Try us and see! Laser cutting plastic is a subtractive manufacturing technology that uses a high-power laser beam to cut flat-sheet plastic materials. The high-precision laser vaporizes a cut line through the plastic, leaving a … You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ferrous and non-ferrous thin plates can be cut to shape with laser. A computer directs this laser to follow the cutting line provided in your digital design. The speeds that can be achieved vary quite considerably from >10 m/min for thin sections to <10mm/min for thick >1mm materials. Like all TroGlass products, the new products come standard with a plastic laserable mask. A clear cast acrylic designed to be reverse engraved and infilled or backlit for an elegant finish. LT+517-202 Brushed Blue/Gold w/ ADH 1/50", Technical, Color & Material Safety Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly HiGloss, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly HiGloss Reverse, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Metallic, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Metallic Plus, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Satins, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Ultra, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Ultra Reverse, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroGlass Mirror, Material Safety Data Sheet – TroGlass Glitter, Technical Data Sheet – TroLase ADA Signage, Technical Data Sheet – TroLase Lights (metallic), Technical Data Sheet – TroLase Metallic Plus, Technical Data Sheet – TroLase Thins (metallic), Technical Data Sheet – TroPly HiGloss Reverse, Technical Data Sheet – TroPly Metallic Plus, Technical Data Sheet – TroPly Ultra Reverse. The laserable and engravable MDF fiber board panels feature a high surface quality and homogenous fiber structure. Laser cutting is one of the most modern and progressive methods of processing various materials. These engraving acrylic sheets have a perfect light transmission and a high resistance to external agents, are UV-stable and weatherproof. This allows high light transmission and strong light diffusion while typical “spot effects” of LED lights are eliminated. TroGlass Duo is a cast acrylic glass with one matte and one glossy side. Laser Cutting Cuts well for fine detail. Given its dominance in the sheet metal cutting industry, this article focuses on laser fusion cutting. Click here for quick access to our resource page where you can download our catalog, individual product sheets, data sheets, tips and tricks, and marketing materials. Laser cutting small parts accurately and with repeatability on thinner sheet metals does require a lower power system. TroGlass Statins sheets come standard with a laserable plastic mask. The carbon-dioxide (CO 2) laser is a well-established materials processing tool commonly used for cutting plastics in film, sheet, and fabric form. Sheet size 600 x 600mm, 600 x 300mm, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 150mm, 150 x 150mm No larger sheets are available for this material. TroGlass Glitter offers massive opportunities for creative minds and designers, they can explore many different and interesting new visual effects. You can also download a PDF. Cutting Using a high power laser machine on thin metals can create several problems that could be avoided with a lower powered machine. One of our many specialties is the cutting and shaping of thin metals. The energy is delivered as heat in the first 0.2 mm of plastic to which the laser is directed. Thin metal sheets/plates are often used to create lamination cores. Acrylic (Plexiglass), plastic, ABS laser cutting services in Dubai. Laser Cutting: Laser Cutting is a digital subtractive fabrication technique that consists of cutting or engraving a material by means of a laser. This combination allows for applications where the look, feel and processing characteristics of wood are combined with the flexibility and printing characteristics of heavy paper. Stator rotor (electrical steel lamination stacks). TroGlass Frosted is a heavy-duty cast acrylic glass with a matte, roughly structured surface on both sides (“sandblasted finish”). Plastic finish Matt finish on the top surface, back is still matt but can sometimes be marked. TroCraft Eco is an environmentally-friendly material made from pure wood fiber. When importing, faulty files are automatically cleaned. Digital to the core. An error occurred, please try again later. We are inspired by so many businesses taking action to help fight the battle against COVID-19. The laser software Ruby allows direct file import from pdf, svg, png etc. Cutting the paper with a laser allows for filigree patterns and fine details to be created without any burn marks. 6. Colored acrylics can in most cases by laser cut with excellent result. If you have an account with us, please log in. Click here for more information on how to easily determind your own laser settings. LaserPaper Colours is especially suitable for laser processing and laser cutting and available in a variety of different shades and thicknesses. Etching can be done on almost anything, wood, cardboard, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, marble, stone, tile, and glass. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This amazing laser cutting machine will complement the extensive list of other CNC equipment Emco Plastics currently employs in its fabrication department. High volumes of thin sheet parts need to be laser cut as fast as possible to fulfill volume and price requirements. Material PreparationBy managing these variables, we are able to ensure perfect, reliable and repeatable laser cuts of our acrylic material. The laser cut produces polished cutting edges and inner contours, no additional post-processing of the material is required. So we recently implemented some process changes and retooling at our manufacturing plant in NC so that we could begin to offer clear PET and modified acrylic sheets for making protective face shields that are so desperately needed to protect those treating COVID-19 patients. These functionalities reduce the time from the idea to the finished product to half of it. Separate laser cut plates are stacked to form one large assembly of sheet material. Laser Process Setup 1. Brand of Acrylic 2. Powered by KMT Waterjet Cutting Systems 800-826-9274 There is a show face to this material. Type of Acrylic 3. 1. The cutting capabilities of the laser is directly proportional to the beam quality and beam waste of the laser. TroGlass Clear sheets come standard with a laserable plastic mask. The transparent, fluorescent and translucent colors offer constant light transmission superior to similar glass colors. I have a customer that presently has a 10 ft x 10 ft X-Y table that they use to cut plastic laminates and thicker plastic sheets. Create graphic, photo and text elements. Cast acrylic glass with one matte and one glossy side. Power 2. These (laminations) stacks can be found in the following applications: Certain laminated stacks can contain more than 10.000 separate metal sheets. Different ranges of plastic sheets for mechanical engraving and cutting as 1 ply, 2ply or 3ply sheets. A gantry or motion table moves the laser head and sheet metal—achieving the full cut depth in a single pass. Besides a wide range of stainless steel variants, Raytech also has a fair amount of other thin sheet -and foil materials in stock. The frosted surface, combined with the intrinsic hardness of cast acrylic, allows applications where higher material strength and robustness are required. Material Safety Data Sheet – TroPlyMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly HiGlossMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly HiGloss ReverseMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly MetallicMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Metallic PlusMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly SatinsMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly UltraMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroPly Ultra ReverseMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroGlass Material Safety Data Sheet – TroGlass MirrorMaterial Safety Data Sheet – TroGlass Glitter, Technical Data Sheet – TroLaseTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase ADA SignageTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase LightsTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase Lights (metallic)Technical Data Sheet – TroLase MetallicTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase Metallic PlusTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase ReverseTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase TexturesTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase ThinsTechnical Data Sheet – TroLase Thins (metallic)Technical Data Sheet – TroPlyTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly HiGlossTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly HiGloss ReverseTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly MetallicTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly Metallic PlusTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly SatinsTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly UltraTechnical Data Sheet – TroPly Ultra Reverse, TroLaseTroLase ADA SignageTroLase LightsTroLase MetallicTroLase Metallic PlusTroLase ReverseTroLase TexturesTroLase ThinsTroPlyTroPly HiGloss TroPly HiGloss ReverseTroPly MetallicTroPly Metallic PlusTroPly SatinsTroPly UltraTroPly Ultra Reverse. Effects can range from a subtle light brown effect to intense dark colors on-axis gas assist further reduces the zone... Plates are stacked to form one large assembly of sheet material thin material but also productivity is an factor... Glass colors ” Color variation allows for great results even in fine-detail laser cutting plastic is a cast is. For filigree patterns and fine details to be created micron ( 0.75mm ) polypropylene sheets can be in... A plastic laserable mask in stock surface on both material sides 10 m/min for thin sections
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