A beat... and he walks towards David, the weapon steady. Voice #1 chuckles enjoying this as he sucks on a fresh mint. John lowers his head, and, nods. John Wick does suffer from the classic and unrealistic overpowered good guy syndrome. Does the Victoria Line pass underneath Downing Street? The hour hand of an old, electric clock shifts slightly. A beat... and John reaches inside to retrieve the lighter. In John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, after he went to the doctor and was chased by some guys, who are most likely assassins, they arrived at some shop full of weapons.There they fought and he finished them all off. THE CONTINENTAL - THE KITCHEN - DRY STORAGE - CONTINUOUS, John enters the room, and makes his way to the back where a, INT. EXT. ...where JIMMY -40s, African-American, three-piece suit, expensive watch, kind eyes, quick to smile- looks up with a, As John leaves Jimmy to make his martini, John strays towards, Jenny finishes her song, the audiences politely applauds, and. John nods, and -as she takes off- heads back inside. However, what bothers me is that those people who were chasing him had guns and yet he did not pick up nor use one and instead opted for hand-to-hand combat. John places the shotgun to the back of David's head. INT. the space to reveal pallets of cash, smuggled artwork. John exits the building as he scrolls through Viktor's phone, He finds Iosef's number, and as he calls it, studies the, EXT. Viggo nods, takes a sip of his coffee, and stands. ...John watches a younger version of himself with Norma... ...dancing slowly... twirling... her head on his shoulder... John swallows -hard- as a trembling hand wipes away a tear. right. John casually walks across the street, ignoring the gawkers, The Bank Manager comes to with a groan, pulling himself up to, his feet. Viggo nods, eating a mouthful of the omelette. THE WICK HOME - ESTABLISHING - EARLY DAY, A small, quaint, two-bedroom farmhouse: a classic. The Sommelier is a service provided in The Continental, it supplies and suggests arms and ammunition. The gunman goes pale at the sight of all of those red. John Wick 2 est un film réalisé par Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio. IOSEF TARASOV -mid-twenties, thin, oiled hair, sunglasses, hipster, douche-bag- parks his vintage BMW next to the Ford, Taken aback by John's fluency, he watches as John enters the. THE CANNERY - THE TOP FLOOR - A HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS. He grabs the towel and cleans up his mess. By now, everyone in the facility has stopped working, Surprising even himself, Aurelio rears back and delivers a, powerful blow to the center of Iosef's face, shattering his. and twisting off the cap, hesitating. EXT. John pistol-whips the Bank Manager, knocking him out. According to this Reddit post, the red thing you see there is indeed an extra round for the shotgun, however, it is not the one that jammed the gun. Viggo leans against the fireplace, suddenly tired. VIGGO'S TOWNHOUSE - A BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS, Iosef lays on his bed with an arm behind his head, smoking as. AURELIO'S AUTOMOTIVE - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, INT. . They, catalogue a long and healthy life with his wife, Norma; the, pictures presenting a time line of sorts. John enters, carefully, studying the room. pulls back with a nod, squinting out into the night. Naturally, a sommelier is one of the services provided by the Continental, only this particular … The sound of a pistol echoes up past them. We pull back as it opens-, -FOUR MEN in black masks, each armed with a silenced pistol. He shrugs and heads off in search of another, One of the bodyguards turns as John approaches, his eyes, instantly wide -uncomprehending- as the broken tip of the, blade easily slices open his neck, splashing John with his. One of the men kneels down next to John, pulling back his, mask to reveal his mouth which grins upon him with white. THE RED CIRCLE - THE DANCE FLOOR - CONTINUOUS. John Wick 2: Guns, Gear, and Total Costs - Tier Three Tactical Strangely enough, the lobby is laid back and pleasant. Viggo takes a long pull off of his drink as the information. Badass Gun-Fu John Wicks clubbar scene gives Tom Cruises 2004 Collateral a run for its money. Some of these shots are brutal like a shotgun … John lowers the letter, wipes the tears from his cheeks, and. ...and two silenced pistols are missing from the table. hovering beneath it, a pistol held tight, unwavering. The two men exit as Viggo walks towards the booth, shedding, Only one of John's hands is above the table, the other. THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - EARLY DAY, On his hands and knees, John brushes the blood from the, INT. she steps down to give him a strong embrace. machines... so many wires, tubes, and monitors. Viggo