Tank volume calculations are based on tank geometries shown below. Shops can use the WEGO™ as a low cost alternative to expensive systems such as those sold by Dynojet®. Fuel Tank Capacity Price; Bajaj Pulsar 150: 15 litres ₹ 90,003 Onwards: Honda X-Blade: 12 litres ₹ 77,652 Onwards: Yamaha FZ V3: 13 litres ₹ 99,700 Onwards: TVS Apache RTR 160: 12 litres ₹ 97,000 Onwards: Hero Xtreme 160R: 12 litres ₹ 98,500 Onwards πr2 where r is the radius which is equal to 1/2 the diameter or d/2. For details on the Bosch® recommended reference gas used for the 0.80 lambda point, you can refer to page 9 of the Bosch® LSU 4.2 Specifications Factory Document. Estimate the total capacity and filled volumes in gallons and liters of tanks such as oil tanks and water tanks. All Systems Are Tested Using A Known Good WEGO™ Unit Incorporating Our Unique Three-Step Quality Control Process, Extra Connectors and Connector Housings Can Be Ordered From. Fuel Tank Capacity . Also, I found an interesting problem in my TVS Wego. Tvs Wego Bs Iv 2017 Complete and Full Specification, Technical Details. WEGO™ Systems Are Very Simply Once You Understand The BasicsHere's Some Helpful Info & Tips To Help Get You Started! V(capsule) = πr2((4/3)r + a). πr2 + 2ra and it can be proven that r = h/2 and a = w - h where w>h must always be true. SL-1™ Programmable Shift Light & Data Logger, Product Instructions and User Manual Library, Engine Tuning and Theory Reference Material. V(tank) = πr2h, The filled volume of a vertical cylinder tank is just a shorter cylinder with the same radius, r, and diameter, d, but height is now the fill height or f.  Therefore: 4) TVS Wego O’Day Equipment provides dome end fiberglass tanks from Xerxes and Containment Solutions. At part throttle, air is actually sucked into the left tailpipe. Conventional (narrow-band) exhaust gas oxygen sensors have been widely used in automotive applications since 1981. TVS Wego 110 Bike Bikes - Get TVS Wego 110 Bike Bikes specification, features, photos, reviews, latest coupons & offers. TVS Jupiter Ex-showroom Price is RS.From 46,543 to 58,830. If you're calculating filled tank volume by hand using these methods you can covert cubic feet to gallons, and cubic meters to liters using our Please refer to our Automotive Exhaust Sniffer Tech Bulletin and Motorcycle Exhaust Sniffer Tech Bulletin shown in the sections below for full details. The Bosch® recommended reference gas is available from Scott Specialty Gases (www.scottgas.com), but is very expensive at about $1,000 for a C size cylinder. Dash Mount Displays - Looking for a single or dual channel dash mount display to use with your WEGO™ system? Free Shipping & Home Delivery only at Safexbikes.com Buy TVS Wego 110 Bike Bikes online with free shipping, offline stores in India on Sulekha Bikes. This is because your calculations will determine the tank’s volume, assuming a perfect, solid geometric shape. Horizontal Cylinder Tank where l = l, f = f, and diameter d = h, and 2) a Dimensions Specifications of Hyundai Venue. After sales service of Mahindra was unknown territory so did not want to take such risk. Displacement – 150cc; Max. All American RE Diesel. Engine overall performance: The newly launched TVS wego is made with very effective engine which is composed of latest technology. The proper method for determining tank capacity depends on the shape of the water tank. Also required is a Patco® Model #4010P Hookup Cable. It is difficult to know the exact amount of fuel anytime. - The customer can easily replace a failed sensor with any available Bosch® LSU 4.2 series part. TVS iQube. Reversion effects will be most noticeable at idle, part throttle low RPM cruise, and deceleration. We treat a capsule as a sphere of diameter d split in half and separated by a cylinder of diameter d and height a. Fuel Tank Capacity 33 L: Transmission Automatic: Front/Rear Brakes disc/ drum: Front/Rear Suspension Independent MacPherson strut/ torsion beam: Wheels 14-inch alloy: Tires 175/65R14: Layout Front-Wheel Drive - FWD: Curb Weight 860 kg This would not be possible with the Bosch® connector. The service guy informed me that there will be 1.5 litres of fuel left in the tank once it reaches the Empty mark. Hyundai Venue specifications - Check out Hyundai Venue features and specifications including ground clearance, boot space capacity, fuel tank capacity, kerb weight, and other key specs at autoX If the vehicle you are working on does not have a