Most of the Murud Janjira images on the internet will be with the crowd. Murud is just 50 km from Alibaug. It reflects the marvel of ancient engineering. The forts is approached by sailboats from Rajapuri jetty. Ohne sich zu sehr auf Fehden und Intrigen zwischen den innerindischen islamischen Staaten einzulassen, erhielten sich die Siddhis ihre Unabhängigkeit und garantierten und sicherten Zugang zur See für die Pilgerfahrten nach Mekka (Haddsch und Umrah) und für den Handel. Als sich die muslimischen Mächte mit den Marathen gegen die Briten verbündeten, schlossen die Siddhis ein Bündnis mit den Briten, die das Fürstentum Murud-Janjira als unabhängigen Fürstenstaat anerkannten. Another unique aspect of the forts is the cannons. The fort has nineteen bastions covering it, which gives it a unique look. 1888 wurde im neo-gotischen Stil an der Steilküste oberhalb von Murud der Palast des Nawab Siddhi errichtet, der z. 1733 schloss Janjira ein Verteidigungsbündnis mit der Britischen Ostindien-Kompanie. Murud-Janjira is the local name for a fort situated on an island just off the coastal village of Murud, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. Search this Website… Search for: Complaints / Suggestions / Queries? 1 जंजीरा क़िला का इतिहास – Janjira Fort History in Hindi; 2 किले की बनावट – Janjira Fort Information in Hindi 3 मीठे पानी की झील 4 कैसे जाएँ 40 फीट ऊंची दीवार� Janjira is a colloquial and a more localized form of the Arabic word Jazeera that means island. Im Raja-Dinkar-Kelkar-Museum in Pune findet sich eine frühe, vogelperspektivische Darstellung des Forts Janjira. Im Hinterland befinden sich große Mango-Plantagen und ein ausgedehntes Naturschutzgebiet. Murud is a Konkani word, which probably refers to the Shahi of Ahmednagar, who wanted this fort to be one of his strongholds. It is said that when Shivaji’s son, Sambhaji failed to capture the fort, he built one of his Island forts, the Kansa – also known as Padmadurg. The name of the place itself is a combination of Konkan and Arabic Murud is a Konkani word for Island and Janjira. Experts say that these are unique cannons that do not heat up when fired. Historical Places in Maharashtra For A Time-Travelling Experience. 1947 verlor der Staat seine Unabhängigkeit und ging als Teil Maharashtras in der Indischen Union auf. Some say that the name of the fort might originate from the Arabian region, where the word Jazeera means an island. Its a tourist point best tourist point janjira fort. Nandgaon Beach is a popular tourist location in Alibag for the calmness that it offers. The origins of the fort’s name is a mystery. (2020), Visit Malpe Beach: The Hidden Treasure in Karnataka for Beach Lovers (2020), Visit Bankura: 7 Wonderful Places in Bankura for an Innovative Vacation (2021), 12 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Copenhagen (2020), My Awesome Trip to Ladakh With My Husband (2020), 10 Picturesque Places to Visit in Warangal (2020), Visit Tattapani: Places to Visit and Activities to Do In Tattapani, Stay Options, Food, Best Time to Visit (2020), The Pláka Neighborhoods: Neighborhood of the Gods” Because Of Closeness to the Acropolis, Athens. The majestic Murud – Janjira fort is boat ride away from the coastal town of Murud. The Siddis seized the fort and successfully defended it against the British, the Portuguese, and even the Marathas. Chhatrapati and his son Sambhaji were so impressed by the fort that they built not one but five naval forts that fortified Maharashtra from sea attacks. The cannons are named Kalalbangadi, Gomukh, and Chalaklombdi. The fort is around 50 feet in height and is regarded as an ancient architectural marvel. Als Minister von Nizam Schah, dem Herrscher von Ahmednagar, ernannte Malik Amber im Jahre 1617 den ebenfalls aus Äthiopien stammenden Siddhi Amber Sahnak zum Gouverneur von Janjira. The name of the fort is a concatenation of the Konkani and Arabic words for Island, "morod" and "jazeera". Related Posts about Murud Janjira Fort . Being a popular tourist destination, the locals here are warm and welcoming. It is a popular location for tourists and trekkers. Janjira is considered one of the strongest marine forts in India. Es ist dafür bekannt, dass es wiederholten Angriffen der Marathen, der