Kozhikode district in Kerala receives the highest rainfall and least rainfall in Thiruvananthapuram district The highest rainfall in Kerala was received in the year 2007 Kerala receives copious rain (average 3000 mm a year )each year. Kerala is blessed with a very pleasing and enjoyable climate throughout the year. The temperature in Kerala normally ranges from 28° to 32° C (82° to 90° F) on the plains but drops to about 20° C (68° F) in the highlands. . Kerala, which lies in the tropic region, is mostly subject to the type of humid tropical wet climate experienced by most of Earth's rainforests. The Climate Kerala’s climate is broadly tropical and humid, moderated by its proximity to the coast. It is the most important rainy season, when Kerala receives about 70% of its annual rainfall. The Highlands of Kerala, which is an area of major tourist attraction, enjoys a cool and invigorating climate the year-round . The temperature varies between 24-33° C.  March is the hottest month with the maximum temperature of about 33° C. Random showers with lightening are seen which are characteristic of this season. Venu G. Nair, a meteorologist at Centre for Earth Research and Environment Management said that experts have been predicting the possible shift in the character of the monsoon since the 1960s. Kerala receives an average annual rainfall of 3107 mm – some 7,030 It generally rains throughout the year in Kerala. Asianet News Pvt. Thinking about Kerala for your next holiday? Two monsoon visit Kerala, bringing plenty of rain. Kerala, which boasted steady monsoons and salubrious climate, is now grappling with deluge, in a repeat of the devastating August 2018 floods. Summer begins in March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February. The three seasons of Kerala are Summer, Monsoon & Winter. We have to solve this. latest news.Latest News. The hilly areas experience cold climate whereas the plains and coastal areas have a warm climate. Our aim is to provide you all necessary information for all exams under a single window. God’s Own Country experiences pleasant and cool climate in January and February. But we have the crisis of climate change threatening us. UN Climate change summit. Response to climate change: Strategy and action in Kerala 1. Kerala News In Malayalam • കേരളം പുതിയ വാർത്തകൾ • Latest Malayalam News Updates In Kerala • Read Live News Today From Kerala • Kerala Election News •.Kerala News. The monsoon season is considered ideal for Ayurvedic programmes. The South West monsoon starts from May-June and continues up to July-August. Madrid. The related articles section below might have a few write ups that might interest you. These months are identified by high temperature and humidity. Would you like to read an insider's perspective on when to visit Kerala with month-wise detailing? 830. The tropical sun is really hot and temperatures can go up to 35°C in the afternoons. Kerala is one of the best place in the world especially in education, health, culture, climate etc. In malayalam this season is called as Edavappaathi which means in the middle of the malayalam month Edavam. It is the official language of 'God's Own Country' Kerala. Winter season in Kerala witnesses the lowest amount of rainfall. Kerala experiences heavy rains almost throughout the year, and is one of the wettest areas in the earth. പത്തനംതിട്ട ∙ ലോകത്ത് കാലാവസ്ഥ മാറ്റത്തിന്റെ ദുരന്തഫലങ്ങൾ അനുഭവിക്കുന്ന സ്� Try “Travel Guides”, “Backwaters”, “Activities” etc. The National Action Plan for Climate Change provides the basic approach for dealing with the issue of climate change. During this season the Kanjirapalli – Peermede range receives the maximum rainfall, while the northern parts receive moderately less rainfall (approx. Answer: Clean air and water and a liveable climate are essential for our survival. Tour Packages, Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2019: Booking Options, Nehru Trophy Boat Race: The essential guide, Everything you need to know about an Ayurveda Holiday in Kerala. Most of the flowers of Kerala (Flowers Kerala) are grown in home gardens and some are found in forest areas. Explain. Find detailed kerala weather report, rainfalls, Monsoon, maximum and minimum temperatures of the kerala state. Malayala Manorama. During this season there is no rainfall in the state. Climate Kerala. 1.2K likes. Location of Kerala: 8° 18' & 12° 48' north latitude and 74° 52' & 77° 24' east longitude.Kerala is located in the south west corner of India. The climate of Kerala is generally a humid equatorial tropical climate. Malayalam News. They are as follows, South - West Monsoon season (Kalavarsham/Edavapathi) (June - September), North - East Monsoon season (Thulavarsham) (October - December), district in Kerala receives the highest rainfall and least  rainfall in, of Palakkad and Punalur rises to more than, that blows from the east through Palghat gap, Prepare Study Meterials for Rank Files Website, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife - Insurance Medical Services - Question Paper and Answer Key, Lecturer in Tool and Die Engineering (Polytechnic Colleges) - Technical Education Question Paper and Answer Key, Draughtsman Gr II Civil - Question Paper and Answer Key, Junior Instructor (Draftsman Civil) - Question Paper and Answer Key, PEON /PEON ATTENDER - Question Paper and Answer Key, LD Clerk Notification - Category Number: 207/2019, Lecturer Grade I- Rural Engineering Question Paper and Answer Key. The topo-lithosequence of Kerala along with variation in rainfall, temperature and alternate wet and dry conditions particularly from the western coast to high ranges in the east and swift flowing rivers lead to the development of different types of natural vegetation and soil. These regions are the eastern highlands with their cool and rugged mountainous air, the central midlands with its rolling hills and the coastal plains which are otherwise known as the western lowlands. It is warm and … God’s Own Country experiences pleasant and cool climate in January and February. Available here Previous Question Papers, Answer Keys, Online Study Materials, Short Notes, Latest Notifications, Current Affairs etc. Next. Many of them are growing in different climates. Under climate change the probability of such extreme rainfall is also predicted to grow by up to sixfold towards the end of the century. Manorama Online . Rank file is an online learning platform for all students. 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