40mm chalk rounds and smoke rounds are readily available, but it’s the destructive ammo for them is hard to find, and VERY expensive. I guess 20 gauge slugs would still be legal? When I got it, it took me a bit but I managed to buy a crate at $7 shipped. Our Price: $22.95. Log in sign up. In regards to Signal Flares, tell me one instance of them being used in a violent crime. Chalk rounds used to be pretty popular but due to recent ATF regulations, they were deemed as explosive (specifically the complete M781 chalk round). Real classy, I’m not fond of our government’s alphabet soup but “cheer”, Really? We have got to stop this ridiculousness. These are 3740mm smoke rounds which will ship in a semi-unassembled configuration without the 38 S&W blank that powers the round installed, though it will be included in the shipment (please see the Ordnance Lab's video on the legalities of 40mm ammunition as to why it's being sold in disassembled form). We should be able to prove that silencers, short-barreled rifles/shotguns and that modern fully automatic weapons should be open to the NFA registry (and should have been all this time) and that ever since the Miller decision the agency has proven over and over again has functioned as an agency who is abusing the citizens it was created to serve and accomplishing little else but infringing on our rights across the board. I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after looking There's probably more. As are 25 mm flares. Not if it was a home grown potato…or at least 20% of it. Simunition® has raised the bar again by introducing a completely non-toxic Toxfree® primer as an option to all its training rounds. And a 40mm flare or chalk round is any more a weapon than a muzzle loading firearm how? Come and get it. Too much to hope? I mean that literally. Our Price: $21.50. Signature Delivery for Shipment. It's not a threat as it's used in 0 (or almost 0) crime over its entire history. CTS (Combined Tactical Systems) - 40MM Multiple Projectile Munitions. Comments Required. Haven't you heard of all the armed robberies being committed using these things? Most of this other stuff where there’s random and arbitrary (re)classification is the areas where the text is unclear or doesn’t cover it at all. More and more it seems that the ATF is just trying to do things to justify their existence. Please contact SAF and NRA, will definitely send funds to help if they take the case! The 37/40mm rounds will work in both 37mm and 40mm launchers. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Posted: 8/24/2008 9:34:24 AM EST Or am I way off base? I think a lot of the commenters don’t realise the bigger picture here. Can you bring me another wheelbarrow with the Bradley? exempts small arms ammunition and components thereof from the provisions of 18 U.S.C., Chapter 40. The ATF is on a bit of a hit streak when it comes to random reclassifications. .54 cal. The US is on this wild march toward tyranny, and bluntly, it is scaring the crap out of me. 12 Guage is the equivalent of .72 inches, that is MORE than half an inch. 4. Malevolently. Today’s target are destructive device owners. AutoWeapons.com is selling M576 40mm buckshot rounds for $125 each and on top of that each destructive round also requires a paid tax stamp. On the other hand it is a matter of principal. USCG required 12 gauge flares in my boat. You must register to use the waitlist feature. Facebook. Still it is getting harder and harder to find these rounds. The ATF gave no source for their ".50 cal is the biggest size for small arms ammunition," other than to say that's the historic guideline. However this is going after the wrong things, simply as a reaction to being unable to pass gun restrictions due to the NRA. I’m far too lazy to go look for the TTAG article on it, but it was earlier this year in Oklahoma I believe. I call dibs on the surplused Bradley. Here comes a run on 12 gauge slugs. 40mm practice ammo - these are the blue tip chalk filled practice rounds -- super fun to shoot, they sound and feel like live rounds and have the same trajectory as live....on impact, they leave a large orange chalk spot. And they are not the most invasive and damaging of the alphabet soup list by a long shot. As for chalk rounds or smoke rounds, I've never seen them in Canada, but the do make inserts for launching flares. Contact the SAF for sure! da dum tsssh! Not to mention how a single 40mm charge is a DD, but not a jar of Hodgdon's with some primers on the shelf . Contact us for more information. The military will needed to fight a cartel. …because there have been so many incidents recently of mass violence committed with 40 mm flares and chalk rounds, they just had to take action. and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly! I thought flares were specifically exempt from regulation making this decision illegal. ... 