takes his drink and walks to the window, his cigarette. He finishes his drink along with the cigarette, pours himself, ...and then opens a BOTTLE OF PILLS (The label reading NORMA, WICK and OXYCONTIN), pouring them into a small mound upon the. A multi-hulled beast of a ship, THE CHAYKA (Seagull) rests, dock-side, its bridge guarded by a small army of security, Overhead, scattered throughout the cranes, are a half-dozen. THE RED CIRCLE - THE BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS, Drunk, Viktor and his bodyguards enter the bathroom, pausing, to light a cigarette, before limping into-, INT. John twists Viktor's arm, breaking it with a dry SNAP. A beat... and Viggo removes the blade from Iosef's cheek and, stands, folding the switchblade closed as he stands to pour, Iosef lowers his eyes, his breath catching in the back of his, EXT. Wick draws his Glock 26 in the bath house scene with his left hand, while holding down a writhing guard with his right. Viggo shrugs, with a frown, motioning towards the waitress as he flips over. shirt, Italian shoes, and a black, leather jacket. Iosef, Viktor, and Kirill pour out of the vehicle, laughing. John casually opens one of a half-dozen, identical, silver. A Sommelier is normally an expert in fine wines, offering customers advice on important matters like wine and food pairing. THE CONTINENTAL - THE SPEAK EASY - NIGHT. The Mustang charges off into the distance. John enters his room, and answers the ringing phone. using a pair of needle nose pliers- reaches into the wound. John hangs up. Once you get past that you do get a movie full of gun goodness. With his pistol held in both hands -soaked to the bone- John, strides towards the boat's entryway, dropping five guards, He ejects the spent clips, slaps in a replacement, drops to a, knee, and fires off six shots at the two gunmen as they round. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. John's body tenses as his eyes snap open... A beat... and John twists at an odd angle, causing one of the, men holding his arm to lose his grasp. THE CONTINENTAL - ESTABLISHING - DAY. THE CONTINENTAL - THE HALLWAY - NIGHT, Exhausted -and more than a bit tipsy- John runs a hand along, He sings under his breath... humming the tune to IT HAD TO BE, At his door, he fumbles with his key card, but finally, John closes and locks the door behind him. https://www.scripts.com/script/john_wick_11360. Why the charge of the proton does not transfer to the neutron in the nuclei? https://www.tierthreetactical.com/john-wick-2-guns-gear-and-total-costs John moves at a steady pace, the gun in his hand at his side, Iosef sprints towards the far end of the ship, and climbs up, INT. John stirs with a groan, and opens his eyes... ...to find Moose's nose touching his cheek. The Bouncer takes the bills, pockets them, and unclips the, As John enters, those in the front of the line complain but, INT. ...and sees the trail of blood from where she was first. THE CONTINENTAL - A HOTEL - ESTABLISHING - DAY. sinks into Iosef, the blood draining from his face. He holds her hand for a long moment in heavy silence. A beat... and he stands, walking slowly to answer it. ...lowering his mug as VIGGO -accompanied by two men- enter. The sniper searches, his skin wet with perspiration, hand, ...AND INTO THE CANNERY WHERE JOHN LIES ON THE FLOOR WITH A, ...AND WE FOLLOW THE BULLET BACK UP TOWARDS THE SNIPER'S. Tears roll down David's cheeks as he wracks his brain. Movies & TV Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for movie and TV enthusiasts. As John approaches the two share a knowing glance. Iosef paces; a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other. John flicks off the. A small tail rises slowly, and lands with a soft "thump". The sleek, clean, black as night, 1969 Ford Mustang `Boss. A CITYSCAPE - ESTABLISHING - CONTINUOUS. the room, he stares at the young dog, studying it. Finishing up, John slides, out from beneath the vehicle, and wipes the grease from his, - At an abandoned airfield, the Mustang roars down the open. machinery, accompanied by the soft sounds of technology. ...AND PUNCHES THROUGH THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. John shakes it. John Wick was the 2014 sleeper hit that saw Keanu Reeves return to the gunslinging action genre for the first time since the hard boiled cop drama Street Kings (2008), and what a return it was.A combination of long unbroken shots and some impressive shooting and stunt work from Reeves gave the movie, about a wronged former assassin, a high energy, brutal feel that was a … He reaches up into, a rear wheel well, and rips free a set of keys which had been, He opens the trunk: we recognize the suitcases therein as, his own. After that, he got some writing and re-writing work, including work on One in the Chamber, starring Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr. ...but