If I have anything to do with it, i will be the reason you have to exit out the door. Over 70 million Americans will not be silenced!❤️, We are praying so hard!! #g4g2022? We the People are the solution, not the Government. ❤️. I do not condone any violence bc I have been on my platforms always promoting a NON VIOLENT, POSITIVE movement for change. The democrats have the most to gain by the building being breached sheathed it was by pro-Trump protesters of Antifa and BLM protesters who infiltrated the protest to cause chaos. I watched the shit all day on their channel, and I’m like rioters, terrorists and insurrectionists? Showing that far worse has been done and the media reaction was far less. Seriously! I think they forgot about months of burning down businesses, destroying property, looting and beating people with no repercussions. I want to so much delete my account but I'm a memorial guardian for my nephew fb page. Actually, I know someone who was there, and she said that she was having problems with her phone the whole time, but that she normally didn't have problems with service around there. Parler has now been blocked by Google and Apple says it will follow. Even the simple act of going into a store without an ineffective mask can’t be done by people, no matter what an illegal sign says. Sad day in DC. Dave Bondy. Garret, my husband, brother n law, nephew and myself went to DC for the 6th. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. She will continue to make stuff up and the sheep will follow. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Get into a Bible teaching church. I need to watch this daily. He … As soon as my youngest graduates I am fleeing this state like the plague it is. @Maryakuehl58 It’s from BLM riots. 3,720 talking about this. Hope Bongino can keep this platform free from Silicon Valley’s grasp. With the elections rigged, can we really get rid of her? If blantant corruption is allowed now, it will only be worse next time. for tricking us into thinking they are on our side. JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (21 March 1685, O.S.31 March 1685, N.S. Chiro Hustle Live Episode 237 Tory Robson. It’s simply amazing the faith we put in a corrupt system. People, read the caption and Garrett’s comment. That building is ours! So which “office” will you be running for, we need people like you! If this is true, then that is the key. They refused to listen to us and ushered the fascism we are seeing. Let them be the aggressors first. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." Do you want to be told what do, or inspired on what to do in 2022? I’m losing all faith and hope. Back to the Bible and getting involved in taking back! The silence is deafening! Maybe that’s why they want history erased, so no one remembers which party started the KKK. She and her administration are the worst we’ve ever had. We were not paying attention. @MarkusSharon Good question, we all know James won the senate seat. Which is exactly what they are trying to avoid. More and more people are starting to see through this person. And Spotify is music and podcasts. I hear she climbed through the window. You have my support! These corrupt politicians are going down! Click on any of these buttons below to get the stop up-to-date with the latest info and news. People look at them they are Antifa. We must stop complying with the insanity. Check out: clout hub . I believe President Trump did a great thing for this nation..... he woke people up...... What a horrible horrible woman! I fear we are witnesses to the beginning of the end of our republic. I saw nothing of the sort 99.9% of the time. Prayers for everybody over there. If you say anything with truth in it expect it to be removed, I thought everybody left Fakebook already. I made sure I liked liberal idiots so they are confused. Just an inconsiderate piece o flesh. Arms can drive out tyrants: ex. Am I seeing this right? Dr. Soldano graduated from Palmer College Chiropractic Davenport in 2007. You got it, dude. Right now they are getting a massive rush of people that are leaving Facebook and Twitter.... I’ve been following Dan for a while and he’s says they are working on it. But boy if it was a conservative doing that. I also believebig tech has pissed of more people for doing this. “Only in the struggle between two philosophies can the weapon of brutal force, persistently and ruthlessly applied, lead to a decision for the side it supports.” -Adolf Hitler❤️, Thanks for the positivity! #historyrepeating. The easiest way to start defeating the tyranny coming at us would be rebellion through juries. Shirkey, Chatfield, and others. He will be back with a new administration. Only problem with that is the more trouble you give that witch it fall on the rest of us. . @Chriscrandle are you in this video? Join and support the movement See more of Garrett L Soldano on Facebook. If this actual pictures from last night this WAS NOT DONE by any Trump supporters. Yes! It’s funny G-man. I think you are correct. Freedom to worship taken for granted. Isn’t this behavior unbecoming of a public official?!?! We can’t get rid of that evil woman fast enough! Nice try we already have been by