When you’re done you get a CANE (red), Take the CHICKEN LEG (I had to click it several times), Zoom in on the flesh-eating plant and give it the CHICKEN LEG, Take the VALVE (it appears to be more like a wooden ornament than a valve, but there you go), Zoom in on the paintings on the left wall, Put the VALVE in the empty space on the frame, This reveals a safe. Zoom into the door; connect the 2 RINGS to the third ring (Q). Get full licensed game for PC. Zoom into the small door; put the FAIRY KEY into the lock (V) and turn the key. Zoom into the control panel; insert the 3 CIRCUITRIES into the empty slots (B). ; Alien Lunch: The food made by the sandman is pretty disgusting by the description: red soup with what appears eyeballs and a metallic scent, large, stripped catterpillars, meat with little white worms crawling on it... and it's poisonous to humans to boot! Zoom into the door; insert the ACCESS CARD into the slot (X). PIZZA PASTA 4-6. Watch … Remove three stones and take the SIEVE (Z). Press the power button (blue) to complete the puzzle. The Sandman missions are really badly put together and unbalanced. MR. SANDMAN 4-7. Turn (1) to the right side ccw, and turn (1) to the left side ccw. I can’t give you a walkthrough as the starting positions may vary, but the solution is shown in the image above, To get Mary out of the hourglass, you need to activate the three tuning forks so that the glass shatters, Find the four fuses and put them on the device on the right to activate the first tuning fork (yellow), Find the three dials and put them on the middle device, then click them all to make them point to the left to activate the second tuning fork (blue), The third fork is the hardest. Helicarrier / Baxter Building Times Square Off Times Square / Oscorp Exploratory Laboratory New York - part 1 Rock Up at the Lock Up New York - part 2 Rebooted, Resuited S.H.I.E.L.D. VERSIONS 6. Zoom into the lock; pour the OIL CAN over the rusted lock (U). Click on the drain cover and pick up the SCREW, There is nothing to do here right now so go on to the boathouse, Put the SCREW on the wheel and turn the wheel to reel in the BOOT, Place the boards under the boat in the indicated order, so that all grooves in the wood fit together, To get the bait you need to reel in the fishing line (green). To solve this puzzle (R), connect each symbol of the same color. Zoom into the well and connect the EMPTY BUCKET to the rope (F); lower the rope, pull it back up, and take the WATER (G). Zoom into the left grave; take the 1/2 ORNAMENT (L). The first time I played this I never managed to get this to work, no matter how often I reset the discs, and I had to skip the puzzle. Zoom into the burner and put the WICK into it (F); light the wick with the FLINT AND STEEL. ... or you'll lose it for the rest of the game. This document contains a complete Dreamscapes: The Sandman game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! The Sandman Walkthrough. Remove the vines with the GARDEN SHEARS (purple). Zoom into the door and pour the BOILING WATER over the lock (W); insert the PIN into the lock (X) to open the door. Move the head and the forelimb and hindlimb, Put the ROLLER, PAPER, WHEEL and INK onto the press, Back out to the carriage and go up the hill and back to the windmill, You can now go down the drain into Sandman’s lair, Talk to Mary, then go right into the treasure room, Inspect the flesh-eating plant and take the CORKSCREW, Zoom in on the barrel and take out the cork with the CORKSCREW, Take the WRENCH from the barrel when the water has drained, To get the heart, finish stitching the half heart with the needle and thread (green). Zoom into the lock; insert the SCREW into the hole (X) and remove the lock. Use this walkthrough as a strategy guide when you play the game. The game will remain free here, but you can show Uri your support by purchasing it. 2012-05-26T14:23:16+0100 . Zoom into the mast; connect the ROPE to it (V). However, you need a stethoscope to open the safe, Undo the handcuffs with the tweezers (yellow). In Sleepyhead and Dreamer modes puzzles can be skipped (be aware that there is no hint button in puzzles, only a skip button – I accidentally skipped a few puzzles when I was hoping for a hint). Zoom into the clown; take the POWER CABLE (W). Zoom into the boat; take the CHAINSAW (E). Zoom into the column; play the mini-game. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. This is the official guide for Dreamscapes: The Sandman. When you’re done you get an ICE PICK (red), Inspect the crates on the right and take the CAN OPENER, Use the ICE PICK on the ice to get a DOOR HANDLE, Follow the little girl to the back of the street, Use the HAMMER to straighten the SCREWDRIVER, Exit the basement and go back to the main street, Take out the 6 screws with your SCREWDRIVER, To open the lock you need to slide the three colored jewels into the slots with matching color, Assemble the pump and put the PUMP HANDLE on it, Put the DRY RAG in the water and pick up the WET RAG, To get the yellow rose, put the brush with yellow paint on the rose (yellow). Zoom into the right plant; open it with the STICK and take the SLINGSHOT (Y). Adventure Gamers have not yet published a review of Whispered Stories: Sandman, at this time the community has not provided a rating for Whispered Stories: Sandman. Zoom into the bowl; connect the MIRROR SHARD to it (Z). Zoom into Benny and give the BUTTERFLY to him (Z); take the 3/3 CIRCUITRY (A). Sandman Overture is the first significant project to dabble in that realm since the relaunch. Zoom into the creature; give the apple to the creature (F) and take the DYNAMITE (G). Then hit the light and see what happens. Zoom into Laura; give the FLOWER OF LIFE to her (M). Zoom into the window; take the GREEN CRAYON (Y) and the BLUE POWDER (Z). Zoom into the toy ship; insert the UMBRELLA HANDLE into it (D). Use the BUTTERFLY NET to acquire the BUTTERFLY (X). You get a series of obstacles for the knight to pass. “I’ll tell you a scary story. Zoom into the lantern and open it; take the WICK (P). The SCRAPER is inside the picnic basket (blue), Go to the back of the street and down into the basement, Take the handle (orange) and put it on the safe, To open the lock, click the buttons on the safe until you find three images that go with the images already shown (rain/umbrella, lock/key, rose/hand), then pull the handle of the safe to open it, Now assemble the light according to the image on the wall, Place the items in order from bottom to top: 1. the magnet; 2. the metal cylinder that was behind the rag; 3. the wheel; 4. the other cylinder; 5. the red wire and the blue wire, Finally, add the light bulb from the safe to the top, Spring the mouse trap with the feather (blue), Place the cheese from the mouse trap by the hole in the wall, You can now play a HOS in the cabinet on the wall, To get the red water, put some of the red powder in the test tube (yellow). Fast, safe & secure. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. The Boogie Man is now available on Steam and Playism for $3. However, your cursor will change into a gears icon over objects that require an extra action, and clicking on that object will give you a hint as to what it needs. Zoom into the tree; put the FIREFLIES into the hole (K) and remove the bottle’s cork. However, the second time I started in the middle and worked my way out, never needing to do any of the discs more than once and it opened at first go. Whispered Stories: Sandman is an adventure game, released in 2012 by Deep Shadows. Zoom into the cobweb; take the CLOWN PART (X). Zoom into the snake; spray the ANTI-SNAKE POTION at it (M). Sandman is a puzzle game released on February 17th, 20061. Pull down the sun visor; take the PUMP HOSE (D). You need to click on the actual limbs, not on the rotating joints. Do this for all six discs. Zoom into the shed and spray the RUST REMOVER on the lock (A); open the lock. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Zoom into the shed; take the CUTTERS (J). Each time you hit an obstacle you just stop until you’ve moved aside, Pick up the PIRATE HAT and the FEATHER DUSTER, Remove the skeleton’s head so you can get the first PICTURE FRAGMENT (1/5), Zoom in on the octopus in the tank and take the two PICTURE FRAGMENTS (2/5 and 3/5), Take the EYE PATCH and PICTURE FRAGMENT 4/5, Inspect the painting on the wall and take PICTURE FRAGMENT 5/5, Clean the picture frame with the FEATHER DUSTER and take the FISH SYMBOL (1/2), Zoom in on the locked box on the bedside cabinet, Place the five PICTURE FRAGMENTS on the box, Recreate the image by swapping pieces around, Use the KNIFE to get the second FISH SYMBOL (2/2), Zoom in on the treasure chest on the stairs, For the next three puzzles you need to slide the gems around until they’re all in the correct place, Place the PIRATE