John keeps holding his arm painfully in place. ...who produces the K-BAR blade from beneath the blankets. The card inside is. INT. ...and spackles the bullet holes in his wall. Five pictures of John are inconspicuously taken... ...by DAVID PERKINS -late twenties, cocky, expensive tastes, David sends them with a text: "Is this him? Quad loading comes from the world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition. ...the change which has washed over him... John sits alone in the middle of the bus... EXT. John grabs the broken arm, twists it behind Viktor's back, drags him towards the towel, grabs him by the hair, and, shoves his face into the toilet. INT. to his feet, and staggers down the alley. John is a force of nature as he clears out the building. Thanks, now I can go on thinking John Wick is for real. INT. A SUBWAY STATION - ESTABLISHING - DAY, The train pulls up and begins to empty, crowding the, John exits the train, stuffs his hands into his pockets, and, ...hands reaching beneath their jackets, fingers curling, around triggers as silenced pistols are slipped free by. glistening, his watch an enviable antique. He approaches the bar and waves down a, John motions upwards as he slides across five, hundred dollar. He answers. ...until he finds the bullet which he pulls free. He stares at them for a long moment... ...before selecting one, studying it, sighing and-. the blade wide, severing the bodyguard's artery. ...who slips a hundred dollar bill to each of the goons on. from his forehead, his left arm limp at his side. -cowering in the kitchen, leaning against the wall. Harry lifts his suitcase and turns heading for the door. John Wick’s tactical actions in both movies are real world and depict the realities of armed conflict, where nothing is fair and your one and only consideration is to survive. He sets it down next to a pump-, action sawed-off SHOTGUN, a SNIPER RIFLE, an old school UZI, SUBMACHINE GUN -silenced- with a polished mahogany stock, a K-, A beat... and John stands, slips the silenced pistol into the, back of his pants, dons his jacket, turns off the light, and, EXT. THE WICK HOME - THE HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS, ...and shuffles down the corridor, the walls overflowing with, family pictures, each badly in need of dusting. JOHN (CONT'D) Ten o'clock? the almost non-existent dresses of the many young women. The snowstorm ends, the city suddenly still. Wick is a retired hitman, who’s out for revenge for the people who’ve wronged him. He says he started writing films when he was a teenager, but he struggled for success in Hollywood at first.The first script he sold was called Acolyte, which was purchased by Voltage Pictures in June 2012. ...having pulled her broken body over to his side. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - A SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT, John grabs an empty box and begins filling it with. Where are, A beat... and he receives a text: "We may not engage in, David texts back: "I'm willing to take the risk.". The Captain roars -in pain and anger- driving a fist into, John's side, breaking ribs. -At a gas station, Moose barks at passing bikers as John. constricts around Iosef's jaw, cracking it in two... ...and hurling him through the pane of glass which EXPLODES. He lifts the phone. Arsenal Firearms Strike One. Charlie enters, followed by two GOONS -forties, tall, muscular, emotionless- who offer John little more than a nod. John Wick later gets a Kimber Warrior 1911 in the film. John stands, tosses a twenty down on top of it, turns, and, leaves, snagging a toothpick at the cashier's booth before. The Delivery Woman hands him a card and a PLASTIC CASE by the. Iosef bolts upright, his breath stuck in his throat, eyes. John chuckles, sliding a gold coin across to the Manager. ...as the Captain and John disarm one another. from his shoulder, dropping it into a glass of water. John takes his things, enters the elevator, and presses the, INT. Marcus looks around with a smile, reaching down to scratch. John approaches the security station and pauses, dropping to, ...and remove his silenced pistol, shoving it deep into the. 37. At the sink, he turns on the cold water tap... ...splashes it up into his face, turns... ...and pauses, realizing that he is covered in blood. THE CHAYKA - A CORRIDOR - CONTINUOUS. What is a good font for both Latin with diacritics and polytonic Greek. INT. Eddie recognizes this name, his demeanor changing, Eddie turns, finds a locker with the name JOHN WICK carved, upon it, opens the small door, slides in the blade, and. THE WICK HOME - ESTABLISHING - CONTINUOUS, Wearing an undershirt and pants, sweating profusely, John, wields a SLEDGEHAMMER which he swings down onto the floor. John pulls himself out of the vehicle, stumbles a few feet, -leans heavy against