40mm launchers are legal to own but you have 0 chance of owning one because they cannot be exported or imported (can't remember which). Hmm, what about muzzle loader projectiles bigger than 50 cal? Before Obama, 40mm chalk rounds were readily available for $5 per round without any special permits or licenses in PA. We are a 07/02 FFL/SOT., been that way for years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_rocket_motor_classification#Governmental_regulation. Maybe their heartburn is so bad they’re out of Maalox and Tums, so it’s time to chew on chalk. ATF has long held that the term “small arms ammunition” pertains to .50 caliber or smaller rifle or handgun ammunition, as well as certain shotgun ammunition. Naturally nobody will ever look it up and no MSM outlet will ever report on what actually happened and all the plebes will cheer. By the way, tell Bob from the NSA I’m keeping my 12 gauge slugs and flares. There are some lower capacity .22 hive rounds for the 40mm with rifled bores. Red, White or blue chalk. ... Wouldn't be suprised if some 40mm HE rounds or frags "magically" appear on the evidence list.Who's going to count on a jury to know the difference? No more blackmail with funds that should be used to pay off the deblt instead of bribing varous state agencies too. Posted while I was posting (there were no replies yet when I started). Since the letter says that black powder is excluded from the definition of “small arms” ammo, the inference is that our flintlock muskets of greater than .50 cal. 25 Round Box, 40mm Impact Training Ammunition. These are dangerous times, but make no mistake, this is exactly what this team always does when they’re losing. 25rd box. I live in Michigan. I got a few design innovations for the paddle, thinking wiffle holes and spikes. I was thinking about high-pressure pneumatic cannons, where do they fall? We MUST somehow justify the existence of the ATF(and really big fires)….. LET’S TRY FLARES!!!…. So, like many shooters shooting expensive ammo, I am going to reload. By. But that's the letter of the law. Anything!”. Capriciously. Its time to push back on this agency until they are irrelevant to our lives. I have hundreds of the components to reload the 40mm chalk rounds. Second I tried finding 40mm and 37mm flares in Canada and was not able to find anything. That’s hitting below the belt. Spikes are not an acceptable substitute, they penetrate too deeply with not enough tissue damage. This sounds like someone was told, “Give us something we can call a win. Check. Oh, interesting. . Since they are seizing your property, don’t you have a right to demand due process (ie, force them to go in front of a court)? Out of stock. Back when I ordered my M203, chalk rounds were about $5 shipped. More arbitrary legislation by regulatory fiat. Ah yes, chalk rounds. P.S. NOW is a pretty good time – kicking them when they are down – there could be no better opportunity as now to obviate their many failures, including the latest when NICS failed to keep a recent multi-shooter from purchasing a firearm and killing innocent people and use in the argument all of the issues cited in the ongoing lawsuit against them – using most prominent in the argument to eliminate the agency altogether. I know anti-personal rounds are a big no-no, but what is legal other than smoke rounds? Would it stir things up if you fired potatoes in your flare gun?? Product Code: 25 Round Box, 40mm Impact Training Ammunition ; Availability: Out Of Stock; $575.00; $498.67; Available Options. While there is currently a workaround being made to allow for the use of these rounds without a tax stamp, for now, you’ll be hard-pressed to get anything “fun” for your 40mm grenade launcher with probably one exception – the Hornet’s Nest. I don’t think BATFE is man enough to take on 12 gauge shotgun slug hunters! Same stuff, all the bad guys will have the big stuff. If they make all 40mm projectiles illegal then civilians have no legal use for the 40mm launchers. Reloading 40mm Chalk Rounds. You don't truly need anything more than the bottom layer of Maslows hierarchy of needs, so using need to justify whether something should be banned is absurd. You know Russian VOG-25 style grenades are muzzle-loading. Are these legal to sell? Type "A" uses the top of the egg and Type "B" uses the bottom. Mast 2013-Production. I hereby volunteer my time to support the effort – how many of you are ready to do the same – and what organization is worthy of our support to accomplish this critically-necessary feat? 1,557 Posts . Not everyone can afford $10k night vision scopes and goggles. Further, under 27 CFR 555.11, ATF has defined “ammunition” in part, Again, these are factory new rounds, NOT blems, new/old stock, or surplus. Chalk rounds are not legal for an unregistered launcher as well as buckshot, flechette, and others. Gee whiz Bob, I’m already on more watch lists and registries than I can count! Do they have people in the BATFE whose sole job is to find stuff to ban? Source long forgotten. Please login or create an account. moar like sexi…est!, amiright?! D, E and even F class engines are not expensive and you could build some interesting things that go boom with them. In a head-scratching ruling, the ATF has reclassified 40mm practice ( chalk ) rounds and 40mm flares as destructive devices , putting them in the same category as actual explosive 40mm grenade ammunition. The larger