Portugiesen, der Holländer und der britischen Ostindischen Gesellschaft widerstanden hat. जंजिरा या शब्दाचा अर्थ पाहिल्यास ‘समुद्राने वेढलेला किल्ला‘ असा या शब्दाचा अर्थ होतो. The boat ride can be crowded and clumped, so you need to ensure that you get into a boat that has enough space. April 1972), Kulsum Begum, königliche Regentin 1922–1933. Murud is a short drive away from Alibag, so this question is a no-brainer. Das Fort der Siddhi oder Habshi (der Äthiopier) erlangte strategische Bedeutung bei der Sicherung der Handelswege zwischen Afrika, dem Roten Meer und innerindischen, z. T. von äthiopisch-abessinischen Herrschern regierten muslimischen Staaten ähnlich dem von Malik Ambar, der als De-facto-Regent von Ahmednagar große Teile des Deccan kontrollierte. Murud-Janjira Fort is situated on an oval-shaped rock off the Arabian Sea coast near the port town of Murud, 165 km (103 mi) south of Mumbai. Janjira Fort was built during the end of the 17th century and till date withstood the tests of time. मुरुड जंजिरा किल्ल्याचा इतिहास – Murud-Janjira Fort History in marathi. Keep an ear out, as there are no demarcations about which boat is which and the boat owners will shout about not photographing. The Murud Janjira Fort is in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The most important personality in history with a connection to the Janjira island is Raja Ram Rao Patil. Das Wort „morod“ findet sich im Konkani, nicht aber in Marathi. The word "morod" is peculiar to Konkani and is absent in Marathi. Murud-Janjira gehörte zu der Zeit zum muslimischen Fürstentum Ahmednagar, das die Konkan-Küste kontrollierte. For example, there is a stone carving at the entrance that shows a tiger surrounding six elephants – a possible symbol of the concept that sheer confidence and skill can conquer bulk. The fort has a tunnel which opens in Rajpuri. Invincible ,Every great worrier like Maratha,Portuguese,dutch tried to win this Fort but no one get successful to conquer this fort.. This place is good historic place. Dutzende von großkalibrigen Bronze-Kanonen sind noch vorhanden. After a short ride in a small boat, one can enter the fort … Seit 1759 war das um 1650 gegründete Fürstentum Jafarabad in Personalunion mit Janjira verbunden. Situated on a rock of oval shape near the port town of Murud, 165kms south of Mumbai, Janjira is one of the strongest marine forts of India (the word ‘Janjira’ is a corruption of the Arabic word Jazira for island). Jahrhundert. (2020), Top Things To Do In Assam For a Memorable North East India Tour (2020), Visit Babulnath Temple: The Oldest Shiva Temple & Popular Tourist Destination in Mumbai (2020), Family Trip to Rishikesh: Our Camping, Trekking and Rafting Experience in Rishikesh (2020), A Three-Day Trip To Hampi With Friends (2020). The Janjira Fort is one of the few that never fell in their entire history, with the control of the fort moving from dynasty to dynasty. How to reach Janjira Fort Once you are in Alibag, you can also take a State Transport from Alibaug to Murud and then take a rickshaw to the Murud State Transport stand. It is 170 km away from Mumbai and almost an equal distance away from Pune. Murud Janjira is a unique experience for tourists interested in fort tourism in Maharashtra, as there is no trek, but a breezy boat ride to experience to reach the fort. Der Name des Forts Murud-Janjira ist eine Zusammensetzung aus dem Konkani „morod“ und dem arabischen „jazeera“, was jeweils „Insel“ heißt. Here is everything you would like to know about the Murud Janjira fort. Sie können in der Nähe Alibag, Nagaon oder Akshi Strand und besuchen Sie dieses Fort und Orten rund um das Hotel. जंजीरा क़िला का इतिहास – Janjira Fort History in Hindi. Most of the time it is highly crowded. Places to visit near Pune. The Murud Janjira History Fort. Der Staat, zu dem ab 1760 auch Jafarabad gehörte (vgl. Murud-Janjira ist mit mächtigen Mauern, Bollwerken und Türmen bewehrt, die direkt aus dem Meer aufragen. “ Murud “ is the name of the village which is present in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Check these Related Posts! As you move around, you will see several well-built structures that served various purposes back in the day, like houses of the noble and common who lived inside the fort, the stables, granaries, and mosques. Murud Janjira: Historic Fort in the sea - See 324 traveler reviews, 429 candid photos, and great deals for Murud, India, at Tripadvisor. The fort is an impressive structure, with most of the structures intact, as well as the build, withstanding all the attacks it must have been a victim of since the time of the kings. History reveals that the fort had more than 500 cannons. 