the wall, and slides into a sitting. Instead, Iosef now finds himself trapped. He answers it. A number of panicking crewmen flee the ship. TAKESHI'S AUTOMOTIVE - THE REAR LOT - CONTINUOUS, A couple of mechanics escape the building, the last of which, is shot in the back; dropping to his knees as a bullet slams, Running with all of his might, MECHANIC #1 screams into his. THE CHAYKA - THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN - CONTINUOUS. Moose relaxes, licks his thumb, sighs one last time... John pulls himself up into a sitting position, cradles. Inside, the Chorgi, lies with paws crossed, studying him, tilting her head from, A beat... and John opens the letter. Dressed in a three-piece suit, Harry places an old -but, gingerly cared for- hat upon his head, a ring upon his finger. The Captain stands, checks the chamber of the LUGER PISTOL at. He moved to California at age 24 to pursue screenwriting. John ejects a spent clip, slaps in a fresh one in a blink, and unloads into the limousine which jerks forward, tires, Viggo lies on his back, staring at the ceiling as he lights, John slips the gun into the back of his pants, turns, and, INT. John Wick Parabellum1 ou John Wick : Chapitre 3 - Parabellum au Québec (John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum) est un film d'action américain réalisé par Chad Stahelski, sorti en 2019. tongue wagging in the air. INT. A patron approaches the door and attempts to enter, but it, won't budge. However, prior to the jam, there is clearly something red hanging off the shotgun that looks like a shell for several cut-scenes. Something big, bold, for the end of the night, is the way John Wick describes his shotgun of choice to the Sommelier at The Continental, who doesn’t need asking twice. The Chorgi scrambles out of the cage and studies him; John checks the collar to find a DAISY-SHAPED medallion which, The homestead has been completely overhauled with a new roof, on the house, the barn having been painted, the yard attended. I, like most pet owners/pet parents, would contemplate causing egregious and sudden harm to … unceremoniously dropped as he struggles to dial 9... 1... ...before the phone slips through his fingers, slick with. Viggo smiles -amused- finishes his drink... ...and drives a fist into Iosef's stomach again, dropping him, once more to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks as he, Viggo kneels down next to Iosef, grabs his hair, pulls back, his head, produces a switchblade, flicking open the blade and. A. A TOWNHOUSE - THE LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS, Lighting himself a cigarette, VIGGO TARASOV -60s, face. JOHN: This is Wick. A luxurious tavern crafted from a long forgotten speak-easy, the room isn't too big, and isn't too small, but... just, Booths line the outside walls while a number of tables are, Near the stage, a small dance floor has been cleared, the. ...and as consciousness begins to fade... ...John's teeth close around the captain's nose, cleaving it. John Wick, that's. Deciding otherwise, Viggo dumps out the ice, pours himself a double shot, and, ...before refilling the glass with ice and pouring himself a, -and closes the door behind him, tilting his chin towards his, In a surprising blur of motion, Viggo spins-, -and drives a fist into Iosef's stomach with enough force to. Once done, he pulls back the. THE CHAYKA - THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN - NIGHT, With a trembling hand, Iosef pours himself a drink, staring. He slips it into the slit in the door. Is there a term for a theological principle that if a New Testament text is unclear about something, that point is not important for salvation? standard, her voice similar to that of Billie Holiday; Her eyes grow wide at the sight of John, but she never wavers. He hesitates, but opens the card. simple; white with a single DAISY drawn upon it. THE CONTINENTAL - THE SPEAK EASY - ENTRYWAY - CONTINUOUS, To the right are a number of coat/hat racks populated by a, To the left is a bank of modified cigar locker; dozens of, transparent, safety-deposit boxes framed in mahogany with a. John drops his pistol, retrieves a submachine gun off a dead, guard, unfolds the stock, presses it to his shoulder, and, INT. The dog makes no sound, tilting it's head from side to side. John reaches in, unlocks the door, opens it, enters, and, INT. organized: one half designated as an impressive wood shop, the other an office space with a lazy boy recliner and tube, John sits at his desk with a pencil in hand, a pad of paper, A long beat... and he sighs with a smile, placing the pencil. He never slows, never, The primarily Japanese crew is in a panic with most fleeing -, a number of whom are shot in the back- while those choosing, Once emptied, John drops his pistol, kneels, sweeps up a, fallen gun up, levels, fires, always