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. Shall we read, "That ye may abound in hope, through the power of the power"? Jesus answered the charge of the Scribes in Mark 3: 22 - 30. He Is The Spirit Of Truth All matters pertaining to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit should, therefore, be of special interest to us who live in this age of special privilege. We may speak of the baptism of the Spirit as that initial act of the Spirit by which, at the moment of our regeneration, we are baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ; the Spirit then comes and takes up His dwelling within the believer. I agree we have to follow a line of reasoning through life, and we get that with experiencie/age. d) Personal Characteristics are Ascribed to the Holy Spirit. He possesses, reveals, confers, leads into, testifies to, and defends the truth. Acts 2:4 with 4:31 showing that the apostles who were filled on the day of Pentecost were again filled a few days after). The text reads:"For if we persist in sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins remains." Therefore, we cannot elaborate on what the Bible is strictly silent on. “Like knows like” is the reasoning Paul employs here in his argument. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. How different from the awful catalogue of the works of the flesh (vv.19-21). Second, for service. According to the Bible, how many eternal beings are there? The context of this passage (v.31) tells us how the Spirit may be grieved: by "foolish talking and jesting." The moving power within those wheels was the Spirit of God. "Wisdom and understanding" refer to intellectual and moral apprehension; "Counsel and might," the power to scheme, originate, and carry out; "Knowledge and the fear of the Lord," acquaintance with the true will of God, and the determination to carry it out at all costs. Am I not closer to the Godhead's character when, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am forgiving like He is!! I too have an issue with the same verse. THE SPIRIT POSSESSES PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS.5. It is not strange that in view of all this some students of the Scriptures may have been led to believe, erroneously of course, that the Holy Spirit is an impersonal influence emanating from God the Father. If the first two names are personal, is not the third? f) The Holy Spirit is the Guide of the Believer's Life. He is the Spirit of glory (1 Pet. The context of 1 Thess.5:19 shows this. Would that affect our ability to accept the HS influence? Which is why I think The LORD GOD IS Saying to me that, this is one of those things that can only be taken with prayer and fasting. Unless I let my heart open, knowledge will do me not much favor. I guess, Son of Man means Jesus in his human status, so maybe here He is referring to the case that somebody around him said a bad word against the son of man (and just had not completely understood or captured His divinity? When we walk in the Spirit, were relying on His strength to accomplish Gods will. As such He radiates the glory of Jesus in us so we are aglow with Christ. That which had been the actuating principle of life, namely, the flesh, is now deposed, and its controlling place taken by the Spirit. The Spirit comes in the fierce east wind with its keen, biting blast of death. Would that sound right? The Spirit speaks: Rev.2:7 (cf. ♡♡_ Immortal/ Everlasting, ☆☆Luke 1:35 Would not these passages rebel against such tautological and meaningless usage? During all the ages of the Christian era, however, it has been necessary to emphasize this phase of the doctrine of the Spirit (cf. Thus we may quench the Spirit not only in our hearts, but also in the hearts of others. In John 1 we read that the Word of God created all that was created. He is called the "Mother -- heart" of God. He is "the Spirit of wisdom and revelation," Eph.1:17. We are living in the Age of the Spirit. who is to get hold of us and use us. He is a person equal in every way with the Father and the Son. No one but a person can take the place of a person; certainly no mere influence could take the place of Jesus Christ, the greatest personality that ever lived. Ezekiel teaches a lesson by his vivid picture of the activity of God portrayed in the wheels within wheels. DIVINE NAMES ARE GIVEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit is a person, the third person of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. When God appears to us, he is as a father because of his providence and protection, Christ appears as a Son because of Salvation, now the Holy Spirit appears as a Spirit because of his role as a spiritual guide to our salvation. The Spirit was motivating Him with the mind of the Father, first and foremost, we have to understand the true nature of the holy spirit in the sense that, its influence in human will automatically change him from spiritual beings and human, in this Case holy spirit is compassionate like our Christ Jesus, to take the course simple is that,holy spirit is our invisible God in you doing his word that comes through Jesus, so when u sin against the spirit that helps u digest the word when received from Jesus u have vexed him and leave, the truth am dropping here is that when you appease the holy spirit you appease God. In spite of the plainest arguments, and the most incontestable facts this man wilfully rejects the evidence and refuses to accept the Christ so convincingly presented. Clearrly therefore the unpardonable sin is never a sin committed out of weakness, by mistake, or out of sheer ignorance. Please leave a comment long enough to say something significant and preferably significantly shorter than the post on which you are commenting. For convenience sake we are classifying the offences against the Spirit under two general divisions, namely, those committed by the unbeliever, and those committed by the believer. The Godhead share the same attributes, they are all Spirit because they are God, the Holy Spirit assumes the name only because of the nature of his work in dealing with sin. Rom.8:2 -- "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." How dependent Jesus Christ was, in His state of humiliation, on the Holy Spirit! It is of the highest experimental importance. Thus the Pharisees sinned against the Holy Ghost. We read in Job xxxiii.4, "The Spirit of God hath made me, … Christianity holds that four attributes distinguish a divine being from all else: (1) omniscience, (2) omnipotence, (3) omnipresence, and (4) eternalness. Question:If the holy Spirit is God, why would this Bible text be:"Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come."? Also 3:16; Rom.8:9. The Holy Bible ascribes to the Holy Ghost some of the most distinctive Divine attributes such as eternity (Heb. How? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That the references in Isa.11:2; 61:1, 2 are to be understood as referring to the Spirit that abode upon the Messiah, is clear from Luke 4:18 where "Spirit" is capitalized. THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND OF CHRIST. But when the sinner is truly sorry for his/ her sins and truly repent God such a one will be forgiven. This thought will be kept in mind in the study of the offences against the Spirit. The third verse above on the Holy Spirit is showing that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, which means that He is everywhere at all times. Biblical Characteristics of the Holy Spirit The Deity of the Holy Spirit The Spirit is rightly called God according to Acts 5:3-4 The names of the Spirit make clear the Deity according to 1 Cor. All Christians have the first; not all have the second, although all may have. When Adam was created he was made to look and be much like his Creator.
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