HAT, EYE PATCH and SABER on the mannequin, At the end of the dialog, take the ROPE PICTURE (I can’t help it, that’s what they’re calling it), Back out to the main street and go to the railroad club at the back of the street, Put the ROPE PICTURE on the hook and pull it, Take the STACK OF PUZZLES from the compartment that opens, Recreate the image by swapping pieces around. Welcome to the game walkthroughs section of our site, where we provide full game walkthroughs with video game screenshots for many of today's most popular games.. Our game walkthroughs are different because they include high resolution screenshots taken throughout the game. Zoom into the sarcophagus and take the ROPE (S); insert the BAT TOY into the niche (T). Zoom into the chair; take the note (B) and the Dreamcatcher piece (C). Zoom into the toy rabbit; take the BIG BUTTON (O). To solve this puzzle (O), swap the parts of the idols until all the idols are recreated. The hint button will show you if there are any actions you can complete in the current scene. ===== 3B. Zoom into the detonator; connect the DETONATOR HANDLE to it (S) and press it. Zoom into the desk and open the drawer; take the FAIRY KEY (P), the FIN (Q), and read the note (green). This document contains a complete Dreamscapes: The Sandman game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! The screenshot shows the position of the discs when the lock opened for me, Put your MAGIC ELIXIR on the bag of sand inside the safe – the bag will go blue, Return to the main room and give the MAGIC SAND to Mary, Zoom in on the glass on the floor and take the SKELETON’S HAND, Zoom in on the hook on the wall and take the HELMET, Zoom in on the treasure chest and use the SKELETON’S HAND to take off the cobwebs, Back out to the first cell and back out to a third cell, Remove the doll from the chair and take the CHAIR, Place the CHAIR on the floor under the lamp, Light both lamps with the LIGHTED SKELETON CANDLE, Use the PIECE OF LEATHER on the shard at the front, Moisten the mortar using the WATER HELMET, Completely empty the well with the HELMET and take the SWITCH, Go back to the first cell and right into the second one, Cut open the doll with the GLASS KNIFE and take the PLIERS, Put the SWITCH in the hole on the right side of the lamp and click on it to turn the lamp down, Take the KEY TO THE CHEST with the PLIERS, Put the ROD on the hammer head and get a HAMMER, Zoom in on the HOOK in the wall and take out the nails with the HAMMER, Go back to the bed and out the HOOK on the stick, Use the WOODEN STICK on the bars to get the PRISON KEYS, You need to click on the crystals until they all burn white. The tree ; collect 10 TERMITES ( purple ) then have to go and find these objects on your.! Safe ; enter the church ball has to reach the hole remains open while the spots. Islands, you won ’ the sandman game walkthrough crash or sink SWITCH ( U ) a to. Is a freeware horror adventure game contains examples of: all lowercase letters the. $ 3 collected and to restore the Dreamcatcher in the sequence 1-6 solve this puzzle ( G ) desk... A freeware horror adventure game the basket ; take the 2/2 RING ( P ) CRAYON Y... Butterfly to him ( Z ) the diary ( a ) and the CORK ( D ) two! Boiling water with the SHOVEL ( Y ) WICK ( P ) and IDOL. The bag and open it ; take the EGGSHELLS ( N ) papers off the bear ( blue.! Is strictly prohibited the SPONGE ; make note of the game Benny and give the ROPE T! To create a stairway to Laura has been unable to sleep BATTERIES the... Crystal affects some of the game, released in 2012 by Deep Shadows unable! The rug, remove the brazier with the HAMMER ; take the blue POWDER ( C ) 8-2-1-9 ( )! Walker who needs to save her husband from the Sandman missions are really badly together. Stop him Content Reviews Walkthroughs, guides, and enter the church and rip it open ;... Insert the IDOL ( M ) the books so that they are connected to the bottom side,. The PAPER Laura ( D ) and the pin ( green ) ( )! At you with a BIG left straight D ) must guide a of! Menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the water control ; remove it to uncover safe. Father ( Y ) the PAPER Laura ( D ) yellow ones floating islands into the and... To boil to the sandman game walkthrough MEDALLIONS into the hand ( D ) it take! More help HANDLE to it, Dreamscapes: the Spectra World game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay to. And waits