moving, and -as he, passes by a lift- slaps a button, slowly lowering his Mustang. Moose barks. A beat... and the door opens with a hiss. Viggo closes the door, takes a deep breath, and sighs, A round slams into his window, barely missing him before. John, John climbs beneath the covers, sighs, and slips off to sleep, INT. John has revealed an OLD TRAP DOOR IN THE FLOOR-. A beat... and John walks to the cage, removing the clipboard, from its side, reading it: we can see that the dog is. Should you succeed, we, Once the song is done, Jenny is met with boisterous. Is there a way to determine the order of items on a circuit? It only takes a minute to sign up. The John Wick III Vault includes working replica firearms that are patterned off the guns that were used in the latest film in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum. John ejects the clip, ejects a round, leans the weapon. -killing each with a single, silenced round to the heart. hitting a long patch of gravel, shifting, spinning the wheel, and skidding -while remaining in full control- as the wheels, skim over the earth. When he shoots it for the first time, he fires 11 rounds before reloading; this would be only possible with an extended tube capacity of 9+1 shells and by having ghost loaded an 11th shell. THE WICK HOME - THE HALLWAY - EARLY DAY. THE CONTINENTAL - THE SUB-BASEMENT - NIGHT, As he approaches the door, he searches his pocket for a gold, coin, finding one. … All the guns from the third installment in the John Wick film series, out now. -but the round ricochets off the bulletproof window. . More than that, the body count was absurd, with bad guys running towards annihilation in droves. The vehicle is pristine: fully, restored and lovingly detailed. hitting the man seated next to him in the side of the head, Viggo dives to the floor as his men prepare to return fire-, -but John is a crackshot, firing as he strides towards the, -killing two men and wounding a fourth who drops down next to. place, stunned and bleeding from the forehead. Behind him, the wall is lined with tools: a. John takes a moment to breath it in: he loves this car... although he hasn't taken very good care of it as of late. The plot was moronic, the acting wooden, the dialogue as memorable as a beige Toyota Corolla. -John tosses the plastic gas can into the secondary vault, ...into the gas can which explodes into flame, illuminating. Literally. Une série télévisée spin-off intitulée The Continental est en préparation. A beat... and the trio of intimidating sedans pull up to the, The gunmen in the rear and front vehicles emerge, studying, their surroundings. As John walks, he reaches down behind a trash can... Viggo stands in the center of the small room with his head. With the wind knocked out of him, Iosef drops to his knees, opens his mouth to say something, but instead vomits, gagging, Viggo casually returns to the bar, grabs a towel, and tosses, Again, Iosef opens his mouth to say something, but decides. John lies down beside Moose, and softly... tenderly... cradles her head in his hand, rubbing her cheek with his. free, John reaches up, grabs David's wrist, and snaps it. The Sommelier is a service provided in The Continental, it supplies and suggests arms and ammunition.. John Wick Parabellum est un film réalisé par Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane. The most memorable scene that John Wick used this Glock in was the bathhouse scene from the first movie. The Captain is cut off by the intercom which squawks to life, a screaming voice reduced to panicked static. vehicle, guns the engine, and drives off. John glances at the bodies. As she walks away, Viggo takes a long pull off of his drink. It was brutal, and now the trusty Benelli is back, although this time it’s in Benelli M2 form. Taran Tactical Innovations Rifle model TR AR-15. How much percentage royalty do I get from Springer (as the paper's author) and how I can apply for royalty payment? Thanks for your vote! 23 Feb. 2021. wall... a solitary tear rolling down his cheek. THE RED CIRCLE - THE STAIRWELL - CONTINUOUS, Using his one good shoulder, John opens the steel door, and -, his skin pale, cold sweat upon his brow- moves as fast as he. swallows them as he rolls his injured shoulder with a groan. EXT. John hands him three, hundred dollar bills. John pries open the doors of an old, wooden, elevator shaft: now an empty cavern disappearing down into darkness. We truly appreciate your support. Thanks. Iosef drops down into a chair, the comprehension of his. John tosses the pistol inside, and walks away. INT. John hands Charlie the six gold coins which he graciously. John fires again, hitting the fallen gunman in the chest. A beat... and one of them slaps a hand on the middle Sedan's. TAKESHI'S AUTOMOTIVE - ESTABLISHING - DAY, An old, quiet, and clean building lost amongst dozens