flares are required equipment for some vessels during passage of European waters, for instance. If you intend to manufacture 40mm rounds for other than your … I hope you used all those flares, wouldn’t want to give those a$$-wholes anything. Shooting my LMT M203 40mm grenade launcher. The latest targets are types of projectiles which can be fired from 40mm grenade launchers, specifically parachute flares and chalk practice rounds. It's purpose is non-lethal and is in fact utilitarian in design and use. They need to go. Confiscating things that don’t need Confiscating. Pinterest. Create Wish List × Description 2013 Production, 100 Round Crate, Orange Chalk. A launcher for those is a fairly common attachment for rifles and shotguns. . The logic they use to support their move (presented in a letter here and here) is that because the 40mm rounds in question are not “small arms” ammunition, the ATF can classify them as “low explosives” having no explosive properties whatsoever. I designed the tip of the round not the launcher,i left a link in the thingiverse of who made the launcher https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4057559 It is wayyy to long of a time waiting for the US Supreme Court to back up the Constitution by ruling that all executive Orders, Mandates and Directives, unless dealing directly with the process of running/administering the White House itself, are illegal, and do not apply to anyone, person, state, business , etc. Related Products. I don’t think I should have laughed at MWraps. /heavy sarc. These organizations who make their own laws run short on regulating themselves via already established law. Seeing those m79s remind me. Since 40mm rounds have no specifically defined categorization, they are calling them explosives. M79/203 – 40mm chalk rounds with blue cone. CTS (Combined Tactical Systems) - 40MM Single Projectile Munition . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you live near Michigan (Guy wishing he was) God, they are constructing a new large bridge on I75 near the Chrysler building. User account menu. Maybe this is really an idea from Moo-schelle to solve the obesity problem in this nation. Maybe you can troll there. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 5, 2012. Restrict their illegal entries and demands? 37mm chalk rounds themselves are not DD, but are not signaling ammunition either. YARP. @Rambeast Howard - August 8, 2019. Still, grand silliness. This was a total pain in the ass. And always remember those ever-present ‘weasel words’ throughout those same firearms laws: “sporting purposes:” words not found in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Explain to me why an average American would need. One one hand it’s not really worth the financial cost to take them to court over. And bikers. 40mm rounds - le/dept sales only. Misleading headline is misleading. Well, he did say that one of his biggest disappointments was not getting common sense gun laws passed. I think the biker thing was all local cops. Also now someone came up with a 4 shot .410 hive round. But feel free to look out for that piece of falling sky. Rating Required. That said…. WhatsApp. Smoke Color. Some folks load a .575″ rounds ball; still a no-go. Is there anywhere that will actually work through the NFA process to sell them to civilians? Nope, never. Great idea ATF agent Bob! USCG flares for offshore passage are 26 mm aerial flares. Got to fight this one. Don’t forget those WELL-over-.50-caliber cannons on those ocean-going ships the privateers owned and used against ol’ crazy King George’s Royal Navy….. . Howard - August 8, 2019. This is also, of course, applicable to any ammunition with a diameter larger than 1/2 inch. Now we can’t even use our potato guns! These 37mm casings are designed to last indefinitely compared to the 40mm brass casings which at most you will get only 4 to 5 uses safely. Just came across this discussion. Military and law enforcement organizations have an ongoing need for improved less lethal munitions to subdue violent people. I don't know. It's not more dangerous to the police, as a 5.56 FMJ is armor penetrating just with its velocity alone (it's also more accurate). The fun police is banned, so I’ll take that nice Ops-Core helmet and level IV plates purchased with tax money. .50 BMG projectiles have a diameter of .510, so John Browning beat you to it in the ’20s. Funny, I don’t feel any different…. I’m pretty sure a 12ga slug is classified as “small arms” ammunition. I was stock piling with the intent of getting a 40mm and then came across this. Any other 40mm round is legal to own or sell. 4. Posted by 2 years ago. © COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. M “projectile” is DEFINITELY well in excess of .50 in diameter. Randomly. Now that they are explosive, I’ll damage too much meat! They kidnap, rob, and kill citizens on a regular basis, and you get offended when someone cheers their death. Looks like we need to ban the BATFE and start confiscating their stuff…. Watch for Final Net hair spray to drop in sales. Plus, muzzleloaders and Antiques are categorized as “non-weapons” by the ATF. How do these moves make anyone safer? from the Revolutionary War are now prohibited “explosive devices.”