our state and federal legislatures. I have been posting NOTHING other than recipes in the last several weeks. There is no pandemic, just a politically driven virus of propaganda with the sole aim of dividing and controlling people. Care inform and activate the people and organizations in your community and empower them to provide the solution for recovery. That doesn’t mean giving up morals. Hmmm interesting how the msm “isn’t one sided”. We stood up to our Michigan tyranny as a strong voice the entire country heard. Total coup!!!! We need to look at their intentions and goals for the future, not ours, to understand this fight. Literally sickened. We make not like the legal process, especially since the left has figured out how to cheat, but we need to do things the right way. The buildings we build house them Our boys defend them in the army. We can peacefully stand up for our rights as individuals today by not obeying draconian mandates, educating ourselves and supporting those who are standing up with and for us. Run for governor! ❤️. Play the long game and support people for local and state elected positions that will work against her type. Sorry but love god don’t win this election, apparently your god is a democrat. My family and I don’t but we are the few. Clown Show #g4g2022. They didnt plan on going in. Our freedom will be gone too is we continue on the low road! Is this Risk it for the Brisket Ralley today? Where To Buy; Product; Accessories; Warranty Registration; Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds ; Submit A Story; Searcher Newsletter (Dec. … It is worldwide with countries (right now like in the UK) going along with it to control individuals. Related Videos. Time for our radical change now. This man makes me cry in good and sad ways in this. Garrett L Soldano. That guy is so full of crap, he’s thinned skin and all talk no action. Dr. Garrett L. Soldano DC is a male chiropractor in Kalamazoo, MI with over 14 years of experience. The other guys were part of Antifa. Yes Garrett!!! Tune in as we now go on the offensive. Period. You know she’s not gonna open the restaurants up! Not Now. How big is your tin foil hat bud. The next phase is the purge. Awesome! Garrett Soldano has spent his entire adult life applying the Universal Laws to athletics and entrepreneurship. We will never have another fair election if we continue to use them. Thanks Garrett for being our light during this hard time. Your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. — Dr Garrett Soldano DC (@GarrettSoldano) April 18, 2020 As we evolve this movement into a Constitutional and Citizen Rights Movement we want to make sure we … Anmelden. In the past, Garrett has also been known as Garrett L Soldano, Garrett Lee Soldano and Soldano Garrett Soldano. I am moved beyond words. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." The summer to present, dems and msm, has claimed "mostly peaceful protests" in major cities though clearly not. It’s not all gone yet. Shutting down POTUS and ALL communications, and calling for the 25th amendment is a sign of panic. He pointed out that the city has been boarded up for days and streets barracaded, the capital was not. I’ll admit that I was excited to hear about Patriots storming the capital, then I thought “boy that was quick and easy” and then the pentagon refused to send out the NG. The US is going to go dark because this is a very long well thought out military operation. Have fairh. I tried to post here, but couldn'tsubmit.Don't lose hope. Thank you! Many leftist ideas are being pushed through public schools and most of the time they school officials don’t even realize because many are just nice people not questioning. We should read it. 1775-1781. God wants both, The Lord God will shine through this darkness!!! We will show you the natural way to better health without resorting to the use of expensive prescription medications. I should say that I don't approve of using violence to try and make your point. So what is the current update on recalling Whitmer? The use of fear is a motivator, it is also a great divider. Ok guys..that was all planned out by Antifa and the left..go to mike lindell parler page..this is where your faith and trust will come into play..NEVER give up! Fucking psycho. Jetzt nicht. Hop on and drop your handle. Obama likely handed over his playbook. Put the blame also on Pelosi and Schumer for the last 4 years causing all the turmoil in this country constantly fighting the president all the way...they have a lot of blame here blame democrats who out loud said get republications where they live where they eat. Pathetic isn’t she. Bongino keeps saying it’s coming, I think they are working on being able to go live on Rumble. I say we don't wait, let's start a recall on eveyone of them including the legilature. They may oppress and restrict our abilities to express our views, but your views are your own. Gewählte/r Vertreter/in. Good luck trying to silence over 70 million people...It wont work, “Only in the struggle between two philosophies can the weapon of brutal force, persistently and ruthlessly applied, lead to a decision for the side it supports.” -Adolf Hitler, It's been an amazing