He cut large holes in the drywall in the garage and the bathroom to find the leak and repair it. Well I beg to differ because the sealant around my tub has discolored in spots and looks nasty and I can't get it off. It is surprisingly and unfortunately negative. A plumber had to be called and could not fix the problem until the next day. If you could send us a message with your name and zip code we'd be more than happy to make this issue right. Thank you for your positive feedback Margaret! Workers make mistakes however management should practice good customer service. He arrived and there was an issue with finding the correct shut off for the water. It’s not like I’m mad, but I just kinda feel like I’m being ignored. I'd like to mention the installers as they were meticulous in covering my wood floors as they worked in and out of the house and cleaned up any mess caused in the bathrooms from the work. We needed to redo our bath for my 85 year old dad who could no longer get into a normal tub. LIFETIME WARRANTY ????? He walked us through the whole program and he said, “Hey, here’s how it’s all gonna go, and you’ll get a callback. It remains to be seen whether I'll get proper repairs from Bath Fitters, but--believe me--I WILL get satisfaction one way or another, even if it's only from warning potential customers not to trust them! The reason behind hiring people with little to no experience is so that Bath Fitter can train them with Bath Fitter's guidelines... A recipe for disaster. A link has directed you to this review. Be very careful when you look into bath fitters. Be the first one to find this review helpful. Company. We called another company who started work right away, finished with a great result. The warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it. There was one issue with equipment that will be fixed the next day. What I found was a bit disturbing. my name is dennis and zip is 07882 but like I said in post don't bother I will find alternative to get the tub white. They left a huge gap between the new shower pan and existing tile, cut my baseboard so crooked it looked like they did it with their teeth. Do not buy the first day, the compamy will follow up and say well mr. Jones, did the sales rep explain everything properly? Very dissatisfied. With the first and second cartridge installed, I and 8 other units above my unit (I live in a highrise condo) only got hot water from the shower, no cold shower. Little did we know. Our management respects us and our team members support each other- like cogs in a clock we depend on everyone here to make it work. Sincerely Steven **. Write a review Sign in Now, as one passes down the hallway to get to any of those bedrooms, the bathroom jumps out because it is so bright white and looks so much more crisp and pristine. Ease of Care After your bathroom remodeling project with BATH FITTER is complete, you’ll be happy to find that … They are waiting for more business, but will call a plumbing contractor to do the tenant's bathroom. I have done this because if there is Bath Fitter would address the issue or issues if any in a responsible time frame due to me still owing a considerable balance. Never the fault of poor craftsmanship - OR Bath Fitter. Worst. @Ray Pointer Problems. 4. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. 121 Bath Fitter jobs available on Indeed.com. Both were completed in less than 2 days. Learn more about the Bath Fitter … It's reassuring to work with pleasant, competent professionals who take pride in their work. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Bath Fitter? I gave over a year in good faith and service to this company and have an excellent, educated and informed perspective on Bath Fitter as a company. We like to laugh but, at the same time, we all want to … That complaint still had not been resolved by the time I left the company. Bath Fitter of Ft Myers is a sham and a scam. They were courteous and professional. All Rights Reserved. It was my opinion that what she had to show to me was what I needed to renew my master bath shower. I just saw the adv. We had Bath Fitters replace our tub with a shower liner in March of 2014. I thank Bath Fitter for their professionalism, products and willingness to make sure that the customer is fully satisfied. Once the 30 days are up I will go to the Bath Fitter's location in Evansville and make my final payment. These delays caused us to miss the weekend open house date set by our realtor. Some customers file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as soon as Bath Fitter hears of these complaints they are immediately addressed and the situations rectified. 6 Bath Fitter reviews in Raleigh-Durham, NC. I cannot say enough about Zack the installer for Bath Fitter. The installer damaged a porcelain tile and I showed it to the guy who added the knob. Hi, we can appreciate your frustration and rest assured Bath Fitter is dedicated to completing everything to your satisfaction. Two days later a worker came to repair the drywall however he expected us to pay and apply the wall texture. My first call to the Lenexa office was met with a friendly and energetic voice. I will make another service call to see how far I get and how many calls I have to place to get service. Then I got a call from the company about what time the installers would arrive. "Oh, it's the plumber's fault, not ours..." The branch manager finally agreed to send out an installer to repair the drywall and ceiling of his kitchen - an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, green handed kid with NO experience in the realm of home repair. Skip the difficult bath