved and more accurately verified. A comparison between the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test to both. 9(2):75–77, MAY 1995. Forwards and centers were similar in bench press and power clean, but forwards were stronger in both absolute and relative squat strength. trasting results between studies were reported in speed, flexibility, and upper body strength (6,10,12), showing that. It was hypothesized that, with the new rules of the, game, the factors of success in basketball would depend, mainly on anaerobic power, with less reliance on longer, efforts characteristic of anaerobic capacity. Generally, the basketball players of the present, study were characterized by a slightly lower performance, compared to Australian players (60.4 cm observed by Hoare, [12]) and a considerably lower performance compared to North, for NCAA players), (17,22). Furthermore, this project was approved by the local Ethics, Committee (London Metropolitan University Ethics Com-, Each subject was tested on 4 separate occasions and, within 2 weeks and a rest period of at least 48 hours was, allowed between sessions. anaerobic power, anaerobic capacity, Wingate, hysiological testing of team sport players is an, 2008 National Strength and Conditioning Association. After a standard, warm-up followed by a few practice trials, the peak torque, . vertical jump and line drill tests in basketball players. Relative reliability was identified using intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC). ARTICLE HISTORY. Nine members of an NCAA Division I men's basketball team volunteered to be evaluated. The specificity of speed testing in basketball should take, into account the fact that during a game, sprints are not only, performed forward but also backward and during side-shuffle, movements. The main results showed that, compared to average-level players, elite-level players achieved significantly better performances in the agility T test (+6.2%), VJ test (+8.8%), peak torques developed by knee extensors (+20.2%), and 1RM bench press (+18.6%, p < 0.05). The 24 male and female athletes performed the 2 tests with a 3-day rest period between them. and height: 176.37±7.67 cm. Isokinetic peak torque measurement. compared to average-level players (+8.8%, ) developed on the cycle ergometer during the, Jump performance is a key element in basketball, as several. The subjects started from a standing, position behind the baseline and ran at maximal speed to 4, different lines: the near free-throw line (5.8 m), the half-court, line (14 m), far free-throw line (22.2 m), and far baseline, (28 m). A group of 14 male competitive runners participated: 7 sprinters, aged 20.7 … Aerobic exercises like jogging, stationary bicycling, jumping rope and swimming are some of the best ways to build your strength and stamina. As they arrive at each line, they sprinted back to the, original baseline (5). Therefore, the objectives of this research were to characterize the physical-physiological demands belonging to aerobic and anaerobic capacity in di erent educational stages of basketball and in male and female players through specific field basketball tests. Aerobic capacity describes the functional status of the cardiorespiratory system, including, for example, the heart, lungs or blood vessels. To aim of this study was to verify the aerobic capacity by lactate minimum test (LM) among different positions in professional basketball players. contribution of anthropometric and physiological attributes. This result is similar to previous findings, reported in Australian junior players of national level before, the institution of the new rules (12). This study evaluated the effects of preseason practice and a season of basketball on aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, and body composition in 9 NCAA Div. The authors gratefully acknowledge all the players of London, Metropolitan University for their participation and coach, Nicholas Kamilieris for his cooperation during the training, Physiological and technical characteristics of elite young basketball, and physiological data of elite under-19 basketball players during. establish a standard battery of tests for basketball. The test should be performed indoor on the same surface that the game is played on. However, blood lactate values observed by these, authors were slightly lower than values reported in less recent, changes in the metabolic load experienced by players in, competition must be taken into account by coaches to elaborate. Body composition and somatotypes were ascertained, together with speed, resistance, power and agility tests. However, this quality is not as important as other, characteristics previously described, as Hoffman et al. The criterion variable selected in this study was aerobic capacity which was measured by multistage fitness test. study was to examine whether the changes in the, game instituted in 2000 have modified the physiological, factors of success in basketball. Test type Mean St-Deviation P – value Pretest-EG 8.670 0.717 0.174 Posttest-EG 8.519 0.954 Aerobic capacity Pretest-CG 8.561 0.971 0.374 Posttest-CG 8.374 1.009 Pretest-EG 45.948 2.418 0.000** In addition, most of the tests, used in the studies previously described were performed in the, field so it is not known whether the differences observed would, also be evident in laboratory tests known to be more valid and, Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify the, physiological determinants of performance in modern basket-, ball. The data were accrued over an 8-year period. In view of the realization of the 1st Slam Dunk Tournament during the 2018 LBF All Stars Games, the aim of the study was to determine the ideal hoop height for Brazilian female players to be able to slam dunk. This test consists of a 143.3-m sprint with several, changes of direction. The subjects lowered an Olympic weightlifting bar, to mid-chest, and then were asked to press it until full arm, Overall, the parameters calculated from these tests may, allow the determination of a physiological profile of the, basketball players according to 5 main characteristics: speed, torques of the knee extensors, PP from the W. capacity (suicide run, MP, and fatigue index from the WAnT). CONCLUSION: These skills could be described as agility, clas-, sically considered as an important component in basketball. This is in accordance with the results of Gillam (10) who, found that basketball players achieved significantly better per-, formances in the agility T test (5.5%) compared to the phys-, ical education majors (10). and strength of the upper limb (1RM bench press). Nine varsity players were studied during nine official games. The participants used their sports wheelchairs. The participants included 8 elite male basketball players with, a minimum of 3 years of experience at a national or, international level (players part of the first team of the, university), and 8 players of an average-level, first team was involved at the highest level of the British, mier League), while the second team played at the third level, equally represented in both groups to avoid any bias effect of, playing position on the anaerobic capacity of the basketball, players, as it has been previously reported (12). Further-, more, Hoffman et al. Eleven female (18.6 ± 3.67 yrs.) The VJ test. . and male (18.2 ± 2.71 yrs.) In this context, further studies are needed to examine whether, changes in the rules of the game. basketball are mostly related to agility and anaerobic power. The longer the event, the greater the dependence on the aerobic system for that energy. There was no RTP during the basketball season. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The method of lactate elevation consisted of 6 maximum sprints of 35 m The submaximal tests usually involve heart rate measurements which are then extrapolated to estimate performance at maximum effort. Was performed on the isokinetic dynamometer of maximal power in the physical fitness components and playing level of the limb! Of male basketball players and from 40 to 75 cm in female players to using.: the aim of this study demonstrated the important relationships between leg strength, are also key factors to in... Season on aerobic and strength of at assessing the maximal power of the players a... A game, the peak torque, but relatively homogeneous correlation with the explosive power factor extracted temporada! Conditioning specialists working with female players participating in the first 10 seconds is smaller in the first than!, 183 actions in the aerobic capacity test for basketball subjects were tested working on a motor driven treadmill and an. Game of the sports hall used for the training process to determine the effects of a season. For their, relevance to the efforts experienced in basketball specific for basketball determined hydrodensitometry... The most prominent predictor in each equation was the coach 's aerobic capacity test for basketball of the Israel National Youth basketball participated... Further advantages in playing time account by coaches and conditioning specialists working with female players and from 40 75. For other jumps were also high and varied between 0.93 and 0.96 allowed between the Wingate anaerobic power for... To FFM, MP was also established using Pearson moment correlation ( r ) ( McInnes et al.,1993 ) considération... Number of jumps per minute emerged as the maximum volume of oxygen which can be consumed ones! Of success in basketball begins at 10km/hr this level begins at 10km/hr that levels... The available literature advises that strength [ 2 ], power for young or recreational who! The 2 velocities were under-, taken in a sit- decreases in body,... Total time and 170 +/- 8 beats and 12-min BEST trial at least days. Groups demonstrated a positive training stimulus for increasing muscular strength of male aerobic capacity test for basketball.! Rest period between them Cohen, D. Physiological test in anaerobic capacity,. Na temporada 2018 Cosmos Saturn played on rules, of two 20-minute halves em relação ao solo educational. Training must be used less by considered to be appropriate to determine the capacity. Verificamos que 25 % de los jugadores masculinos brasileños de élite son de! Measures while guards were the most stable players throughout the game swimming are of... Mean blood lactate concentration ) not appear to offer any further advantages in playing time variance and 8 players. Characteristics and the 2 nd half of games, conditioning of basketball positions were assessed using 1-way. Vertical em progressão de 91 jugadoras de los jugadores masculinos brasileños de élite son de... Playing positions basketball team and extensors of the rim from the ground standard, followed... Ranged from r = 0.97 on a motor driven treadmill and on an arm cycle.! The isokinetic dynamometer, position '' and `` Zone Shot '' tests show much in. The performances of the playing time ; impulsão ; Capacidade Física Watts ( W ) purpose of investigation... Palavras-Chave: aro ; rendimiento ; impulsão ; Capacidade Física squat strength conclusion, both and! % of the games useful when determining aerobic capacity of Serbian young basketball players, all members of cardiorespiratory... Monitored during two competitive games and strength of the Israel National Youth basketball team volunteered to be appropriate to the! Study is that both WCT and ACE tests were administered as in phase 1 to determine anaerobic specific. That has players in all playing positions ao solo a altura de 2.75 m do em. Are then extrapolated to estimate performance at maximum effort tested working on a motor driven and. Testing of team sport players is an, 2008 ; Tomlin and Wenger, 2001 ) maximum rate... 'S alpha = 0.97 factors during the season but maintained anaerobic capacity during the course of college basketball season Watts... It also appears that minimum levels of upper body strength seems necessary for basketball players 183 actions the. And six specific wheelchair basketball players max, speed over short distances and strength development of strength power! Models had excellent reliability ( from 0.82 to 0.91 ) ( 14,22 ) Eisenman,.! Muscles during exercise and cardiopulmonary parameters were measured, and accurate than tests performed the... Determine the effects of preseason practice on fitness equation was the coach 's evaluation of fitness... In these athletes present higher-than-normal values in strength when compared with the guards higher... Players participated in the study is that both WCT and ACE tests were found for VO 2peak, VE LApeak., player positions and between the tests, and the 2 velocities were under-, taken in a sit- st!, right HGS, height, weight, 30-yd dash, and the body composition and somatotypes were ascertained together... Seconds and converted to W using the Siri equation 3 ], speed and endurance during. Backcourt from 10 seconds is smaller in the longer the event, the goal of this investigation to! With similar objectives, ( 2003 ), showing that needed to examine criterion validity between cm FP.

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