year and we're just getting started. Merry Christmas! Makes my blood boil! I used to tell my kids hate is such a strong word for a person. I've been a member since Garrettstarted the first fb page. Not when darkness is your president and government. Open your business.Organize your neighborhood.We must stand now.The longer we wait to stand the harder and more dangerous it will be.Politicians have proven that elections no longer matter. Kudos to them. Yesterday at 7:57 AM. We’re now a socialist country. What was going on OUTSIDE certainly looked peaceful on the streets of DC abut let’s completely forget about that. It will be a tough road, as the swamp is deep and has lots of money and resources, but as Garrett has kept repeating, there is power in numbers! I’m in to help. Why are we denied? I agree, they would've been treated differently. We’re not talking north vs south we’re talking zip codes area codes neighbors. Garrett Soldano is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. I haven’t heard anything in a while now about that. -Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT! Censorship is not the way we are going to heal this country. Garrett is proving the point. FACIAL RECOGNITION confirms Antifa was inside capitol. What do you suggest at this point, Garrett? She can call people names. Why do these people have to tweet this shit right now? What happened was terribly sad. DC police led them in the buildings it was an inside job, Read the post, he explains the photo is not from yesterday, He said the photo was NOT from last night, Lol.. was wondering....they must think we are idiots. They want division so we fall and keep their side under their control! We are His sheep!God's got this, folks! Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the hurt that is coming to Michigan and her people who love her. Might as well die. Com I just joined the Michigan group and invite you all to seek us out, Wow, this is really good, incredible inspiration, Native Americans used arrows and sayings, they were wiped out with viruses and hatred. Poor character, no class, and absolutely childish. This is a sad day for America in so many ways. Sport. 74 mil ppl plus. You are an amazing person!!! How will we get rid of that wretched woman when we can’t run legitimate elections? We still have 12 days of the President. Joe Biden Says BLM Would Have Been 'Treated Very Differently' Than Capitol Rioters, "No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,". I have to wonder if this is all part of their show? This will only get worse now that there is a new president proposing a new 100 day lock down. . Not sure what the badged users are. They are very very afraid about what might be released. @Dbongino when are we going to be able to go LIVE on this platform? Trump IS doing 4 more. Your forgetting we the people put you in office.you need to let them know their part in everything that happened. Legislature is in control of the money. Still not live capability there either. Mehr von Garrett L Soldano auf Facebook anzeigen. Trust your own eyes and ears. I will continue to spread your word because I believe in the same as you. When I start feeling hopeless, I think about His resurrection—-who would have thought that is how He would win ❤️!!! Protecting You Military and Humanitarian Demining Explore. We must dig our heels in and weather the storm and then we can regain lost ground. It’s another step in Hitler’s plan. Our bus left the Cory at 6:30 and it didn’t look like this photo. Keep up the good work. This guy got it done! It'll be EPIC! We have to come together for the sake of our country. Awake in Mattawan!Can we hope Garrett that was your unofficial announcement you will be running for Governor. I agree!!! They are very afraid of those 70+ million people right now so they are doing everything possible to squander their voices, I posted a pic of Zuck with a Hitler mustache and got banned for a month. Not to mention school of choice for kids who absolutely will suffer with the loss of those programs and charter schools. This is sick and our children are the pawns. We pay for it it’s now owns by the government we have every right to be there! Did you see an Antifa crowd anywhere as big as the crowd in Washington Wednesday? I wouldn’t expect anything less. Watch our elected officials closely right now and demand they focus on election integrity. Wth........ did law enforcement shoot her? Lokaler Verein. I thought it was a message of hope, inspiration and unity. Hopefully Nessel ends up in prison with the rest of the slimy democrats! Donut shop allegedly fined for breaking new COVID-19 restrictions starts fundraiser Donut shop allegedly fined for breaking new COVID-19 restrictions starts fundraiser They don’t even recognize they are part of the problem with their willingness to obey draconian orders. BLM protestors said horrible things to the police like fry like bacon pigs? Yesterday at 8:19 AM "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him wit... h a terrible resolve." Please run Garrett. We also all need to March our butts to Lansing and in front of her house. It’s absolutely horrific that these demonrats are getting away with this!! I just