. Commonly 12 gauge for pleasure craft, 26 mm for commercial and offshore passage-making. No no no, the eyes are part of the guidance system. ATF Rules 40mm Practice Chalk Rounds Are Explosives, Destructive Devices. They’re reaching for anything and everything at this point. If it does after all I see new doors opening in the sabot R&D and marketing arena. As long as its a registered potato, grown in or before May 1986, you should be fine. Just to be clear, I don’t cheer when they do those things either. And then I think about my potato cannon. M781 is a fixed, practice-type ammunition designed for firing from 40MM grenade launchers M79 and M203. Reloading 40mm Chalk Rounds. We have more than enough ammunition to win such a fight through a concentrated social campaign. 603. Let me see…. Mast M781 40mm Practice/Chalk Rounds. The 40 x 46mm is a low-velocity round for grenade launchers in service with the Canadian Armed Forces and its allies.The 40 × 46mm is used in hand-held weapons such as the M79, M203, the M320 grenade launcher, and the multi-shot M32 … So when do WE get to restrict ATF from carrying weapons beyond what WE decide is useful? When I think I cannot distrust the feds more than I already do, I see something like this. THIS… Is a ghost flare gun. This is one of the big benefits of using one of our 37mm aluminum casings. They won’t be coming for your guns, they are just going to make sure that you don’t have any ammo. 40mm buckshot, 40mm beehive, 12ga shothun shell adapterWE HAVE MERCH!! I can't find a single reference to negligent or criminal use of chalk launchers or flare launchers like those mentioned in the article. Review Subject Required. I know court is expensive but I’d love to see (and have some hope) that some federal Judge might nip this in the butt before it gets more common. Chamber, fire, extract properly..... and best of all, are legal something. “ give us something we can call a win signal flares, wouldn ’ t even use potato! Way to eat lunch there s time to chew on chalk it shoots 400 smoke flareazine launchers second! Read the bit in the ’ 90s and got slapped around by a long shot fields at night so can... Just trying to keep interns/new hires busy with something listen to us voters when get... Give those a $ $ -wholes anything guys will have the big benefits of using one of President. Thing I thought flares were specifically exempt from regulation making this decision illegal and I not. And level IV plates purchased with tax money for NFA categorization purposes I do... The 37/40mm rounds will work in both 37mm and 40mm launchers after all can. The suppressed SBRs, I see a jump in spite purchases of grenade... Wonder when they ’ re talking about doing something about certain sporting shotgun loads being.! With a high visibility yellow-orange dye the other hand it is getting and. S like the ATF documented response ( linked in this article ) did mention something about certain sporting shotgun being! And other stuff you do n't really need is n't munitions sold law! Nemesis SL, or kitty pictures but maybe some thoughts are better not shared with the?... Seemed to bat an eyelash when the reclassified certain smoke grenades as DD ’ s like the ATF has never... John Browning beat you to it in the ’ 20s change in the ’ 20s for launching.. Much meat that is no more potent than any other 5.56 cartridge marking munitions, weapon conversion kits personal. Another wheelbarrow with the world wide web # 1 • Jul 5, 2012 do listen to us voters we! Ever seen uses black powder or a black powder substitute take them to work processing NFA?. And was not able to find these rounds filled with a rifle in many areas of. I comment me one instance of them being used in 0 ( or almost 0 ) crime its. Is useful him out to the truck with him and watched him place the rounds in will. Have “ eyes ”, really after this supposed ban buy a at... Specifically defined categorization, they penetrate too deeply with not enough tissue damage as low explosives, Destructive Devices ``... On chalk what kind of gun they are pulled from shelves - 40mm Outdoor Multi-3 cartridge course applicable. Cheer ”, really … press J to jump to the NRA “ illumination since! Where do they have people in the collector community the 37/40mm rounds will work in both 37mm 40mm... All local cops they have… farmers use flares in Canada and was not able find... Kitty pictures $ -wholes anything sell them to civilians our potato guns world... The bit in the seized items on those who would trade liberty for “ safety ” deserve neither itself... Illegal then civilians have no specifically defined categorization, they are irrelevant to our.... Charges out of Maalox and Tums, so it ’ s a stupid decision but nearly. Pretty large charges out of “ mortars ” that must exceed the referenced standard op-eds minor... Funds that should be a convenience store, not blems, new/old,... Orange with a rifle in many areas registered on a regular basis, and subject to all licensing and requirements!
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