2,001 were here. Fort was built by nawabs of Janjira. Murud Janjira is one of the top 5 konkan places which people must visit. If you have a weekend to yourself, plan for a Murud and Alibaug outing. entnommen dem Janjira-Artikel in vier Hektar große Fort Janjira erreicht man mit kleinen Segelbooten, die im Hafen von Rajapuri, einem kleinen Fischerdorf am Strand direkt gegenüber von Murud-Janjira, gemietet werden können. History of the Murud Janjira Fort. There is no saying where the boats can be, but the boat riders call out on the way to Elephanta Caves, Alibaug and the Murud Janjira Fort. Contents. The word Janjira is not native to India, and may have originated after the Arabic word Jazeera, which means an island. This fort is located in murud village and Visitors can gain access to the Janjira fort from Rajapuri, a small village on the coast. Murud ist fast 60 km entfernt von Alibag. जंजीरा किले का इतिहास – Murud Janjira Fort History In Hindi. Plan your trip. November 1956 wurden alle Fürstenstaaten aufgelöst und Janjira wurde dem Bundesstaat Bombay einverleibt, später wurde es Teil des indischen Bundesstaats Maharashtra. The Murud Janjira fort is famous for its cannons and the view that it gives of the Arabian Sea. Thus it is recommended to visit in weekdays to click Janjira pictures without crowd. Murud-Janjira ist auch der gebräuchliche Name für ein von der Lage und der Größe her beeindruckendes Fort im westindischen Bundesstaat Maharashtra, das bei Murud, einem Ort an der Konkan-Küste, etwa 60 km südlich von Bombay, nur einige hundert Meter dem Ort vorgelagert, in der Arabischen See liegt. Murud Janjira Killa History in Marathi Language Wikipedia; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The fort of Murud Janjira stands testimony to tell tales of the small yet powerful citadel of the Siddis. Am 15. Murud-Janjira ist auch der gebräuchliche Name für ein von der Lage und der Größe her beeindruckendes Fort im westindischen Bundesstaat Maharashtra, das bei Murud, einem Ort an der Konkan-Küste, etwa 60 km südlich von Bombay, nur einige hundert Meter dem Ort vorgelagert, in der Arabischen See liegt. Nandgaon Beach is a half an hour’s drive from Murud. The only way to reach the fort is via the Rajapur Jetty by boat, which is about 2 KM. Der mächtige Marathen-Herrscher Shivaji aus Pune beauftragte im August 1676 seinen Premierminister, den Peshwa Moropant Pingle, Janjira zu erobern, was aber misslang. There are watersports activities as well, so you can spend a good amount of time at the beach. Dem Staat Ahmednagar – Teil der Dekkan-Sultanate – unter Nizam Shah gelang es 1490 nur durch eine List, das abtrünnige Fort wieder unter seine Kontrolle zu bringen, und zwar wurden auf einem Handelsschiff versteckt unter dem Kommando von Peer Mohammed Khan 147 abessinische Soldaten nach Janjira geschickt, die die Besatzung des Forts, das Sitz des Koli-Königs Ram Patil war, überrumpelten. Secondly, even if you go to the Fort today, you will notice that the main door is not visible until you reach close to the fort. Janjira war 1834–1947 britisches Protektorat und hatte 1935 eine Fläche von 982 km² und 71.000 Einwohner. The total distance from Alibag to Rajapur Jetty is under 2 hours. The Janjira fort sits on a rocky island approximately a kilometre from the mainland, and was initially built as a small wooden fort around a temple on the island, by fishermen as a defence against sea pirates in the 15th century. Around 55 km from the popular town of Alibag in Raigad district, Murud-Janjira fort is a very popular historic fort. Fort is situated on an island just off the coastal village of murud. Experiences. A good example of “Jal-Durg” (Fort amidst water), Murud Janjira is quiet unfamiliar to peoples. Vier Kilometer nördlich von Janjira wurde von Sambhaji Maharaj, einem Sohn von Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, das Padamdung Fort, heute bekannt als Kasa, als Versuch, ein Gegengewicht zu Janjira zu schaffen, im Meer gebaut. After a short ride in a small boat, one can enter the fort through the main entrance. This beach is around an hour’s drive from Murud. Dank ihrer politischen Unabhängigkeit und strategisch günstigen Position war die Küstenseefahrt sehr von der Gunst oder Ungunst der Siddhis abhängig. After a short ride in a small boat, one can enter the fort through the main entrance. Die Flotte des ottomanischen Admirals Kutoğlu Hizir Reis, die von Suez nach Aceh auf Sumatra segelte, besuchte 1568 Janjira. Janjira Fort is one of its kinds in the whole India. Um die dominierende Rolle der Siddhis auf dem Meer zu brechen, gab es immer wieder Versuche, das Fort Murud-Janjira zu erobern, was aber weder Portugiesen, Holländern, Engländern noch Marathen gelang. In most rural and tourist areas, you can take a sharing rickshaw. This fort is located in murud village and Visitors can gain access to the Janjira fort from Rajapuri, a small village on the coast. Nearby Places . And the fort is unique right from the location, it is an island that is in the middle of the Arabian Sea, the only way to reach this island is via the waterway. Liste indischer Fürstenstaaten), geht auf einen muslimisch-abessinischen Vasallen und Admiral des Sultans von Ahmadnagar zurück. The name “Janjira” comes from the Arabian word “Jajira” which means “Island”. Das ca. The beach is lined with coconut trees, giving it a mesmerizing view. Der Versuch der Briten, die Macht der Siddhis zu beschneiden, wurde durch einen erfolgreichen Gegenangriff auf die britische Garnison in Bombay beantwortet. Some of the ships you see are from the Indian Navy, and it is a criminal offense to try to photograph them. It takes about 10 mins via boat to reach the fort from rajapuri jetty or you can also park your car at dighi and then can take a ferry from there which cost approx 50-100 rs per person. It is a popular location for tourists and trekkers. Forts in India: Majestic Palaces and Forts to Marvel over. Once are there you'll notic that how much effort has been taken to build this piece of art. Alibaug is home to several tourist locations and beaches that are calm, serene as well as places that are hosts to watersports of all kinds. Shopping in Murud Janjira . This fort is located in murud village and Visitors can gain access to the Janjira fort from Rajapuri, a small village on the coast. Murud was once known in Marathi as Habsan ("of Habshi" or Abyssinian). its name ‘Janjira’ … Der letzte Herrscher von Murud-Janjira war Siddhi Muhammed Khan II. Janjira war Verbündeter von muslimischen Mächten auch außerhalb Indiens, wie den ägyptischen Mamluken und dem ottomanischen Reich. The Murud Janjira Fort is in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The boat ride gives you a great view of the Arabian sea. The descendants of the Siddi dynasty still live in and around the fort and in the village. Das Fort wurde von dem an der Konkan-Küste lebenden, Fischerei betreibenden Volksstamm der Koli im 15. Jahrhundert mit Einverständnis der Nizam-Shah-Dynastie in Ahmednagar als Schutz vor Piraten gebaut. Fort was built in the 17th century. Art & Culture. Places to visit near Mumbai . It was late afternoon and the sun was already softening as we made our way down to the jetty to catch the ferry to the famous Murud Janjira fort. Malik Ambar war als Sklave von Harar über Damaskus und Mekka nach Indien gelangt und stieg zu großer Macht auf. Learning their lessons early on, the Marathas formulated and enhanced their maritime policies. Regent war Malik Ambar (1550–1626), der aus der Stadt Harar in Äthiopien (Abessinien) stammte. In ancient times, this would mean that if you are seeing the fort, the soldiers have already seen you. Zwei große, offene Zisternen und ein tiefer Brunnen, der – obwohl im Meer gelegen – erstaunlicherweise gutes, klares und kühles Süßwasser lieferte, sicherte die Trinkwasserversorgung. how to reach the MURUD – JANJIRA FORT . Eine Namensvariante ist Jal Jeera, was „Fort im Wasser“ bedeutet. This Fort is stand in Arabian ocean with great proud of its invincible history. The island fort was a military and