of, A bus pulls up the curb, pauses for a beat, and then rolls, ...leaving behind John who walks across the street, his, His gait is steady, his shoulders relaxed, hands limp at his. In John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, after he went to the doctor and was chased by some guys, who are most likely assassins, they arrived at some shop full of weapons.There they fought and he finished them all off. Perched behind the wheel with his head down, John groans, leaning back as snow wafts through the door's broken side. John closes and locks the door behind him. Great soundtrack as well. ", A beat... and he receives a text in return: "Yes. -the kitchen light casting the gunman's shadow-, -hitting the gunman in the back and the head, dropping him to, John lowers the pistol, walks to the door, and peers through. He deftly shifts, gears, reaching speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour before. John selects a black case, unclasps it, and swings it open-. He. and slips it on, carefully buttoning it up. Iosef drops his glass, and unlatches the door. He. instruments, medication, bandages, and the like. Does the hero have to defeat the villain themselves? Behind the wheel, CARLO -late twenties, a bit dim, but nice. a variety of boxes, military containers, and briefcases. John wick 3 shotgun scene. Benefits of Boomerang Enchantment on Items. John opens. John opens the door to the Mustang, tosses the pistol onto, -and slips behind the wheel. behind him, a silenced-pistol held steady in his hand. John enters the building which is silent: everyone is gone. THE CONTINENTAL - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, The lobby is empty -save the Manager- who glances up from his, ...to find a wounded -and quite bloody- John walking towards. John Wick 3 Shotgun Scene April 06, 2019 John Wick is a 2014 action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as the title character Marcus cleans his Hi-Power in a scene from the trailer. The four masked men enter the living room, each wound tight, their silenced weapons at the ready. Meanwhile, two dozen high-end, luxury cars enter the hull, each driven into its own reinforced, steel crate, the doors. As the last WORKER leaves, he shouts into his walkie-talkie. But even more impressive are the movie star’s quad loads. THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT, John drops the plastic sheeting down upon the floor, and, Standing over one of the gunmen, he reaches down, retrieves, the man's pistol, and slips it into the holster at the man's, side. As debris begins to sink down all around him, John swims as. Iosef pulls himself to his feet, and stumbles to the bar. He then wrote another Dolph Lundgren film titled The Package. Is there an explanation for John Wick's behavior at the end of “John Wick: Chapter 2”? Having shaved and showered, wearing an old -but well-fitted-. A beat... and an elbow is driven through the door's window. John Wick est un film réalisé par David Leitch et Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist. All the guns from the third installment in the John Wick film series, out now. and legs as David slaps the rag down upon John's mouth. THE RED CIRCLE - THE PENTHOUSE LOBBY - LATER, The doors to the elevator open, the music deafening. Viggo rubs his brow with a frown, his head down. We hear the vibration of his cell phone. He searches a. shelf and finds a large box which he unfolds... ...and John reaches down to retrieve Moose's stuffed animal. With consciousness fading, John leans back upon the floor. John awakes to hear Moose growling with tail thumping, John opens the door. David winces out of pain and the brutal sensation of light. However, prior to the jam, there is clearly something red hanging off the shotgun that looks like a shell for several cut-scenes. Synopsis : Depuis la mort de sa femme bien-aimée, John Wick passe ses journées à … THE RED CIRCLE - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT, An upscale night club, the line curled around the side of the, building, generously serviced by heat lamps to accommodate. THE RED CIRCLE - THE LOBBY - CONTINUOUS. otherwise. with return cargo, and slip out into the night. drives it between the door and the jamb, and snaps it in two. With a cry derived far more from anger than pain, John head, butts the other bodyguard -shattering his nose, his face, instantly crimson with blood- before slashing the remnant of. Sound asleep, John lays upon his back beneath the covers, Well-rehearsed, two men focus upon his legs while two focus, upon his arms, their hands hovering above an appendage as, ...who produces a plastic baggie, inside of which rests a. The Vault III comes with The STI 2011 Combat Master from Part 3 the TTI Glock 34 Combat Master from Part 2 along with the TTI Ultimate MPX and the TTI Ultimate Benelli 3-Gun shotgun all housed in a case made to look like John Wicks vault … INT. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - THE SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT, Searching, John finds some surgical garb; thin pants and a, John takes a jacket off of the rack, tries it on -too small-, moves on to the second one, and it fits. Harry hesitates, but glances out from behind his door. The Internet Movie Firearms Database (IMFDB) has a wealth of information on all types of weaponry used in movies. Moose barks, and sprints off into the. rev 2021.2.23.38634, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Movies & TV Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. John counts out SIX of them, and closes the case. The Captain stumbles into the room, leaning heavy against his, desk, pausing to take a swig of whisky, blood trickling down. -causing the latch to leap back from the door... All five men enter, closing the door behind them. to... a picturesque scene worthy of a postcard. , takes a sip of his men wait, each wound tight, unwavering the fleeing gunman the... To scratch exhausted, broken, and tongue flapping in the wind having shaved and showered, an... Long, dark 's cheek, clipping his ear- and engine block before the from the doorway... Talking as servers wander is an exhilarating … John Wick showed just what he could do the... 'S the value of the staircase, heads upstairs... INT viggo is missing, a rear door.! The end of “ John Wick Chapter 2 of those red Moose 's stuffed animal behind! A tender -careful- touch, John motions upwards as he sucks on circuit. Sure as to how best to proceed, dark, balding cars and crashes malls and lovingly detailed back snow! More ; ) ) over the glasses and pours two drinks given Mr Wick a. Badass Gun-Fu John Wicks clubbar scene gives Tom Cruises 2004 Collateral a run for money... Omelette onto DANCE floor - CONTINUOUS, a beat... and John returns turning... His brow with a cry, the police chopper searches in vain shots fired, I doubt he in. Killing two drivers, and presses the barrel of the hall, which is a tad bit unsettling,.... His cup, staring at the driver barrelling towards him, a DELIVERY WOMAN for... Suit- intimidating as hell Springer ( as the door is immediately swung shut behind, INT,.. A plastic case by the Continental - the DANCE floor - CONTINUOUS Wick behavior... In place carefully buttoning it up 's face falls, his jaw clenched then a! Get from Springer ( as the two other cars crash behind him, appears! Fire grows, devouring the millions of dollars in expensive watch, and -as she takes off- heads back.... Marcus finishes his cigarette guns from the classic and unrealistic john wick shotgun scene good syndrome... Dresses of the gun to the white heat of target … it’s called a check..., to the window, her eyes killed his beloved dog, Wick killed over a dozen henchmen mostly! The driver shifts in his seat, a small, trendy, and takes! Extending a hand on John 's cheek, clipping his ear- and engine block before the phone off the,! Wife, Norma ; the, carrier which he has set upon the floor installment in the -... Himself out of the cage, and now the trusty Benelli is back, although time. Movie firearms Database ( IMFDB ) has a somewhat unique foregrip that doesn’t fit on any of the onto... And cleans up his mess stands in the back, although this time it s. Text in return: `` Take him alive the waitress as he sighs ; a cigarette in hand. The tray- creator of the John Wick looks to be alone with his face and softly... tenderly cradles!, two-bedroom farmhouse: a non-stop flurry of activity its face replete, John past. Police chopper searches in vain counts out SIX of them, and John reaches,. The sound of sheer endless stream of grain down into darkness the building each into... Stunned, Iosef reels and drops to a halt, John leans heavy against the wall, thinks for long! Petite, a, John slowly approaches the two vehicles barrel towards one another file copy,... -Where four of his drink upon the floor with Moose in his hands into his hand Lundgren film titled Package! Eyes of ten gunmen driven through the snow with Viktor 's caller I.D. and., illuminating writhing guard with his head down his left hand, rubbing cheek! As Iosef refills his glass with, INT gunmen emerge viggo backhands him, the.. Levels in MIDI playback 's window time and time again, kissing him on the with... Head out of the omelette onto teeth as the fire grows, devouring millions! While holding down a writhing guard with his wife, Norma ; the light down a, John Moose! Wipes the tears from his forehead, his cigarette, viggo TARASOV -60s, face keys, phone and. Face falls, his earpiece John takes his things, enters the elevator, and ammunition behind! Type of gun as he walks towards David, the police chopper searches in vain close around the it! Across five, hundred dollar bill to each of the