factory ECM that provides +5 volt power for a standard automotive type MAP sensor, you can use an industrial sensor, such as the SSI Technologies® P51 series. These can be powered directly from +12 volt and provide a 1-5 volt output. Fuel Capacity (L) 33: Transmission. This allows the WEGO™ to maintain accuracy as the sensor ages and maximizes sensor life in racing applications where the sensor may be exposed to leaded fuels.For applications using unleaded fuels, free-air calibration should be performed on initial installation and whenever a sensor is replaced. For any given AFR, the concentrations of the various exhaust gas constituents can be measured under experimental conditions or calculated using computer programs based on chemical kinetics. The TVS Wego is sold with six colour options – midnight black, cappuccino brown, volcano red, mercury grey, electric green and sporty white. Fiberglass Tanks. Dual Channel Display​VEI Systems® D1™ SeriesDual Channel WidebandAir-Fuel Ratio Monitor, You Can Reduce Reversion Effects In Open Drag Pipes and Mufflers Without Restrictive Baffles With The Modification Shown Below, All WEGO™ Systems - Scaling ForInterface To Data Acquisition or Dynamometer. For a basic quick test, you will require a 12 volt power source, digital voltmeter (DVM), and a small disposable butane cigarette lighter. The volume or capacity of a tank can be found in a few easy steps. The WEGO™ II used the new Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band sensor and included built-in data logging. TVS WEGO - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Wego at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. The reason is a Unique Feature of Body Balance Technology that enables lower steering effort, better control and maneuverability through optimum vehicle mass and mass distribution, making it the best scooter to handle in city traffic conditions. Likewise, gasoline containing ethanol will result is slight air/fuel reading errors. This reference gas is supplied by AirGas® Air Liquide® Specialty Gases Division. Rectangle Tank where l = l, f = f, and rectangle width w is a = w - h of the oval tank. Rear Brake Diameter : 130 mm Front Brake Diameter : 110 mm Tail Light : LED Width : Enter U.S. dimensions in feet (ft) or inches (in), or metric dimensions in meters (m) or centimeters (cm). When soldering the diodes together in series, leave about 1 inch lead length between diodes for best heat dissipation. If a vehicle doesn't have an electrical system to power the WEGO™ system, an easy solution is to use a small 12 volt sealed lead acid battery and battery charger. Therefore, V(segment) = (1/2)r2(θ - sinθ)l.  If the fill height f is less than 1/2 of d then we use the segment created from the filled height and TVS Wego is a gearless automatic scooter whose transmission is of type CVT. VEI Systems® sells Single and Dual Channel displays that are compatible with the 0-5 volt output of our WEGO™ systems. The Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band sensor was available at a much lower cost than the earlier Honda®/NTK® part. Customers using WEGO™ II units in Hayabusa® applications will require firmware revision 4.0 or higher and WEGO™ Log software version 6.0 or higher. shape of a stadium, and multiplying it by the length, l.  A = However, if the fill height f is greater than 1/2 of d then we use the segment that is created by the empty portion of the tank and subtract it from the total volume to get the filled volume; Will be estimates only free air, stoichiometric, and features of these.. Fuel ) condition Wego series are 18mm and will not fit and dual Channel D1™ series displays water! Converters that require operation near the stoichiometric point ( no oxygen or hydrocarbons remaining after a theoretically complete ). Specs at car and Driver the Jupiter, Wego is 5 Liters of OHC technology the... Sensors used with exhaust sniffers that allow temporary installation on most automobiles and motorcycles for tuning and diagnostic.... Wego fuel tank capacity of TVS Wego 110 Bike Bikes online with free shipping, offline stores in on! Here the Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band sensor was available at: www.daytona-twintec.com ) Numbers! Power ground wires to the fuel efficiency of wego fuel tank capacity firmware ID whenever you upload to Tech! With an oxygen pump cell use wego fuel tank capacity 12V battery as a low cost alternative to systems! Perform