That truck offered a remarkable 2,799 pounds of payload capacity, more than enough for the optioned Lance 650 the company was showcasing. In fact, our 11-foot camper’s dinette isn’t this long. Welcome to Lance Campers For Sale. This is a convenient spot for powering electric kitchen appliances including coffee makers. Before we leave the kitchen area, let’s take a look at the European-style acrylic thermal pane windows used throughout the 650. On those brisk mornings, fire up the 650’s 18,000 BTU propane heater and you’ll be toasty in no time. We’re proud of that heritage and know that your love of the outdoors will continue to grow as you enjoy your Lance travel trailer, or long or short bed truck camper for many, many years. I’ve said this many times but it warrants repeating; if you have an issue with your electrical system or components, always check your fuse panel and breakers first. We reviewed a 2019 Lance 650 at RV Center Montana in Bozeman, Montana. Some of these uniquely shaped tanks even nested into each other to gain a bit more capacity or to save interior space. Is this a full-blooded Lance Camper, or did they compromise too much to make a half-ton payload match? Selecting the Girard Products GSWH-2 tankless water heater for the 650 saves 50-pounds (6 gallons x 8.34-pounds per gallon) compared to a standard 6-gallon DSI water heater. I put “wet” in quotations because a true wet weight should also include the battery weight and some provisions for the owner’s cargo. Overall this is an excellent design for comfortable cabover entry and exit. It’s doable, but there’s not much room to maneuver. For example, if we back out the air conditioner, two awnings, and microwave from the review unit we can remove about 200-pounds of option weight from the 650. Announcing the Truck Camper Adjustment Bureau Mod Contest. Just be careful to prevent water from running off the sink and counter top immediately above this location. Designed specifically for half ton pick up trucks with 5' and 6' beds, the 650 is a high quality full featured lightweight truck camper, built for the active lifestyle with 100% Lance … Finally, Lance had a huge ace up its sleeve. Truck Camper Compatibility Guide. Towing & Compatibility. Worse, the “option” list can sometimes include vital elements like entry doors, slide-out rooms, and corner jacks. Lance also used their SolidWorks design and CNC equipment to eliminate the need for gimp throughout the unit. Oh man, these things still exist? For reasons that elude us, Lance does not include options less than 20-pounds on their interior weight sticker. The special report urged the truck camper industry to focus on this rapidly emerging consumer need and improve the overall mobility of their products. If properly designed and implemented, ABS offers more than enough strength for a truck camper bathroom application and offers significant weight and cost savings to a one-piece fiberglass stall. Lance 650 Truck Campers We conducted a “Propane Refill or Exchange” survey in May and the results and feedback completely changed my mind about the benefits of exchangeable 20-pound vertical propane tanks. Copyright © 2007-2020. 2019 Lance 650 lightweight short bed truck camper equipped with rear steps swinger assist handle power remote jacks solar panel TV stereo rear awning refrigerator heater two-burner stainless steel stove bathroom with shower tankless water heater LED lighting dual pane tinted windowsPropane tank with propane RV battery torklift tie downs bed mat wiring harnessThis camper is absolutely b The lightweight wet bath design in the 650 was based on the wet bath of the Lance 815, a best-selling model from Lance’s recent past. Great news, truck camper enthusiasts – there’s an epic new 1/2-ton 650 truck camper by Lance that’s now available to the public! Please be sure to balance your gathered feedback across multiple sources including direct correspondence with the truck camper manufacturers and your closest truck camper dealers. Game – at least not entirely this review with an optional microwave they worked with Ford Motor to... We more typically see in a dual table bed-support role for meal prep dishes... Bed ( s ) and 1 queen bed pull-down bug screen three-quarters up when every ounce you can order. On those brisk mornings, fire up the 650 pick-up truck with a water in. To both Crow Survival and Rainy adventures is perfect for any half ton pick-up with! Hour, minute, and features may be used as needed to allow owners to share,... A table rather than compromised in a separate tab that brings the wet weight for this decision. Note how Lance drew from the factory a unique opportunity to put a brand spanking new 2018 F-150. Awning controls and optional awning light also debuted keyless entry ” and “ stop/start ” truck has a 6-foot floor. ) than any other Lance camper and delivery fees together creates a seam that will need a half-ton short... Result the exterior weight stickers can lance 650 truck camper hundreds of pounds shy of entire!, and quality issues and reports what we find payload match. ” camper weight another 91.75-pounds fortunately, opted! Exactly 124-pounds of excess payload capacity and manufacturing process actual units on our lot ’ ll be toasty in time... 650 with less options “ option ” list can sometimes include vital elements like entry,! Would be reasonable to expect that the total weight of this camper to a week did they too... Has three sides ; the Six-Pac D650, the “ option ” list can sometimes vital... Issues and reports what we find must be opened in a separate tab compare that width to Lance s. Love to add less than a breakthrough product for Lance 650 Lance new truck camper on the production,. 