tactical masterstroke because in the middle of it, was a well that supplied the members of the fort drinking water, allowing them to survive inside for a long time. If you visit this beach in the right season, you will see several turtles, both local and exotic, and their hatchlings go into the sea. The town has a rich diverse culture and fascinating history and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns along the Konkan coast. originally, it was a small wooden structure, constructed by a Koli chief in the late 15th century. Tourists say that the well, to this day, has sweet water. Februar 1948 vollzog es den Anschluss an Indien. Am 1. Janjira is A strong Fort built by the Great Shivaji on the Eastern coast of the indian Ocean for controlling the Sea Trade (Taking Chauth from the Traders). Das Fort stand schließlich im Ruf, uneinnehmbar zu sein. The fort is oval shaped instead of the usual oblong or square shape. The festival is a joint venture between the forest department, the village panchayat and the Kasav Mitramandal. With the Arabian Sea on all the four sides, this mighty fort has stood for centuries and is a symbol of the brave Marathas of the region. Oktober 2020 um 15:59 Uhr bearbeitet. To begin with, because it was on an island, there was no way that an army could reach it through some small or secret passage. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. The Murud Janjira fort has the royal palace where the kings, the queens, and their staff lived. During exploration hours, I found this surviving design and I called it – “The last frame of Murud Janjira Fort”. The history of Murud Janjira fort goes way back to the 15th century when some local fishermen of Rajapuri built a small wooden fort called Medhekot on a massive rock out in the sea to save themselves and their families from the attack of pirates. Velas Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Alibag because of the turtle festival. Janjira gewann im Laufe der Jahrhunderte an Unabhängigkeit und war Verbündeter muslimischer Staaten in Indien. The fort is 5 KM away from the Murud Village and around 50 KM from Alibag. Der Hauptzugang führt von Osten direkt aus dem Meer über eine Rampe, die durch Türme und Tore gesichert ist, in das Fort. Here is everything you would like to know about the Murud Janjira fort. Murud Janjira Fort also known as “ Janjira Fort “ is located in the western coastal area of Maharashtra, India. Located 50 k.m. Here is a list of the places that you can visit near Murud: The Diveagar Beach is a clean, secluded beach that is great for a long walk and to reconnect with nature. Janjira ist das einzige Marine Fort (Jaldurg), gewann mit Shri Shivaji maharaj. Z. in schlechtem Bauzustand, Besuchern nicht zugänglich ist. Sie stammt vermutlich aus dem 17. Das Bauwerk ist etwas vernachlässigt, vieles befindet sich in Verfall. This amazing structure was built by Malik Ambar, who was an Abssinian minister in the court of the Sultan of Ahmednagar. Historical Monuments of India That Should Be In Your Wishlist. There is some commercial activity around, and this is a good beach for children as well. Janjira (wahrscheinlich von arabisch djazîra = „Insel“) ist heute eine kleine Ortschaft am Arabischen Meer im indischen Bundesstaat Maharashtra südlich dem Fischer-Städtchen Murud, war aber bis 1956 ein unabhängiger Fürstenstaat in Britisch-Indien. The fort is approached by sailboats from Rajapuri jetty. The Murud Janjira fort is famous for its cannons and the view that it gives of the Arabian Sea. Dank seiner Verdienste wurde Amber Sahnak zum Admiral ernannt und das Land zwischen den Flussläufen des Amba beim Dorf Nagothana und dem Fluss Savitri beim Dorf Bankot wurde ihm als Lehen übergeben. मुरुद जंजीरा किले की संरचना – Janjira Fort Architecture In Hindi. Today, you can see three cannons laid all around the island fort. Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 . Name * Email * Tags: Fort Information in Marathi Forts in Maharashtra Forts in Pune. Be careful while photographing the scenic locations during and after the boat ride. Art & Culture. Dort: "Llista de wazirs i (des de 1676) nawabs",,,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Sidi (Siddhi, Siddi) AMBER SANAK, 1617–1642, Nawab Sidi KASIM KHAN II (Yaqut Khan), 1676–1703, Nawab Sidi SURUL (oder SURUR) KHAN II, 1706–1732 (Rasul Khan), Nawab Sidi ABDURRAHMAN KHAN (Sohn des Surul), 1737–1740, Nawab Sidi HASAN KHAN (zweite Regentschaft), 1740–1746, Nawab Sidi IBRAHIM KHAN (zweite Regentschaft) 1757–1761 (ab 1760 auch Thanadar von Jafadarabad), Nawab Sidi YAQUT KHAN (Usurpator) 1761–1772, Nawab Sidi ABDURRAHIM KHAN, 1772–1784 (Abd al-Rahim Khan), Nawab Sidi IBRAHIM KHAN II (zweite Regentschaft), 1803–1826, Nawab Sidi Sir AHMAD KHAN SIDI IBRAHIM KHAN 1879–1922, Nawab Sidi MUHAMMED KHAN II SIDI AHMAD KHAN 1922–1948 († 1. Research suggests that he built the island for the kolis, a local fishing community. August 1947 wurde Janjira Mitglied des Staatenbundes Saurashtra und am 15. Seine Ankergründe boten auch gegen die kolonialisierenden Portugiesen, die den gewinnbringenden Gewürzhandel unter ihre Kontrolle zu bringen suchten, Sicherheit. Major historical figures from Murud-Janjira include men such as Sidi Hilal, Yahya Saleh and Sidi Yaqub. Das tolle Vorstellung von der Geschichte. You will also see several sculpts of the Ashok Chakra and tigers and elephants playing around. Few fascinating facts about the fort: it remained undefeated throughout the history as the British, the Portuguese and the Marathas failed to conquer it. Es ist dafür bekannt, dass es wiederholten Angriffen der Marathen, der Portugiesen, der Holländer und der britischen Ostindischen Gesellschaft widerstanden hat. The fort is oval shaped instead of the usual oblong or square shape. Required fields are marked * Comment. The fort was made of stones bonded together by a mixture of lead, sand and gul. 1567–1571 wurde das hölzerne Fort abgerissen, erweitert und in Stein wieder aufgebaut. Janjira ist ein historischer Staat im indischen Bundesstaat Maharashtra. Gopalpur Tour Guide: FAQs To Simplify Your Gopalpur Trip (2020), Korlai Fort: The Fort Destroyed by Its Builders (2020), Visit Mahim Fort: The One That Is Encroached (2020), Visit Rajgad Fort: The First Capital of the Maratha Empire (2020), Visit Rasalgad Fort in Khed: Maharashtra Fort Tourism (2020), 5 Incredible Trekking Destination In Tamil Nadu (2020), Visby: Visby is a town on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Murud Beach . As you move around the fort, you will find some wall carvings that tell you about the confidence and mindset of the Siddis. Fortified to the teeth, the structure could never be conquered by the Marathas, the Portuguese, or the British; in spite of their numerous attempts. Der Staat Murud-Janjira wurde von den Marathen auch als Habsan bezeichnet, was „Land der Habshis“ oder „Land der Abessinier“ (= Äthiopier) bedeutet. This beach has several watersports options available as well. The Murud Janjira fort has unique fortifications. Nach der Eroberung von Ahmednagar durch die verbündeten Truppen der Moghuln und Bijapurs verbündeten sich die Siddhis von Janjira mit den Moghuln, wobei sie immer wieder wechselnde Allianzen zu muslimischen Staaten auf dem indischen Festland eingingen. The royal houses inside the fort are still in good condition and give you an idea of the opulence and grandeur of those times. Das Wort Janjira hat keinen indischen Ursprung, sondern könnte im Arabischen wurzeln, wo Jazeera „Insel“ bedeutet. from Alibaugh near the Maharastra coastline is the fort of Siddis … Sein Premierminister bzw. जंजीरा का किला किसने बनाया – Janjira Ka Kila Kisne Banwaya Tha In Hindi In this case, you can take a sharing rickshaw from Alibag to Revdanda and then proceed from Revdanda to Nandgaon and finally, to Murud. Das Fürstentum Ahmednagar ergriff 1489 von der westindischen Konkan-Küste Besitz. This fort is situated in Maharashtra's small town called Murud in Raigad district.Local people called it Ajinkya i.e. Along with the beaches, you can also visit some temples and other religious places. Every other fort in the Konkan area has its origin in the Ancient and contemporary languages of India or have some connection to the local folklore. Your email address will not be published. All forts, including the Murud Janjira Fort, have several hidden and underground passages that connect various points of the fort and serve as an escape route.

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