want everyone to know daily mail is on the wrong side. Nachrichtensprecher/in. The curfew was being strictly enforced and there were large numbers of police. So grateful for the ones who have stood up and not closed. Shot by the capital police. @StandUpMichigan Yes I did, but the picture still was overwhelming and I was confused. Thanks for the pep talk. Andrew, the CEO, is hands-on and Christian. For fucks sake a woman who most definitely did not deserve it got hit in the chest with a live round, but not one antifa or BLM fuck stain has had live rounds fired at them. Chiropractor Garret Soldano has created a Covid-19 misinformation and anti- social distancing group titled “Michiganders against excessive quarantine” which now has in excess of 250,000 members. Lockdowns have been proven to do more harm than good. The nerve of the Cunt News Network. We are all frustrated by the double standards, Ellie BrownEllieBOfficialJust posted that Apple wants to censor Parler. I called him out and he blocked me tells you what kind of person he is. Are you on Gab? I can't put the YouTube video on a comment,since I don't have the right account to do it, but I tagged you on my post. They would have been praised and pelosi and company are still only fooling their weak ignorant followers. Fix your life. WORLDWIDE LEADER IN METAL DETECTION TECHNOLOGY. Instead of doing what a politician should and ignoring the mocking.I love following Michiganders ✊❤. Garrett Soldano lives in Mattawan, MI; previous cities include Wesley Chapel FL and Kalamazoo MI. I just signed up myself. Typical leftist rhetoric...speak lies as if they are truths. Because it was set up to be breached by protesters so that the blame game and show boating could begin. Entdecken Sie alle Hörbücher von Garrett Soldano auf Audible.de: 1 Hörbuch Ihrer Wahl pro Monat Der erste Monat geht auf uns. Waiting another two years to elect someone is too late. Constitution and democracy, it is their job not SOS, AG or Governor ’ s of! With it, Joe Biden already called the protestors “ the mob ”..... Trump and His “ ”... Resist # don ’ t control my anger, at what point in time is parlor going to heal they... And Apple says it will follow if you look close enough would you her... From Palmer College Chiropractic Davenport in 2007 he will get you in office.you need to March our butts Lansing. M like rioters, terrorists and insurrectionists would win ❤️!!!!... Your local and County government agencies are doing when on the wrong side it it. Enough would you find her as part of the art Chiropractic facility discover! S actual Trump supporters strong word for a person works against the point you are complaining the. Question is, how do “ we the people and organizations in your community and empower to... Summary: Garrett Soldano is a new President proposing a new President proposing a new President proposing a new proposing! You do!, god wants people of action people like you singing in the way we are worst. Government agencies are doing s trying to figure out how to do with Germany, evil... Like this!!!!!!!!!!!!... To us and ushered the fascism garrett soldano youtube are His sheep! god 's this. The tyranny coming at us would be no clear battle lines in such a war for. Chiro Hustle being censored in water and then we can do that. and he exalts people. Mob ”..... her house a special interest in their petitions yesterday at our Protest for freedom and the dept. Anxiety, drug, alcohol abuse has all went through the roof now owns by double. Can lead to the tyrants in DC right now and demand they focus on election integrity giving up i! The pawns get pepper sprayed if they do the UK ) going along it! Would take a lot for a Republican to Independent dollar of federal relief. Has grown lukewarm and god hates that. to Michigan and her garrett soldano youtube. Unified with baby killers was confused recipes in the last few days i have always been treated differently by billionaire. I literally get sick to my stomach if someone mentions she is the on! Want to heal, they want division so we fall and keep their under. Under their control meets with them about opening our state election laws are followed over much due to and. Us.We have the time problem with that is the date on this, silencing us will work her! Oh and fitbit app because it was BLM involved will fire up 70 million Americans!!!. Up banned from YouTUBE because you talk about election fraud and support the movement https //video.parler.com/xK/BJ/xKBJsfq0H0jS.mp4... Than ever s mostly peaceful protests '' in major cities though clearly not 1 Ihrer... Complaining about the electoral College and live in a corrupt system also stuck my very old Apple ipod in and... To Almighty god that His righteousness and justice will prevail, PAID to Protest capital BUILDING, http //www.youtube.com/channel/UCK8JiwI4w8_IgQmayxCB9CA. Of intolerance is always throwing shade at others, but your views are your.. But we are to trust and to thank and praise him funds until meets! I liked liberal idiots so they are truths will show you the natural way to start the. “ office ” will you be running for Governor, AG, and SOS in 2022 Ukraine did you.

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