remodeling process—BATH FITTER offers beautiful acrylic bathtubs and bathtub liners that go beyond ordinary bathtub resurfacing. My soap dish fell off, I called and a lady answered and said the girl would be back and she would call me. The last time I called about the caulk I was told they charge $95.00 an hour to come and redo the caulk. While it’s challenging to determine the price of services upfront, Bath Fitter lets customers easily book a virtual design consultation for more information. I bought an older home three years ago the seriously needed the bath/shower back splash and window replaced. That the cost for the upgrade to the Quartz front tub would be "absorbed" by Bath Fitters. I can't find my order number. I paid over $7, 000 and now wished I would have gone with another company. We, like everyone else thought, "Wow one day in and out!" Had to cut holes all in my garage ceiling to fix plumbing, were going to just cover up their work, inspector had to tell them they needed to put in access panel since plumbing had been redone, put in plastic access panel - had to tell them can't put plastic in a fire wall - if fire broke out in garage the plastic would melt in seconds and fire is now into the rest of the house immediately. Which is it? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our I am not quite certain that this is the branch of Bath Fitter that recent redid our tub ... but my dissatisfaction would in large measure apply … He was really nice and I really liked him. Now I have to pay thousands more to get a REAL bath. Most estimators that I've met could care less about Bath Fitter as a company and even less about their 8% commission rate. On Tues, 10/30/18, I sent pictures to the original seller and asked her if could receive discount if we kept the tub they had put in even though it was put in without asking me and WAS NOT what I had ordered. Coupon I had. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. I told her that was unacceptable. She said it was a miscommunication, so my financing had to go through Snap Home Finance, so now I had to deal with Snap, as Bath Fitter already got the balance payment from Snap. In case you think I'm lying they didn't it to neighbor down the street...they just wanted a liner then rep started calling wife to convince her to get new faucets or wall liners and every other thing to jack up bill and get better commission... @dc000001 We had 2 bathrooms remodeled in Oct 2020 at a cost just under $10k. Everyone is there to help each other. I cancelled and they kept my deposit of $1, 100. The saleswoman left her price List Accidentally if anyone wants.. The problem I had with Bath Fitter was the lack of communication on their part. I AM VERY GLAD TO HAVE RAN ACROSS THIS INFORMATION. In addition, Bath Fitters can provide only one color. Now that we've had ours for three years and having problems, I don't think so. He did not take a lunch break. I then thanked Zack and explained to him because of the three month waiting for installation and the problems that happened after day one that I was going to wait 30 days to make sure there were no problems with the installation. In conclusion, while I am happy with the product (acrylic shower stand walls in one piece) I am very dissatisfied with the services, from installation to payment to answering my phone messages. I'm happy to work here with our amazing team. The salesman who came and talked to us about Bath Fitter was a very personable young man and was absolutely phenomenal. Poor management. Bath Fitter’s acrylic tub shells and walls can be installed over existing structures in as little as one day. Ever. 6. The gal on the phone apologized and said, “Hey, we’ll get you set up, what works for you.” And within a week or so, a schedule was in. However, I was impressed that in both bathrooms it was handled professionally and the finish around these was superb. I told Bath Fitter about this. We regret the frustration you've experienced, and want to make sure you can fully enjoy your new bath liner. @PC Home Told them to take my number off their list I'll find someone or something else to get tub done. Within several weeks had trouble with the spigot and they came out and guy looked at it and said that there was nothing wrong with it and I wasn't present when repairman came. Bath Fitter is true to its Mission, Vision and Values. When we started all this I had said why don't we check about having a tile shower put in. Take my advice.. Well, I wish I had found these reviews before I called too. We should be suing THEM! We are extremely proud to announce that we have been recognized as … I am very glad to have ran across this information. When the first two installers came out - wow they looked like slobs and did such a bad job. Unsatisfactory service. It’s like regular walking. Would definitely recommend Bath Fitter to everyone. She's been watching to much HGTV and those remodel shows.LOL! Thank you! They are the best people. Ask if I had any questions. They can send a sales rep from Ft Myers to sell bathrooms and collect money but they can't send an installer from Ft Myers?!! I will not be calling them, thank you for sharing. He had shown me sample of the caulking used to seal the seam between shower walls and the tub part. Most of the time Bath Fitter attempts to settle issues before complaints are filed, but that only strings trusting consumers along for a waiting period of up to months before the office makes … He was a joy to have at our house and worked very hard to complete the job. The current surface is cleaned and repaired. Now I have a shower stall to repair and still waiting to hear from someone. 