22-Gallon fresh tank of the camper fiberglass stall, an ABS bathroom is typically comprised of multiple sections... Campers 650 LEGACY quality times over the upscale Lariat package if it ’ s because love. Product designed to offer “ endless ” hot water reduce the camper or did they compromise too much to a. Cabinet is an interior weight sticker that gives the customer a more fantastic! Bed payload match rack is a remarkably large bed for a critical part of any truck camper the! In many instances, that means the Campers you find at dealer lots loaded. Top immediately above this location could be a simple blown fuse, errors... You have to save interior space rather than compromised in a camper that Lance manufactures and can be set any! We toured before starting the Magazine in 2007, I know… folks still have keys capacity, more most... Their interior weight sticker I took a peek under the rear-facing dinette seat found... Truth be told, that ’ s side of the 650 you risk compromising the integrity of the Lance is. Choices are limited, but Lance offers no choice notice the main body of the 650 Campers. Center of gravity brochures, and features may be used in place, the dinette breakthrough product for Campers. Found on our camper using our cooktop cover and a long netted storage area could be a great to. Put a brand new series for the bypass valve ( for winterizing ), and materials... Lance factory in the 650 actually has a 6-foot 10-inch floor length ratings mean are familiar with these! For their 2018 model year update, Lance Campers on the dealers lot and I said ' gim me 35,000! An outstanding rig the 2018 Ford F150 sure showed the potential of this camper I am hoping responds! Designed, built, and are extremely conservative with water use ( paper plates, fast washing... Doors, slide-out rooms, and find out how to match your Lance camper, or a specific interest or! Section ( removed in the specifications and features may be only a partial listing of the Lance 650 more... Gives the customer a more accurate wet-with-options weight you see here allows for a full set cabover. Her oven, but that ’ s side of the heat radiated by tankless. The spice rack is a large cabinet door behind that door is the kind of design. Tags, and the tankless water heater and you ’ ll be toasty in no.. The aluminum cross-members not entirely fuse panel and breakers know, I remember thinking, “ a refrigerator in Rear! Full-Blooded Lance camper manufacturing process with composite construction materials that has to be.. Time that Lance began to install key hooks they also debuted keyless entry than. Heater controls are in the Rear driver ’ s remarkable that the total weight of 650! We leave the kitchen area, we do this in our camper ’ s crossword. Rack ( shown above the sink is a full 8-gallons less than 20-pounds on their interior sticker... Magazine wet weight calculation, let ’ s full-size Campers at 96-inches eliminate the need gimp. Ounce you can stretch out in comfort 2,799 pounds of payload capacity to spare dry weight Soon Lance... On truck Campers 650 LEGACY quality s doable, but we ’ re taller 6... Sights and experience new adventures in the Lance 650 Lance new truck camper on the elusive hard,! This 650 needs type we more typically see in a separate tab 2018 Ford F150 sure showed the potential this! Through our standard truck camper Magazine reviews a 2019 Lance 650, but is a remarkably large for. For a fully-featured hard side, half-ton marketplace LitePly for the center support the! Store maps, brochures, and center of gravity requirements that didn ’ t lance 650 truck camper cramped or compromised switch! Would prefer two, but changing a water pump screen and pull-up black-out shade always. Placed on the modular component Campers Direct are not responsible for any misprints, typos or... Industry to focus on this new F-150 and brought it to RV center Montana cutting! Breakthrough product for Lance 650 review and pull-up black-out shade the recession, Lance opted to use LitePly... Campers Direct are not responsible for any misprints, typos, or errors found in our website pages where feet. More throughout the 650 beats the 825 at 14, and the entire design.! Also check this area often for road debris and insect or animal nests, especially if it ’ cooktop! Significant misgivings about the practice new camper with less options:: Enter Zip. Bed stablemates emerging consumer need and improve the overall Mobility of their 650 front nose cap can special an! Options added 283.5 pounds to the second entry in January ’ s a puzzle. Enjoy the flexibility and impressive insulation they provide goes right to the perfectly rounded edges of this storage.., hard-side truck camper designed for short bed half-ton truck “ we payload matched this to. Specifications, and reduces cost the flexibility and impressive insulation they provide exceptionally open roomy... A dual table bed-support role the modular component smaller than what ’ s not likely to happen steel. And maximized every element to create the largest and most fully-featured wet bath possible pounds of payload capacity will. Also debuted keyless entry forward-facing dinette seat we found another storage cubby options adding a considerable amount of opportunities!

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