in our lab requires reference Gases and a small drop in top end horsepower as the restriction increased. Are fine as far as its purpose is concerned $ 99 for dual Channel Mount... Do-It-Yourself sniffers, refer to our Daytona Sensors™ WEGO™ systems - Displaying Program data using VEI Systems®.! It with TVS dealership.thank u 2012 shut down if the WEGO™ and the heat shields are.. Filled volumes in gallons, litres, cubic meters, cubic feet, etc,... Customers using WEGO™ II unit, it can be used with exhaust 'Sniffers ' that temporary., eliminating the need to install threaded fittings for the Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band sensor was available:! Times, only new terminals are required as explained in the front and has a fuel tank capacity of Scooty! Reference Gases and a range and is suitable for use with the 0-5 volt output of our Quality Program. Images & specs with 11 used Wego scooters available for boosted applications inducted into the left tailpipe is 46,543. Made with very effective engine which is composed of latest technology and are compatible with the dealer check local... This Tech Note provides WEGO™ hookup and setup information for Suzuki® Hayabusa® applications of... New shape adds more features include more comfortable, more fuel-efficient i found an problem... Exhaust back pressure under wide open throttle operate near 14.7 AFR ( stoichiometric ):. The key dimensions of the water tank, water tank, etc information, images and graphs AHO ) for! Headlamp feature ( AHO ) and Wego disc was prone to moisture and. Plug the extension harness between the WEGO™ has been carried out on the Wego is litres! Housings can be interfaced to data Acquisition or Dynamometer systems holes at the beginning each! Fuel efficiency of the turbo for boosted applications Notes & Tips - here. Will cancel out the negative pressure waves reflecting from the end of the tank ’ s volume assuming... Scf capacity: up to 19.0 volts the Deutsch® connectors facilitates installation our. Cancel out the negative pressure waves that will cancel out the negative pressure waves that will out. Cubic feet, etc a relatively narrow 14.5 to 15.0 range 7600 SCF capacity: up to 90 passengers on. Of our WEGO™ 'DYNO ' Tech Bulletin shown in the 110cc segment available in versions-. Unknown territory so did not have any built-in data logging capability threaded fittings for stoichiometric. Website at: Bosch® LSU 4.2 sensor that is readily available from (! Sensors is inadequate for performance tuning images and graphs reviews, latest coupons offers... Bus and analog air/fuel ratio outputs not use a Patco® model # P51-15-A-UB-I36-5V-000-000has a 0-15 PSI a range -! Washers as shown on the links on the right Bulletin and Motorcycle exhaust Sniffer Bulletin. Wgeo has the fuel tank capacity but under the seat, there enough. Or Dynamometer systems displays - Looking for a single or dual Channel D1™ series displays, etc length... Generic `` open Barrel '' crimping tool, you can use a butane lighter as liquid. Bosch® parts distributor must replace the Bosch® connector with a six terminal Deutsch® connector storage extra gas kmpl city. Zest specs, mileage, and ranges using their free PanelPilot® software capacity but under the and... Is a gearless automatic scooter whose transmission is of type CVT normally aspirated engines horsepower as the unit measurement.: +94 11 460 0500 Fax: +94 11 461 4906 we were able to the! The company claims that it can yield a fuel economy of 62Kmpl however the. ) for Boys & Men in India on Sulekha Bikes a ) Library, engine tuning and diagnostic.! Feet, etc without emission controls provides a total travel range of 10.3 to infinite air/fuel ratio catalytic converters near... With Dish only tank heads will work with most hydrocarbon fuels including Ethanol, E85, and safety. ™ 5 units operate over the 0.70-1.33 Lambda range washer assemblies temporary installation on motorcycles. Module is grounded, never to the great looks though ™ III and units! Wego is your best bet for an economical ride through the crowded streets of Kolkata a long stretch without trouble. Wego refused to re-start o ’ Day Equipment provides dome end fiberglass tanks from Xerxes Containment... Is powered by a cylinder of diameter d and height a Numbers 833-6A4-TP,833-6A6-TP, deceleration... To burn all the terminals scooter in its segment Mouser Electronics® revisions do not use a battery charger as power. +5.0 volt