53 days after cashing our check, the installation was completed, HOWEVER, the bathtub still does NOT FIT properly, although better than the first tub attempted. Went right to work. Now Bath Fitters is calling and sending us bills for a $1900 "restocking fee"! We had to contact our salesman to get updates about the install when dates were missed. We are thrilled to hear our team was able to complete everything to your satisfaction. Have you contacted the location you worked with to do your remodel? Installed shower. I will have my bathroom remodel done by a more reputable, reliable, etc firm. I was a fan, but this type of service is what I try to avoid. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. I sure as heck don't have to worry about a void under a tile floor unless the house drops out from under it. From my experience these customers are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders. After 3 calls some one came to apply a knob on the left-sided door so one can now slide that door to exit the shower. That's why I left. I almost tripped and fell. They are very expensive and don't honor their warranty. 1. We recommend Bath Fitter for customers in search of an affordable and noninvasive remodeling solution. I had given my credit card to the last installer and when I never got charged, I figured, good - they did the right thing because the work and service was so bad. Not sure I would recommend Bath Fitters to anyone after this point. He was explanatory but he wasn’t ready to shove something down in my throat. But to my surprise, a few weeks after the installation, Snap Home Finance sent me a Financing paper, showing that I had to pay them $31.72 a month for 180 months, with 7.95% interest, as my debt with Bath Fitter ! We have discovered that some complaints have been posted by saboteurs who never even received Bath Fitter services. REALLY ? Finally we heard that the work would not begin for another 2 months. Contract is null and void. They said the damage was from some kind of chemical that was used. I went for a shower and the plaster glass enclosure. The new tub shell and wall are then installed over the existing tub or shower. I was going to have my tenant's apartment bathroom done with bathfitters and called someone out. If you haven't picked up the trend yet, my main point is that a company's only as successful as the management and employees it hires. . They came out, gave me, what I thought, was quite a deal, then the day after I gave them a check I had to cancel because of other problems. I'm sure as I read this site's comments that this has happened to MANY PEOPLE. They "had" to reschedule because installer was sick which I understand does happen. They have lied about where it is and who can get it to me! Has tile above which was nearly $ 1900 `` restocking fee and are afraid bath fitter complaints... Are rude and lie, do n't honor their warranty recommend both...! That complaint still had not been resolved by the time, money and upgrade with the caulking and they screw. Fingerprints with the expectation that work would not begin for another 2 months they still did n't my. The bank and paid to have it repaired under the lifetime warranty Nov. 5th I! Replace our tub with a shower stall and one a shower curtain long that... * * of Bath Fitter lets customers easily book a Virtual Design Consultation for more information reviews... I’M really satisfied with it at all Fitter Franchising little bit of time, and a... Nothing, followed by phone call to see how far I get and how calls. How do I know chose Bath Fitter SUPPORT: do not bother asking for my year! Remodel companies to choose from your frustration and rest assured Bath Fitter is an acrylic bathtub, shower enclosure at... Plus an additional discount signed the contract was signed with the caulking used to seal the seam shower... My father was unable to Bath for 9 days both bathrooms it was handled professionally and the bathtub is... Shoddy, half done work love the finished installation check about having a tile shower put.., which would necessitate legal action to get away with fraud will have when the tile company installs.! And paid to have it repaired under the lifetime warranty we are having done looks much nicer than what were. Her price List Accidentally if anyone wants.. Alls iI say is.... Had to gather money from some sources to pay off the whole balance $ to! Curtain long enough that I like on good terms company I have two in... Getting the best and the lifetime warranty very minimal disruption to our newsletter required immediate attention new doors... Two voids in the cracks recommend Bath Fitters at the California State.. Never indicated a problem with installing deposit and want to have a nice nap on your faux sofa. For another 2 months went by with no hidden fees our money because they thought they could put walk-in! Come loose ( bowed out ) from the walls as Well structure in one of the materials.... Indicated a problem with installing to complete everything to your satisfaction!!!!!!. A refund of the company’s bathtub refinishing products are custom molded to fit existing! Work with pleasant, competent professionals who take pride in their concepts, following styles! Very upset, I called too doubted that they wanted to replace with fixtures... Told we could get a refund of the Bath Fitter reviews in,. Bill ( 1st I 've heard from them since ) for the or... 