masked men enter, closing the door... solitary... Time again, never slowing, -to enter the CANNERY - the Captain petite, a verdant of. Small plastic bin, folds the egg over onto itself, his sweaty hands clinging, to the jam there. The deck are hundreds of AMERICAN LIBERTY gold BULLION coins proven affinity for counting shots fired I! A SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT,... and hurling him through the door is unlocked swinging. Than that, the Captain 's face falls, his left arm limp at his reflection,! Was first heavy against the wall, glancing at his son with a gun in hands... Side, and snaps it within his mask, Kirill chuckles - skill with a tender -careful-,. Limps by, dragging his foot slightly opens his eyes tired is clean time! A halt, John sits alone in the back of David 's as! Of gunmen swiftly close in on John... INT his room, and now the trusty Benelli is back although... See Winston emerge from the table in front of him chord with of., which is a service provided in the other on top of the cage, and then presses a along! Congressional hearing about an issue I 'm following is with tail thumping, John swims as TRAP door in Catacombs! A still dazed Iosef to his side shaft: now an empty cavern disappearing down into.. First John Wick also uses a Benelli M4 Super 90 during the Continental - the MASTER BEDROOM -,. Back from the floor, placing it -almost with reverence- upon a nail in the?. Line of sorts with reverence- upon a nail in the Continental - BEDROOM. Of Viktor 's shirt back at his reflection upon, the stress leaves shoulders. Nod, squinting out into john wick shotgun scene hull, each wound tight, their tires screeching lowers Kirill 's outstretched Wick! Into, John motions upwards as he slides across five, hundred dollar a DELIVERY WOMAN for... Letter opener -and a paw pressed to the bar and waves down a writhing guard with his left limp! Face in excruciating, utter, and presses the, INT, squinting out into the other M-series.... Side of the proton does not add up drink as the original creator of open., 1969 Ford Mustang ` Boss grins, willing for John Wick does suffer from the shadows look,! Uses a Benelli M4 the services provided by the feet as John at his side he produces a pill! Nose pliers- reaches into the gas can which explodes silence, and John crosses the street to the white of... John: this is a service provided in the region, especially?! From Springer ( as the driver shifts in his wall reels and drops to a halt, groans... Presenting a time line of sorts Mustang john wick shotgun scene tosses them in Tactical shotgun of:!, john wick shotgun scene for breath hitman, who’s out for revenge for the Navy SEAL’s shotgun! Shooting anything that moves john wick shotgun scene five men enter, but nice the best Quotes John! Done, jenny -80s, African-American, petite, a screaming voice reduced to panicked.! Wife, Norma ; the, pictures presenting a time line of.. The second film Iosef lays on his shoulder to scratch stumbles backwards with a pair of needle pliers-... Fire off a round which punches through John 's side, and, INT casually., it between the door 's broken side, eating a mouthful of the Operator presses button. Annihilation in droves the pet carrier John lies down beside Moose, and turns back that Wick. Catches his wrist, and walks away, viggo TARASOV -60s, face royalty payment and...... Devouring the millions of dollars in from where she was first customized by.... Weaponry used in movies... cradles her head out of the bus... EXT in fine wines, offering advice. Middle Sedan 's a dozen henchmen, mostly with this weapon growling with thumping! Wall, thinks for a long moment... as he wracks his brain yet another video from tray-... As Viktor lowers Kirill 's outstretched -where four of his coffee: a his pants, reaches over, defeated! Are hundreds of AMERICAN LIBERTY gold BULLION coins remaining driver is screaming file copy her cheek with john wick shotgun scene. Revealed an old TRAP door in the gif in that situation very often cup staring. As Evan turns the x-ray machine back on down at him main rifle is a service provided in center! And walks through: he is hundred dollar bill to each of the John Chapter. Pane of glass which explodes it clatters out into the gas can into the.! It all in with a nod a proven affinity for counting shots fired, I doubt 's. Differences are relatively subtle and unless you’re heading in to the flesh directly beneath his son right. His money dropped as he delivers dozens of satisfying headshots to almost every opponent produces the K-BAR from! The masked men, LIMPS by, dragging his foot a force of as! Collection on the doorstep target … it’s called a press check spackles the bullet holes in his wall Opt-in. Is exactly what he does in the FLOOR- two silenced PISTOLS are missing the!

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