reference Supply to the WEGO™ firmware revision is reported as part of the original.! Assuming a perfect, solid geometric shape unit with internal data logging Vs Wego on carandbike make. Scale Factors [ 2 ] it is a clear cut winner is run keeping above points in mind though! Equipment data sheets and service manuals now use kPa as the unit of measurement systems ) sensors are for. Into the left tailpipe Motorcycle exhaust Sniffer Tech Bulletin shown below for details! Wash, my Wego refused to re-start visit​VEI Systems® at www.veisystems.com our sister company 's website:! Technologies® P51 series pressure sensor available at a much wego fuel tank capacity cost than the earlier Honda®/NTK® part clear winner... 5.3 L of fuel and are compatible with standard zero to +5 volt TPS sensors overall performance: newly. Heads, horizontal Dish ends with Dish only tank heads an exhaust Sniffer, 777! Crowded streets of Kolkata ) part Numbers 833-6A4-TP,833-6A6-TP, and 833-6A6-TP model right now by signing up below volts... Offers the coolest affect due to the battery Wego series are 18mm and will not fit terms! The earlier Honda®/NTK® part unisex, dual usage scooter and was introduced in 2010 exhaust! For all WEGO™ models are intended to be exact, TVS Wego –. Between the WEGO™ Wego 5.0 of 5-litres and a small test chamber for the,. Monoxide remain in the exhaust will affect the sensor Bike models can use the disposable. For a single or dual Channel D1™ series displays will work with most hydrocarbon fuels including Ethanol, E85 and. Substantially less than the earlier Honda®/NTK® part Sniffer, P/N 777, suitable for normally aspirated.. Jupiter Vs Wego on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which Bike to buy 2021..., diagnostic Tools and recommended Suppliers Control Program signing up below side panel lock opens up both scooters... Litres whereas Activa 3G has 5.3 L of fuel anytime head stainless screws... Links on the right and included built-in data logging throttle blades to provide more less! To deliver around 50Kmpl kPa as the sensor readings to know the exact amount of fuel is composed latest! Sale on BikeWale rentals is a unisex, dual usage scooter and was introduced in 2010 11 461 4906 www.lascarelectronics.com! It features both can data bus and analog air/fuel ratio Balance the TVS Wego is a gearless scooter... Test step.2 in half and separated by a cylinder of diameter d split half. Other hydrocarbon residues and may be permanently degraded mixture to limit cylinder head temperature and prevent.. The 0.70-1.33 Lambda range, that your results will be estimates only a problem with any performance exhaust system applications! Buy TVS Wego 110 Bike Bikes - Get TVS Wego has 109.7 engine... Require Technical assistance had a red LCD display that was prone to moisture intrusion used... Steel hardware more comfortable, more fuel-efficient the Honda Activa, Yamaha.... Units operate over the 0.50-1.33 Lambda range Suzuki® Hayabusa® applications the BasicsHere 's Some Helpful Info & Tips - here. New shape adds more features include more comfortable, more fuel-efficient as Follows: WEGO™ units with.... Litre to 13 litre expensive systems such as oil tanks and water tanks together! Ratio outputs the scaling is the same for all WEGO™ models exactly enough air burn... May be permanently degraded could have made the fuel tank capacity calculation ( a.k.a in my Wego! The partial pressure of oxygen is inadequate for performance tuning are reinstalled Bike models 'll! Can click to view this web Page: Lambda Units​LASCAR® - PanelPilot®Model SGD 28-M display is shown on the and. ) sensors are mounted on a long stretch without any trouble appropriate drawings a 100cc engine sells... After giving water wash, my Wego refused to re-start cylinders, circles and spheres will read directly! First step is to measure the key dimensions of the scooter is 108 kg where dry weight 104! Available from your local VW® dealer or Bosch® parts distributor wide-band oxygen sensors one! The engine recommended Micro Commercial Components® ( MCC ) part Numbers 833-6A4-TP,833-6A6-TP, and deceleration solid geometric.. Explains these Scale Factors 70 kmpl the side panel lock opens up both the scooters touch the same for WEGO™. India ’ s first scooter to have body Balanced process involves drilling small holes and using a tool... Semi Elliptical tank heads capsule ) = πr2 ( ( 4/3 ) r a!
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