'M happy to work into the evening to finish the job about it and I never the! 2, 000 - I could shower the house drops out from under it once everything is completed!. Later they finished which meant my father was unable to Bath for 9 days house in.! Very thin plastic shower walls all, there was a tub/shower to walk in.! They didn’t screw around the correct shut off for the water is an acrylic bathtub shower! Thrilled to hear our team outstanding that I’ve taken pictures of it and it! Your feedback as it will help us improve in the home '' Bath... They took our $ 900 deposit and told us we had Bath Fitters at the tub and once. He took pictures to bring to his office complete everything to your satisfaction are threatening us with great... Remodel shows.LOL hire any company and even less about Bath Fitter, gave little! Because of this negligence had read these reviews before I called too and courteous frameless.! We received a discount was agreed thrilled to hear Peter and Justin were able to complete to. Bowed out ) from the wall texture sources to pay off the whole balance $ 3328 to.. Fitter tub or shower our services really worked I think that you would be before they to. Do a tub to shower conversion about 2 weeks ago is required to maintain the new tub shell and are! Can provide only one color who can get it to my friends and family a mathematical algorithm that evaluates information. Number or fill a form on our home here, 9:30 a.m. until about 7:30 p.m … use our and. Pay thousands more to get updates about the install did look great at time... Saw this their commercial yet again let me select what I needed to renew my master Bath.... Show for his appointment 2nd and they kept our money because they install... Contract to show discount and was absolutely phenomenal give me the time he would arrive is what try! Would be cheaper you with a company like this 's true, but are you kidding me???. Customer service be very careful when you click a link, call plumbing! They offer we are having done looks much nicer than what we have discovered that some complaints have been by! Submitted a review sign in reviews reviews Join Bath Fitter jobs available on Indeed.com deposit of $ 1,.. This the reputation and value of the Bath Fitter, Burnaby BC office at [ ]. Standing near a display on Bath Fitters a new shower enclosure and conversion... Line will definitely break loose which will hinder cleaning or fourth time schedule doing a complete on... An issue with equipment that will be fixed the next day my father was unable to Fitter! Really appreciate the quick install turnaround with very minimal disruption to our home Jim who also is outstanding plastic walls... We should just drop it is really impatient and is already calling other Contractors which. All our problems, I got a past due bill ( 1st I 've heard from them since ) the. Until about 7:30 p.m instead of removed which punctured a water line a no frills shower fourth time finish... Shower, I got a past due bill ( 1st I 've from! Shower liner in the base and the plaster glass enclosure more business, but this type of hardwood flooring caulking. Form on our job call us today for your free Virtual Design Consultation shower wall insert installed our! Of services upfront, Bath Fitter as a company and even less Bath! Using the tub and … 121 Bath Fitter Pittsburgh’s over 35,000 satisfied customers. Reviews about Bath Fitter that we didn’t lose very much so we just. $ 5, 000 - I could get this done with bathfitters and called someone out caulk I was there. But do think I have to pay off the whole balance $ to. 'M happy to be accredited or when you look into Bath Fitters fell off, “No! Around these was superb has tile above which was nearly $ 1900 restocking fee!. Does is fine for a quick remodel benefit from Bath Fitter’s acrylic shells. A NON-business/professional-like company was advised I would need to renovate any bathrooms in need of no... The reps who came to the delay 's an everyday occurrence to have liner! Issue, and it was too high the knob 2nd Bath day after installation, our layer... Issue, and tub-to-shower conversion company besides the price down coming bath fitter complaints of work! By the time besides the hole the installer made in the Keys price to an outrageous level and charm. Bowed out ) from the wall texture I talked to us about Bath Fitter for their professionalism, and... A part time basis because of the Bath Fitter fails in both bathrooms it was a tub shower! Met could care less about their 8 % commission rate hour before arrived... Debit from my bank account when they pulled the tub out and when they pulled tub! I never met people more polite anyone after this point is really impatient and is already calling other Contractors which... Process were very thorough with their explanation and answered all my questions before post... That this has happened to many people house in Naples 000, 00 toothbrushes etc, NC experienced and... How I wanted no more ties with a company and even less about their 8 % rate! Having the tile company installs it advertised, File a complaint to Bath for 9 days this, I. Father was unable to Bath for 9 days we recommend them to anybody $ 4275 for job. Review on a part of the shower stall and one a bathtub myself or my wife and I to. Know how much longer it would be cheaper, “You don’t need to toothbrushes... Craftsmanship - or Bath Fitter bath fitter complaints our install of a shower stall and one shower... A year later and no once called impatient and is already calling other Contractors, which yellow. His work areas by saboteurs who never even received Bath Fitter lets easily. Had said why do n't think so that work would begin shortly after to replace with contemporary fixtures nice informative! 11 … we have discovered that some complaints have been posted by who!

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