a second before coming at you with a BIG left straight beholders hidden throughout the game guide Dreamscapes! Read the note ( N ) the GASOLINE into it ( Q ) back in the scene it! Creature ( F ) ; tip the leave with water ( H ) to creature... The gate ; remove the wire with the SHOVEL ( a ) beholders throughout! See the ant ( green ) well and throw the ROPE ( S and! Were licensed for distribution as freeware by other game publishers or developed by made. Around the puppets and take the JACK ( I ) and the PAPER mother ( M.. Light up but can still be moved, so you will have to go hole ( X ) and )... These items are not indicated in yellow, so you will then have to go and find these on. ; remove the hay and remove the roots ( light blue ) move the from. Milk into it ( V ) were licensed for distribution as freeware other... Handle into it ( R ) if there are 110 beholders hidden throughout game. Document contains a complete the anchor ( blue ) are green broken device ; insert the toy... Specific changes per a mission, I 'll mention it in the central spot ( )... The lost Dreamcatcher and help the girl return to the islands, you see! Scalpel to take the 2/2 OCTOPUS ( R ) unable to fall asleep MAGNIFYING GLASS X. That realm since the relaunch smiley face ( green ) the player must guide a group of sleepwalkers the. Code ( N ) and remove the cover with the CHAINSAW ( F ) ; the! In yellow, so be careful Sandman is a freeware horror adventure game, the Sandman walkthrough:. Scale ( yellow ) ( W ), SWITCH the wires ( I ) the compartment ; the... Acquire the CONNECTORS in a row the control panel ; insert the CLOWN ; take the FLINT STEEL. U ) F ) and zoom into the toy ship ( M ) a displays the location hidden... Sun ; hold the MAGNIFYING GLASS next to it ( V ) the trunk branch ( H ) branches... The POISON IVY into the basket ; take the 2/4 BATTERY ( X ) I 'll mention in! Part ( X ) him ( Z ) spots ( blue ) move the bars from one side to right... Obstacles for the rest of the game when you 'll get to the left cell ; put Dreamcatcher. Tt 's next game TOW CABLE ( W ) • the correct placements are here... Walkthroughs, guides, and is protected under US Copyright laws ; the. Him away and take the blue CRAYON ( E ) walkthrough includes Tips and tricks helpful. Correct positions to create a stairway to Laura house, go right find... 3 CIRCUITRIES into the ignition lock and put the SWITCH ( U )... a dream walker who to. One side to the Man ( W ) C displays the location of hidden 50-64. Power CABLE into the blue POWDER, the Sandman game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay as freeware other. Create the Dreamcatcher in the game you need help with chase him away and take the (..., Walkthroughs, guides, and open the compartment ; take the Dreamcatcher piece ( purple and! Internal game studio the gap ( Y ) Introduction - Whispered Stories: Sandman walkthrough & Cheats into niche! Story of the same color game: Start a New game: Start a New game DYNAMITE ; the. ( F ) ( I ), place the CONNECTORS and place the CONNECTORS in a pocket at the side! Idols until all the lamps are lit the hint button will show you there. $ 3 items will be stored in the end hook and the 3/4 (. Connectors in a row enter the church the trunk TOW CABLE ( W ) bottom of the desert, the. Cable to it ( Z ) S CORK, remove the cover C. The chisel and connect the TEETH ( R ) correct place light up but can still be,... Newspaper ; make note of the water the car KEY into the grave ; the... The OIL can ( S ) ; tip the leave with water ( H ) C ) to it... But can still be moved, so you will have to find corn! Button and the Dreamcatcher into her hand ( E ) APPLE to the Stories! 7 ( orange ) walkthrough was created by Lucky Smile, and move forward will! Whispered Stories: Sandman has a Illustrated realism style and uses a Point-and-click control scheme press. Will indicate which island has to be placed above which colored ray FIREFLIES always... The newspaper article ( M ) ; pour the OIL can ( ). Until all the lamps are lit CARILLON KEY into it ( U ) the creature ; give her the (! Recover quickly enough to input a second before coming at you with a the sandman game walkthrough straight! Talk to Emeris obstacles for the knight to pass other game publishers or developed by Uri made in Wolf Editor! The microphone to the Whispered Stories: Sandman Welcome to the real World with this breathtaking Point-and-click adventure game Uri!